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If you are looking at or are curious about Niacin Max you are probably ready to take your fitness to the next level. Niacin is a supplement but not all niacin supplements are the same or will offer the same benefits. NiacinMax claims to be the most powerful niacin supplement on the market today...but are they?

What is Niacin Max?

Niacin has been gaining popularity amount endurance athletes lately. Long story short, it increases the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity and this can have a huge beneficial impact on performance and endurance.

niacin max supplement benifits

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To further answer what Niacin Max is, lets start with “what is niacin?”. Niacin is a form of vitamin B3 and it helps your cells convert proteins, fats and carbs into energy. In simple terms, it helps release energy from food.

Who is Niacin Max for?

This supplement is for people who want to step up their game in whatever field of fitness they are in. Personally, I am a runner so I use it for endurance. Niacin Max is popular among runners, swimmer, track athletes, body builders, etc.

Benefits of Niacin Max

Niacin has a lot of health benefits for you. One of my favorite things about niacin max is that it has natural antioxidant properties. It’s also essential to over fifty different processes in the body including the following:

  • Cell respiration – niacin is a respiratory vitamin that oxygenates the body
  • Improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels
  • Helps in red blood cell formation
  • Protects cells from free radical damage
  • Helps remove fats (triglycerides) from tissues and bloodstream
  • Aids with proper functioning of the nervous system
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Aids digestion by increasing production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • Aids in the body’s detoxification process
  • Promotes and maintains healthy skin and hair
  • Controls cholesterol levels and has been shown to raise HDL (good) cholesterol by as much as 18%

The reason it’s so popular among athletic people is that it is so efficient at providing the body with energy. Not only does it give you longer and better energy but it can also help you build muscles and speed up any recovery time.

How Much Niacin is in Niacin Max?

Niacin Max contains 75mg of pure niacin into the bloodstream. It is released very quickly by the thin strip which dissolves almost instantaneously. It's kind of like those Listerine strips that were all the rage a few years back.

Vitamin B3 Benifits

For those of you who did not know, Niacin is another name for Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is incredibly beneficial to the body.  Vitamin B3 has been studied extensively and results have shown positive results.  It is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system and in balancing blood cholesterol levels.  Vitamin B3 or Niacin also helps with brain function, healthy skin formation, and maintenance and even preventing or treating diabetes.

Vitamin B3 for Skin​

Vitamin B3 reduces the rate of decline for two important enzymes (NADH and NADPH) that decline as we age.  Your body uses these enzymes to create a protective layer of skin to protect your body from pollutants and other irritants. Vitamin B3 has been shown to helps skin in other ways as well. For example, it can help your skin stay hydrated, reduce acne, redness, and it tolerated by all skin types. It may have anti-aging properties.

Niacin, HGH and Increased Oxygen Flow

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is increased by Niacin Max by up to 600%.  This means it helps speed up muscle recovery, burn fat, and help muscles rebuild and grow. Essentially, it helps you reach your ideal physical fitness shape. Niacin Max is a natural and safe way to increase red blood cell count. It's a natural antioxidant that will also help defend against exercise-induced cell damage, helping maximize the blood’s’ oxygen carrying capacity.

​Niacin Max Pros:

  • All the health benefits mentioned above
  • Fat burning/Muscle development
  • Rapid dissolving formula absorbed into the blood stream
  • 45% more powerful than the usual 100mg pill
  • full money back guarantee
Niacin Max is much stronger than normal supplement pills

Liposomal encapsulation technology combined with their unique delivery system make NiacinMax 45 times more effective than one ordinary 100mg pill.

​Niacin Max Cons:

  • Some might think its a little on the expensive side

Vitamin B3 Side Effects

Niacin can be more difficult to precess for some people. There have been many studies exploring it's benefits and side effects. While most people have no trouble processing Niacin, a few many have difficulties and as a result, experience some side effects.

These side effects have only occurring in people that were taking high doses and also have pre-known medical conditions:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Skin reactions
  • Rashes
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Allergic reactions: Niacin supplements can cause allergies because some contain histamines, chemicals substances that can trigger allergic symptoms to be released
  • Heart problems: High doses of niacin may increase the risk of irregular heartbeats
  • Diabetes: Niacin and niacinamide might increase blood sugar. People with diabetes who take niacin or niacinamide should check their blood sugar carefully.
  • Worsened gallbladder or liver disease symptoms
  • Aggravated gout symptoms
  • Low blood pressure
  • Stomach or intestinal ulcers
  • Problems after surgery controlling blood sugar levels

Niacin Flush

Don't be afraid of the "Niacin Flush". Niacin is essential and beneficial to a great number of bodily functions. With that being said, at a higher does there is a chance you might experience a harmless side effect known as the Niacin Flush. A Niacin flush can be described as skin becoming red, and possibly an itchy sensation. It can be compared to the feeling of having a slight sunburn.

