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My Review on NeoRhythm – Get to Sleep!

I have always been able to sleep quickly upon laying my head on my awesome microfiber pillow and the coldness of my Chilipad only helps!

On the other hand…

My Husband has a huge issue of falling asleep at night.

Sometimes he lays in bed for multiple hours without dozing off.

So far nothing we have found helps him get to sleep.

This is why I was super excited for him to try NeoRhythm to get to sleep faster and get better sleep!

I was also interested in other applications. Like improving focus and helping me with my meditation sessions.

What is the NeoRhythm

My husband has a really hard time falling asleep in bed, but while driving at night he always gets sleepy.

On-road trips in our RV he gets super tried, but when we pull over and get into bed it’s the same thing, not tired.

Part of the problem is could be the blue light from the computer and phone screens. He’s always using his phone in bed, but even after using a blue light filter he still has trouble.

We have made sleeping as comfortable as possible, since we live in Puerto Rico our Chilipad has helped a lot, I think it is more important than air conditioning for sleeping cool and comfortable.

So after reducing blue light, and making sleeping as comfortable as we could, there still wasn’t a lot of success in helping him fall asleep, but based on our sleep tracker, his quality of sleep has increased!

NeoRhythm sounded perfect for my husband to try, it mimics the lulling sounds of driving or riding a train.

When you sleep, your brain emits low-frequency waves known as theta waves.

NeoRhythm’s Improve Sleep program emits a dominant 4hz theta frequency that is accompanied by a 2.67hz delta frequency. The brain synchronizes with these frequencies, which creates an optimal environment for the body to enter a deep, regenerative sleep.

It sounds a little more complicated when you dive into the science behind it, but in layman’s terms, NeoRhythm emits lulling frequencies that naturally causes your brain to enter sleep mode.

This technology is known as PEMF technology  PEMF Technology has a lot of studies behind it on using it as a pain remedy and a way to sleep easier and deeper.

Uses of NeoRhythm

The NeoRhythm can also be used for more than just sleeping, other uses are:

  • Meditation: stimulates the brain with theta waves.
  • Deep Relaxation: stimulates the brain with Alpha waves.
  • Improve Focus: stimulates the brain with beta waves.
  • Energy and Vitality
  • Pain Control

How NeoRhythm Works

NeoRhythm works by emitting corresponding dominant and accompanying frequencies to which the brain tries to synchronize with.

Our brains are basically a huge connection of very small electrical pulses. These pulses give information from various parts of our body, when your brain sends off these pulses, it is known as brainwave technology.

Our brains produce 5 different types of brain waves (ranging by different speeds of electrical signals), but for the purpose here I will only talk about the theta waves.

Theta brain waves occur when you are awake but in an extremely relaxed state.

Theta brain waves are most common and powerful during the dreaming phase of sleep but are absent during deep sleep.

During stage 1 of sleep, there are 2 main parts.

  1. Early
  2. Late

In the early phase your brain produces Alpha waves, which occur when you are awake, but in a relaxed state. As you drift more asleep your brain produces more theta waves which are a lower frequency (slower), and during stage 2 of sleep, they are the main activity.

How NeoRhythm Comes into Play?

Neorhythm helps to encourage theta waves and our brain begins to relax and gets you into sleep mode quicker.

No more lying awake for hours!

Pros & Cons


Safe: It uses safe and scientifically tested technology. PEMF has been proven to be safe and non-invasive.

Portable: This is a great product to take with you. It has a long-lasting battery life and perfectly portable.

Long Battery Life: Up to an 8 hour run time! The battery life lasts a long time and I'm happy it's not another device that I have to remember to charge daily.

Risk-Free: You can try it for yourself risk-free. They have free worldwide shipping and a full 60-day money-back guarantee.


TBD...nothing comes to mind yet ... I'll update this as I continue to use it.

Reviews and Testimonials

There are great reviews on Omniperf from people who have used NeoRhythm. People have reported benefits of using the product for relaxation, improve sleep habits, improving focus, and more.

My Experience:

I have been using NeoRhythm for a couple weeks now and I could feel a difference from the first time I used it.

I have nights where I feel so restless and just can't seem to turn my mind off. NeoRythm has helped calm my mind.

I also started using it while working. After just a few short days I could feel my focus improve significantly.


How Much does NeoRhythm Cost and What Comes with it?

NeoRhythm I believe is fairly priced, but it is not going to fit in everyone’s budget. But if you can fit it in I highly recommend it because getting good sleep is super important for our overall health! Plus there are so many other uses like improving focus, energy levels, or even relaxation.

NeoRhythm is priced at $309 with packages of multiple for a lower cost per NeoRhythm. Such as buying a 2 pack comes out to $269.50, so if you can split with a friend or family member that would be a winning plan.

Each NeoRhythm comes with the following:

  • NeoRhythm Headband
  • Test Tube with magnet
  • Special NeoRhythm bag
  • Charging dock
  • Hard reset tool
  • Micro USB cable
  • Adjustment kit
  • User manual


In Addition, you also get:

  • Live Support
  • No other costs, firmware, and updates are free
  • Free access to their community (a Facebook group)
  • Moneyback Guarantee – 60 days risk-free.


Where is the best place to buy NeoRhythm?

As is typical, I recommend buying the NeoRhythm from the official website to avoid scams and defects. When you by from the official company you usually get better service and are more protected from issues.


If you still have questions that you would like answered or something I didn't cover in the review, please comment below. I check comments daily and will get back to you asap.


Price: $309.00
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Omnipemf.

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