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MorePro HRV Fitness Tracker

MorePro has a few different fitness trackers and smartwatch devices, but today I will be reviewing their latest fitness tracker: MorePro HRV that you can get from MorePro on Amazon.

I was very excited to test and review this fitness tracker because it seemed to have most if not more of the features many other more expensive fitness trackers had.

morepro hrv box
When I was skimming over all the different features, the MorePro had to offer I was really impressed that it was under $60!

In this MorePro HRV fitness tracker review, my goal is to tell you everything that you should know before buying this device. This includes what to expect in terms of features, how to use the device, the pro's and con's, and I will share my experience and thoughts.

What is the MorePro HRV fitness tracker?

The MorePro HRV fitness tracker is worn on your wrist and communicates with your smartphone via an App to track and anywise various data related to your health.

The MorePro HRV has a couple new tracking features that the other fitness trackers do not have. These tracking features include dynamic HRV monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring.

morepro app dashboard screen
Here is a sample of the MorePro App dashboard, tracking metrics, and SpO2.

Here is a quick explanation of what those two metrics are and what they mean for your health.

HRV Monitoring: The dynamic HRV monitoring capabilities in the MorePro HRV can record and display your real-time heart rate, changes in your heart rate cycles.

Blood Oxygen (SpO2): Blood Oxygen levels are related to the respiratory system. Monitoring SpO2 levels while you sleep can be an essential indicator of your sleep quality. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, drops in your SpO2 can be the cause of your daily tiredness and constant state of fatigue. As you sleep, MorePro HRV can use the data to give you insight into your breathing patterns throughout the night (Normal, Hypoxia, and Apnea). In addition to tracking SpO2 levels while you sleep, the MorePro HRV also can detect and track levels during the day in real time. You can view your real-time SpO2 levels without having to open the app, right on the fitness band's display.


MorePro HRV fitness band is worn on your wrist like a watch. The wrist band is made of high-quality silicone material, and the clasp that secures the device around your wrist is adjustable and is like a type watch clasp. It's very comfortable, and the design of the buckle makes this fitness device more secure on your wrist than many other fitness bands.

This is a big reason why MorePro HRV can be used while doing many different advanced activities. For example:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Sports

Colors: The three colors currently available are Balck, Navy Blue, and Purple.

HD Color Display: The screen is bright and easy to read.

morepro fitness tracker and charging cable
This is the charging cable for the MorePro HRV.It magnetically connects to the back of the fitness band.


Battery Life/ Charging: To charge the MorePro HVR, the USB that is included connects with the magnetic charging port on the back of the wearable. The standby time is 7 to 10 days. The battery life varies based on what features you use and how often.

Waterproof: You can wear MorePro HRV while swimming. It has an IP67 rating.


The MorePro fitness tracker is packed with features. Here are several of the features that you will find in this device:

Morepro app heart rate display
The MorePro HRV monitors your heart rate and heart rate variability. Both of these metrics can be viewed in the app.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring: This device will track and monitor your heart rate and even display an accurate heart rate in real time.

HRV and SpO2: It can measure your heart rate variability and monitor your blood oxygen levels.

MorePro HRV sleep data display in App
MorePro HRV automatically monitors sleep and blood oxygen levels. The data is displayed nicely in the MorePro App. 

Auto Sleep Recording: MorePro HRV automatically moonrise and analysis your sleep. It will give you a visual breakdown of your sleep quality. You will be able to see your night broken down by Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, and Wake-ups.

Women's Health and Cycle: MorePro HRV has women's health in mind and includes monthly cycle tracking and alerts.

Sedentary Reminder: You can set up alerts that will cause the tracker to vibrate when you sit for extended periods. If your line of work and lifestyle cause you to spend extended periods seated at a desk, these reminders can be great for your health!

MorePro HRV goes beyond just being another fitness tracker and has a few features that make this device helpful in your overall productivity. These features include things like a remote shutter and notification reminders.

Remote Shutter: You can turn on the remote control camera inside the App and use the fitness band to take photos with the shake of your hand.

Notifications: MorePro HRV can connect to your phone and send notifications from phone calls, text messages, and social apps directly to your wrist. (SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)


Pros & Cons


Price: This fitness tracker is a great value and has a lot of awesome features for a fitness tracker that costs under $60!

Colors: The MorePro HRV is available in 3 colors which include Black, Purple, and Navy Blue.

Secure Buckle: The buckle design of the band is like a normal wrist watch buckle and it secured the fitness band very well.

Notifications: The MorePro HRV connects to your smartphone and you can set up notifications so that any notifications that go to your phone alert you on the fitness band screen.

Battery Life: The MorePro HRV has a long battery life compared to other fitness trackers. Many fitness trackers need to be charged every day or every other day. Depending on what features you use, this fitness tracker can last as long as up to 7 days!


Charging port: Charging cable is unique to this device. If you lose the charging cable, you will have to buy a replacement. One improvement for a future model is to add wireless charging capabilities.

