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Move It Speed Interactive Reflex Bag

Boxing is an excellent way to improve reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and can be an effective cardio workout. Unfortunately, boxing is not readily accessible for the average person to try.

Typically you would have to find a boxing gym or invest hundreds in a punching bag. The Move It Speed Reflex Punching bag is bringing the boxing experience straight to your living room.

What is Move It Speed?

Move It Speed is a smart interactive freestanding reflex bag that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you a fun boxing experience right to your home.

This new fitness product features progress tracking, video boxing coaching, mini-games, and social experience to connect and compete with friends.

It is a great way to get a fun workout and relieve stress. Move It Speed can be used by athletes and by all fitness levels.

Move It Speed is currently available for preorder on Indiegogo. I had the opportunity to test this smart reflex punching bag and will share my experience in this review!

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Move It Speed reflex bag does not take up much space. It is easy to set up and comes delivered in a cardboard box but is very simple to assemble. The height is adjustable, and the base measures X feet in diameter.

The base has a cap at the top that you unscrew and fill with water or stand. This will make the whole thing stable and stay in place throughout your workout. It’s easiest to fill it with water, but if you choose to fill it with sand, you have to go out and buy it since it is not included.

Sand is heavier than water, so if you want the most stability, and is the best option. You can also do a combination of sand and water. The bottom of the base also has suction cups for further grip on the floor.

Once you have the base filled, screw the cap back on. Then you can attach the connector rods and adjust it to your preferred height.

Lastly, the pouching bag itself needs to be inflated and attached. A small air pump is included, which is very convent. After you inflate it, attach it to the top of the rod.


Overall, the freestanding punching bag has a sleek and modern look. The design and minimalist look makes it feel like a high-end product.

Battery/Tech: At the base of the reflex bag, there are LED indicator lights, and this is where the tech hardware and smart sensors are located. The back of the base is the battery that pops off and uses a MicroUSB cable to charge. The charging cable is included.

Height: The height of the reflex bag is adjustable and can be adjusted up to 68”. To adjust the height, you will twist the rod just below the sensor. When you can the height you want, turn again to lock it in place.

Adjustable: The spring at the bottom can be adjusted, which changed the speed of return after you strike. You can loosen the spring for a slower return speed or tighten it for a faster return.


This new fitness product strives to give you a fully interactive boxing experience. A few highlights of the features you can expect include

  • Real-time feedback and guidance
  • Estimated calories burned
  • Average strike speed
  • Fastest job speed
  • Total punched
  • Intensity

Move It Speed can be used as a part of your current fitness routine as it can improve speed and coordination. There are coaching and training courses available throughout the Move It Fitness smartphone app.

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The app to download is called “Move It Fitness” and is available in the Apple App store and on Google Play. The app can be downloaded on your smartphone.

Move It Fitness app download screen
After downloading the app, you will set up your profile and outline your fitness goals.

I personally recommend downloading it to your iPad or tablet because you will have a larger screen so it will be easier to see a few feet away as you are using the reflex bag. Another benefit of downloading it on a tablet or iPad is that the app features instructional coaching videos to teach you the basics.

Next, the app will prompt you to pair the app with your Move It Speed Reflex Bag. After you connect the two, you are ready to get started.

Video tutorials to learn the basics

This interactive freestanding punching bag can teach you the basics and proper footwork of boxing if you are a complete beginner. You will learn the appropriate form, and as you follow along with the light on the reflex bag will give you real-time feedback.

App training and mini game dashboard screen

A few examples of online training classes include:

  • Combo Strike
  • Basic Boxing 1.0
  • Basic Boxing 2.0
  • Shape Boxing
  • In & Out
  • Jab & Roll

The app will keep track of all your workouts, and you will be able to see different statistics and track your progress.

Mini-games for a fun workout

Another great feature is the mini-games and leaderboard stats that let you connect, train, and play with your friends.

The game development is still in progress, and additional games will be added to the games library.

Pros & Cons


Quality and Durable: This reflex bag seems to be very sturdy and high quality.

Fun: The games and social experiences are a great way to make using this product entertaining and fun for all ages.

Video Coaching: The instructional video tutorials are a great way to learn the basics and introduce beginners to boxing.

Real-time feedback: The sensors will give you real-time feedback using the LED indicator lights.


Additional advanced training: There are other workout routines, but you will need a subscription to access.

No wheels: Since the base of the reflex bag has suction cups it can be difficult to move it out of the way when you are not using it. Some similar products have small wheels so you can tilt the base to easily roll it out of the way. This is a design feature that may be beneficial to add in future models.

Where to buy and price?

At this time, Move it Speed is available for preorder on Indiegogo for early bird pricing. This is significantly cheaper than other regular relax bags that are not interactive.

If you want to get the best deal, you can head on over to Indiegogo for the best price.

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:

I think that this is an excellent reflex bag for beginners and if you are looking to add a little verity to your fitness routine.

It also makes for a fun and interactive source of entertainment for all ages and fitness levels.

As someone who didn’t know anything about even throwing a punch, I found this to be a super fun way to learn.

I really enjoy that I could learn the basics, get immediate feedback, track and review my progress right for the app.

I think you get a lot for your money with this product!


Design: Overall. Move It Speed Reflex Bag is a high-quality product and has unique design elements. It is easy to set up, adjust, and use this reflex bag.

Features: The 6-axis gyroscope sensor plus LED lights allow you to get real-time feedback on your movement and strikes. Strike speed, intensity, calories burned, and more statistics are tracked and recorded as you continue to use this reflex bag.

App: The App interface is simple and easy to navigate, The video coaching will teach you the basics and additional, advanced workouts are available with a subscription. Mini-games add a fun social element, and the mini-games library will be adding more games down the line.

Value: Compared to other reflex bags. Move It Speed is very competitively priced, and the smarty interactive features make it unique, and unlike any other reflex bag on the market.

Where to Buy: Preorder on Indigogo
Discount Available: None
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Move It Speed

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