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What is My Bikini Belly? And Why Should You Care?

​For the longest time I had never had a sexy flat stomach. EVER!

I wasn't fat at all, but I didn't have the gold-standard belly area that many of us strive for.

I thought I had tried everything.


Including starving diets, a lot of running as well. But still what I wanted evaded me.

I remember...

The crazy amount of sit-ups and v-crunches I would do.

It was like no matter what diet I tried or how many crunches I did, I would always have the same result.

I used to hate the way my stomach looked! I wanted some nice sexy abs to show off at the beach (and anywhere!) but instead, I had  flabbiness.

This was especially annoying I would brush my teeth in my sports bra and I could watch everything under my bra shake!

Seriously enough was enough! I jumped online and tried everything I could to figure out how to get rid of it, I tried to exercise, I tried the keto diet. I felt like  I did everything and all I got was frustrated and wasted money (can you believe how expensive all these workout programs are??)

Finally, I stumbled on something that actually started to work! It's called My Bikini Belly by Shawna Kaminski. It was incredibly skeptical at first because it was dirt cheap. But the results from bikini belly were definitely worth a few bucks! Here is what you need to know about the program to see if it's the right fit for you.

What Is My Bikini Belly?

My Bikini Belly is a super simple and quick workout program that ​works by stimulat​ing your body to burn off the fat in a targeted area.  

My bikini belly was developed by Shawna Kaminski. It is a 21-day fitness program designed especially for women who have  menopause belly fat.

Accumulation of fat at your belly is the result of activation of certain genes found in the fat cells of your body. This gene makes your body hold on to fat because of an outdated survival tactic.

The idea behind it is simple, your body wants to be healthy for as long as it can, but in our current lives of scrambling around with work, kids, cleaning and other time suckers we slowly deteriorate. And with the state of our food it only makes it worse.

The nice part about this workout is that it shows you exactly what to do and it's so time short that even the most time-poor of us can do it. By doing the workouts your body produces hormones that act to raise metabolism which in turn burns fat even when you sleep. This combined with the fact that you'll build muscle means bye bye belly fat. Why? Muscle is extremely hard for our bodies to maintain, more muscle mass means more calories to burn just to keep it. This means you'll burn more calories even when you are at rest!

Fat over the belly is very harmful to your health. It's a different type of fat than the most of your other areas. It leads to an increased risk in heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Reducing fat there is extremely beneficial for your overall health and longevity.

*****Shocking side note: Because of this program, you will burn the most calories when you are sleeping.

Does My Bikini Belly Actually Work? What Type of results Can You Expect?

This is the most important question. I can say that yes it does work and so can all the other testimonials. My bikini belly is backed by science and Shawna Kaminski has a great track record of success. The only wild card is will you work it? If you do nothing then it wont work but if you can commit to it and develop healthier eating habits then you will be shocked at the results.

My bikini belly results are a very toned chest with a loss of fat and a strengthening of muscles - especially the abs. However dont expect results if you don't treat it seriously. It my be affordable but it works only if you work it.

***FITNESS JUNKIE SPECIAL*** Get My Bikini Belly for $15!

Benefits of the My Bikini Belly Program:

The Bikini Belly program's top benefit is the reduction of belly fat by Metabolic Activation Training™ this is what makes it special.

Metabolic Activation Training™ has three main parts:

  1. Deactivates hormones that put your body that cause weight buildup.
  2. By doing this you'll activate a special hormone that actually shrinks and tightens your belly as time goes on, getting better and better. Lastly,
  3. Your metabolism ramps up which is the important part in removing that belly fat!

My bikini belly workout also has a very in depth exercise guide. It tells you about all the different exercises, their purposes and proper form! Also they have very nice follow along videos each are about 15minutes.

What I really like about the follow along videos for the bikini belly system is that they have 3 people, 1 beginner, 1 intermediate, and one advanced. That way you can pick which one you'd like to keep up with.

Who is Shawna Kaminski and Why Should You Care?

Shawna Kaminski is a Canadian Athlete who is in her 50s but looks about 20 years younger! She owns North West Body Fit Boot Camp in Calgary, Canada. ​North West Body has been an inspiration to millions of women who want to stay fit and live healthy.

Because she has always been active she has had a great looking body - but as she aged even she started getting unwanted flabbiness and she soon discovered a way to kill it.

This became her inspiration to her 21 day bikini belly workout that you see here.

In a nutshell: Shawna Kaminski knows what the hell she's doing and you should listen.

My Bikini Belly Pro's

  • Easy Workouts: lots of programs say they can get results (and they do) but they are extremely hard for the average woman to pull off. Or they are just too damn exhausting that it's not worth it! This is designed for busy middle aged women or beginners who don't want to be crushed by intense workouts. And also for people who have very little time to devote to exercising.
  • Very Affordable: Again other workouts that we discussed in the previous point are also usually very expensive with many up-sells. My bikini belly is under $20! Definitely can't beat that!
  • Follow-Along Videos: This is something that a lot of fitness programs skip and follow along videos are crucial to duplicating success. I wouldn't even look at a program that doesn't have videos with it.
  • Proven Results: There are a ton of testimonials that prove this workout gets results. Since it's so inexpensive and works why not give it a shot? If you aren't happy then,
  • 60-day Money back Guarantee: If you're not happy with it then you're not even out any money!

My Bikini Belly Con's...

Digital Only: Requires a good internet connection and there are no hard copies as of yet. This may definitely be an inconvenience for some of you.

Staying Motivated: This is not a get slim quick scheme, it will take real effort. Just a lot less than many other programs but since it's digital only you don't get the accountability partner than you would in a studio or otherwise.


After reviewing the program and actually trying it out myself I must say that it is "Fitness Junkie Approved", it's quite hard for something to get my approval but I'd have to admit this program rocks! I'd recommend trying it out, I mean is $20 worth more to you than a sexy tummy? Psh Didn't think so. Check it out!

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