IP67 Waterproof rating: IP67 generally means its waterproof to the extent that you can get it wet. If you are looking for a good fitness tracker or smartwatch for swimming and water sports, you should get a device with an IP68 waterproof rating

Where to buy MorePro HRV fitness tracker and Price?

You can get the best deal for this fitness tracker to buy ordering from Amazon. MorePro offers a 30-day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied and your device is backed by a 180 replacement offer.

At the time of this review, MorePro HRV was available on Amazon for the price of $56.97.

I recommend checking the Amazon page for the best current price and deal.

Reviews and Testimonials

All the MorePro fitness trackers and smartwatches seem to be highly rated on Amazon. The MorePro HRV is no exception and has many 5-star rating on Amazon. Based on the feedback users have given thus far, MorePro HRV delivers on its promises of feature-rich capabilities and affordable price.

Here are a few highlights from user MorePro HRV reviews on Amazon:

  • Impressed with the accurate results and stylish design
  • Liked the sleep monitoring the HRV data displayed in the Lorentz Scatter Diagram
  • Best customer service and affordable price
  • Multiple watch screen face options
  • The phone finder feature is helpful. You can use the fitness tracker to help you locate your phone if they are in Bluetooth range of each other.

If you use all of the functions the battery life lasts for about 1 day but it only takes a couple hours to charge. Another person said that regular use for their lifestyle allows the battery to last about 5 days.

My Experience:

I thought the MorePro HRV was a great fitness tracker and had a lot of features for under $60! A few things about \it that I really liked:

It automatically would turn on and record data when I put it on my wrist.

It automatically tracks my sleep. I don't have to remember to manually start and turn on sleep tracking.

The amount of battery the device has is shown right on the screen. I don't have to open the app to see if I need to charge it.

The distance is very accurate. This past weekend I wore the MorePro HRV on a 9-mile hike and at the same time, I had a GPS hike recording app active on my phone. The distance was very similar and matched the data recorded by the MorePro.

I also liked that it had some "smartwatch" features that were very useful like passing on notifications from my phone, the ability to "find my phone", and the remote shutter!

MorePro HRV Review at the beach
I spend a good amount of my time swimming and at the beach. I like that the MorePro display is verybright and I can easily see it in the sunlight. I've worn is a couple times while swimming in the salt water and so far it's been great! (Although I do recommend always rinsing the salt water off, I just wear it in the Shower to do this!)

This is an overall fitness tracker that has features that are enough for most people that are only looking to track there health and exercise regularly. It's a stylish design and the notification capability along with the sedentary reminders, makes it an excellent choice for office workers, students, and business professionals.

It has the features that most people look for in a fitness tracker. So the MorePro HRV is an excellent choice since it has all the necessary features and a few unique features like Blood Oxygen monitoring and HRV tracking.

Overall, the design, capabilities, quality, and price make this fitness tracker a great value!

With that being said, this fitness tracker will not be for everyone, especially if need features and monitoring specific to your lifestyle. For example, swimmers, surfers, and runners might find the MorePro HRV to be insufficient in its capabilities.

Swimmers: If you are a swimmer, surfer, or practice other water activities, this is not the best choice because it is only an IP67 waterproof rating. If swimming workout is a big part of your fitness routine, look for a fitness tracker or smartwatch with an IP68 rating.

Runners: If you are an avid runner, then this might not be the best option. As a runner, I would want my fitness tracker or smartwatch to have builtin GPS, built-in music storage to connect with my wireless earbuds. This way, I would not need to bring my phone with me during my runs. A built-in GPS should allow the fitness tracker to accurate measure my distance, pace, and route.

Cycler: If you cycle, you might have similar needs as runners. You will probably need a fitness tracker with a built-in GPS.


The MorePro HRV fitness tracker has plenty to offer!

Design: The overall design is excellent. There are three colors to choose from, the clasp holds the band to your wrist securely. The silicon like bands is high quality and comfortable, and soft against the skin.

Battery Life: The battery life can last 5 to 7 days on standby. If you run all the features continuously, it will last for about 24 hours. The charging time is about 1-2 hours. Charging is done through a USB with a unique cable, which is one area that could be improved on. Wireless charging would be fantastic in future improvements.

Features: HRV monitoring, SpO2, auto sleep analysis, step tracking, Also has phone notifications like SMS, phone calls, emails, social apps and more.

Waterproof: The weatherproof rating of IP67 is decent. It is sweat resistant. If you are a swimmer, IP68 would be more appropriate.

App: The app is very easy to use. It does a great job of visually showing you the data collected with charts and graphs. It also allows you to connect to Apple Health! You can customize the appearance for the MorePro display and set notifications, and much more.  

Price/Value: At the price point of just over $50, the MorePro HRV is very affordable and excellent value for the features and capabilities it has.

Price: $56.97

Where to Buy: Amazon

Discount: None

Source: The sample for this review was provided by MorePro*The Fitness Junkie’s primary source of revenue is affiliate links in articles like this one. This means I might receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. I was not paid to write this review and I only recommend products I feel are of high quality, worth the investment, and beneficial to my readers. Thank you for your continued support!

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