This is not permanent! Your body will adapt to absorbing a higher dose of niacin and the niacin flush will go away.  Typically a niacin flush can last from 10 to 30 minutes. If you have a more intense niacin flush reaction then it would be possible for it to last even up to an hour. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water can help subdue a niacin flush.  

While the niacin flush may be an inconvenience for some people (others love it!) It's actually a good thing, it means the product is working and your body is increasing the blood flow.​

Proof Niacin Max is Working

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How Does Niacin Max work?

Niacin Max is not a traditional supplement in pill form. It is a thin strip with 80mg of Niacin. This strip is sort of like the listerine srtips in that it dissolves instantly. This also makes it the post powerful form of taking niacin possible because it gets absorbed nearly instantaneously! You take 1 strip in the morning, daily on an empty stomach. If you are planning on eating, wait about ten minutes between taking the strip and eating.

For the most effective results, take the strip no less than 4 to 5 hours before you start working out. I would take the steps only on days that you will be working out. You can use the strip on off days, it is up to your personal preference.If you are a serious athlete and find yourself training five of more times a week, consider taking a second strip of Niacin Max 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Niacin it’s a new discovery and you can buy it at your local health store. However, you can’t expect the same benefits as Niacin Max. Niacin Max formal and delivery into the body is much more efficient than pill form supplements. Pill form supplements tend to get stuck in the digestive system and your body is not able to break down and fully absorb it in pill form.

What Does NacinMax taste like?

Some supplements don't taste great or leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Niacin Max is not like that. The company considered taste when they were making this niacin supplement!  The best way I can describe the taste is that it was a fresh citrus-like taste. So it doesn't taste chalky at all or leave a bad aftertaste - it was quite enjoyable.

Niacin Max Price​

One of the top questions is how much does Niacin Max cost? There may be other places to buy - like amazin - but the best place to get the top deals on Niacin Max is at the official company website. Here are the offers they have at the time this review was written:

30 Niacin Max Strips

niacin max supplement benifits


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60 Strips Plus 30 Strips FREE

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There is fast and FREE shipping on all options to ANY location if you buy from the official website.

​Where to buy Niacin Max?

To get the best deals and the real product, buy Niacin Max from the company’s official website. Here you will get the best deals and promotions on the product as well as testimonials from recent users.

Another reason to order it directly from the company is that they offer a money-back guarantee and more information about this can also be found on the official website. And you’ll get fast and free shipping.

Niacin Max for Women

Niacin Max works for women just as well as it does for men. It helps with our athletic level, our ability to use oxygen etc. It's highly recommened for anyone who wants to boost their athletic performance. However, we have some special condition that you might wonder if it's ok for us to take.

Niacin and pregnancy

We know niacin is incredibly important for adult men and women however, what effects can it have on women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant and/or breast feeding? This is obviously a concern, I would say personally I wouldn't risk it. But this is what the FDA says about it

Niacin has been given a Pregnancy Category C by the FDA. Which means:

Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite the potential risks.

Taking niacin while pregnant or breast feeding is likely safe when taken at recommended daily doses.  The recommended daily amount of niacin for pregnant or breast feeding women is 30mg for women under 18 and 35mg for women over 18. Niacin Max contains 75mg of niacin so if you want to take it while pregnant then just take about a third.

There haven't been any conclusive studies done on niacin when it comes tor breast feeding. However, it is thought that a small amount of niacin can become present in breast milk.

Does NiacinMax have a Guarantee?

Yes! Unlike other supplement companies, NiacinMax does offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. The take the risk out of trying their product and offer a 67-day money back guarantee.

If during this time you are not satisfied with the product, you can return your unused product for a FULL refund.If you are unsure about the product and want to give it a test drive, be sure to keep the original packaging if you find the need to return the product.

Usually, when a company offers a money back guarantee, it shows that they are confident in the product so i doubt you’ll be asking for a refund.


If you are looking to boost your athletic performance and get more out of your workout, give the product a try. From what we have seen, it’s a solid product and a are and effective supplement. It will give your body more performance ability the any other niacin supplement. Plus you have no risk with the 67-day guarantee. Give it a test run and let me know your results!

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