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My MUD\WTR Review - is it a healthier alternative to coffee?

I wouldn't say I'm a coffee lover.

If made right, it can taste good, but that typically entails adding sugars and chocolate flavoring.

What I do love is the caffeine and energy kick that comes with coffee. Therefore I am always open to tiring something new—Especially when that something is a healthier alternative. 

In this MUD\WTR review, I am going to explore some of the initial questions I had. These include all sorts of topics. Is it healthier? What does it taste like? How do you make it? Will it give me the energy boost I desperately crave in the mornings? 

Let's start with the basics. 

What is MUD WTR? 


I found about MUD through either an Instagram or Facebook ad; I don't quite remember which. They advertised their product as a healthier coffee alternative that gives you energy without the typical caffeine jitters and crash. 

This was immediately intriguing for me. The first thing I wanted to know was if it wasn't coffee, what was in it? 

What is MUD\WTR made of? 

Indian Chai originally inspired the creation of MUD\WTR. Indian Chai is a drink of hot tea with a blend of spices. They are very transparent about what is inside of MUD\WTR. 

What are the benefits of Mud Water? 

  • Low caffeine content
  • Can support memory and focus (Lions Mane )

Here are the ingredients in MUD\WTR: 

  • Masala Chai
  • Cacao
  • ReishiChaga
  • Cordyceps
  • Lion's Mane
  • Turmeric
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Cinnamon

How much caffeine does MUD\WTR have? 

MUD\WTR contains 1/7th the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. If you are looking to cut down on your caffeine intake but still get that energy boost, MUD\WTR is worth trying. A regular cup of coffee has about 95mg of caffeine. MUD\WTR has about 14mg 

Does Mud water have sugar? 

MUD\WTR is sugar-free

Where can I buy MUD WTR?

You can buy MUD WTR directly from the official website. You can make a one-time purchase, or you can sign up for MUD\WTR VIP, a recurring subscription. You can choose between getting a shipment every 30, 60, or 90 days. 

Everything that is included in the MUD\WTR VIP box!

Your first shipment will include: 

  • Tin with 30 servings of MUD/WTR 
  • Frother 
  • Sample of the Creamer
  • Few branded stickers 
  • Guide booklet

Your following subscription shipments will include:

  • 30 servings of MUD/WTR 

You do not have to subscribe to buy MUD/WTR. You can make a one-time purchase on the MUD\WTR site. One-time purchase with no subscription is $60. 

The Cost per shipment is $40 for subscriptions. (comes out to be $1.33 per serving) and shipping is free for all recurring shipments. A subscription automatically saves you 33%. 

Click here to try MUD\WTR

MUD WTR discount and coupons?

You can get a great discount on MUD WTR by signing up for their subscription service

You can also buy in bulk to reduce the cost per serving. A 90 serving bag of Mud is $100 for an auto-ship. This brings down the cost per serving down to about $1.22.

MUD Water Alternatives

If you absolutely do not like the taste of Chai and love the taste of coffee, I would recommend trying out Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. You can read my Four Signmatic coffee review or visit their website and get a discount with the code: FJBLOG1.

If Chai isn't your thing but you still would like to try a coffee alternative that. is healthier and gives you focused energy I would recommend trying Matcha. High quality ceremonial matcha powder can be pricy but PIQUE Tea has great matcha powder and "on-the-go" packets.

They will also give you a 5% discount if you use to coupon code: FJBLOG. If you are interested about learning more about Matcha, you can checkout my PIQUETea Matcha Review.

How do you make MUD\WTR? 

Your MUD\WTR will come with an easy-to-follow booklet with directions on how to make MUD\WTR. It will also include recipes—instructions for the basic MUD\WTR  on the tin of powder. 

The booklet that is included will have directions on making MUD\WTR, recipes, information about the ingredients, and other helpful tips.

I thought it was super cool that they included multiple frother wand attachments.

PRO TIP: if you have not used a frother before, please read the instructions. If you turn it on before you put it inside the drink you will have a huge mess 😂

Easy charging and the on/off button in on the bottom. The forther comes with a case for easy storage!

Does MUD\WTR taste good? 😋

I love Chai lattes, and the chai latte I made with MUD\WTR was terrific. The cinnamon, cacao, and turmeric added layers of flavor, and the creaminess made the drink taste smooth and delightful. 

MUD\WTR reviews and testimonials

Thousands of 5 star reviews confirm that people who chose to give MUD\WTR a try, love it and are glad they did. People were happy with the taste, quality of ingredients, and how it made them feel.

Even people who drank coffee for 25+ and even 45+ years ended up falling in love with MUD\WTR. You can read more of their reviews here:

My Experience


MUD\WTR sent the box I received. However, I'm not paid to write this review. It is always my intention to share my own experience and thought to use the information to help you make your decision. 

With that said, I do love the taste of MUD\WTR. Every morning I make a protein shake. Usually, an iced vanilla protein shake made with: 

- Six ice cubes
- Two scoops of Vanilla plant protein powder
- 1- 2 cups of organic unsweetened almond milk 

This gets somewhat dull after a while, so I've started mixing it up by adding Matcha powder. The result is a Matcha latte. 

I got the idea to add MUD\WTR instead of Matcha powder. And I LOVE it! It's soooo good! It's like a creamy vanilla Chai latte; the taste is honestly addicting. 

Will I continue to be a MUD\WTR drinker? 

Yes. MUD\WTR won't replace my other drinks and matcha lattes completely. Still, I love having a Chai latte option, and that added variety to my morning protein shake. 

My Verdict

This was not my first time trying "mushroom coffee" or a coffee alternative. I've tried Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee, and you can read my review on that here. Since I am not a fan of the coffee taste, and I always loved Chai, MUD\WTR is my top pick and recommendation for a mushroom coffee/coffee alternative. 

I love the taste, and MUD\WTR did give me a boost of energy. It wasn't as strong of an energy boost as strong coffee will provide you with, but I also didn't get jitters or an energy crash later. I liked MUD\WTR more than the other mushroom drinks, especially when it comes to taste.


Have you tried Mud\Water or any other coffee alternatives? Head to the comments, leave a review and let us know how it went.

Price: $40+
Where to Buy:
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Source: The sample for this review was provided by MUD/WTR.

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