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Losing weight and having a lean, toned body is difficult, especially for women. Many women shy away from weight lifting or strength building and focus more on cardio. They may fear that if they weight train or strength train they will become "bulky" and lose their feminine features. This is the number on myth out there that is preventing women from losing weight and developing those sexy curves.

Many of you have probably tried other programs with out success. The truth is, it's not your fault. Many programs out there are too time consuming and are too strict in terms of diet. Nia Shanks developed a program specifically for women. She wanted to create something, simple, easy to follow, and let women have permeate, long-term success. And she did this with her "Lift Like A Girl" program.


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About Nia Shanks...

​When looking into new programs promising all sorts of success, the most important thing is to look into who created the program. You want this person to be fit themselves and practice what they preach. Nia Shanks has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville, with honors. She has also written for and ben featured in popular fitness publications such as Greatist, Burn the Fat Blog, Tribe Sports, Breaking Muscle, Experience Life Magazine,  Muscle and Strength, Beautifully Hardcore,, among others. Her philosophy revolves around simple principles when it comes to nutrition and strength training. Her number one goal is to help women achieve their health, fitness, and physique goals the sane and simple way so that they can maintain long term results.


Nia is very active and lifts weights. As you can see, she holds a feminine physique while lifting weights.

How "Life Like A Girl" Program works...

The Lift Like A Girl Program is an complete video series that is divided into three parts: "Life Like A Girl", "Eat Like A Girl", and "Think Like A Girl." The Lift Like a Girl Guide is a five-part video series (a little over 2.5 hours total) is jam-packed with everything you need to build the body you want. The Guide contains strength training design information, nutrition information, and workout templates for designing workout programs based on your goals and preferences. It's a very flexible program. All you have to do is apply the information. It  really is that simple.


Instant download. Visual and audio presentation and ebook

Prices and what you get...


Nia Shank's Lift Like A Girl program will only cost you $27. This is a one-time only fee. For this price you will receive:

  1. “Lift Like a Girl”: This is divided into two parts, each about 50 minutes in length. The information presented here  covers everything you need to know to get started with heavier lifting. This includes bodyweight training, how to program your workouts, exercise substitutions, the role of isolation exercises, and a lot more.
  2. “Eat Like a Girl”: About 30 minutes in length, you'll find Nia's advice on smart eating without obsessive calorie counting and watching the scale.
  3. “Think Like a Girl”: I absolutely love that Nia includes this part, which she describes as 'mental strength training.' This part is a little over 20 minutes long. How to boost you confidence and really improve yourself as a women.

What I like about the program...

  • achieve maximum results with fun workouts that will leave you energized and feeling great.
  • program outlines how and what to eat so you can stop counting and stressing over calories
  • new lifestyle plan she shows and teaches you how to build will put you back in control of your life.
  • no more crazy gym routines or strict diets

What I don't like about the program...

  • don't include recipes to go along with the meal plan
  • no physical program (but that's also a good thing because it would cost more and this way you can download it to any device so you can access the whole program on the go).

Final Verdict on Lift Like a Girl...

This program is for women who have tired other diets or workout programs and have not yet found success. IF you are tired of thinking about your weight and feeling guilty eating your favorite foods, i would recommend taking a closer look at this program. Nia really wants women to get back in the drivers seat and take control of their health, confidence, and physique. If you are ready for a new approach to weight loss give this program a try.

​Here is the website >><< to give it a test run as Nia offers you a 100% money back guarantee if the system does not work for you.

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