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My in-depth review of the NuCalm System - can NuCalm really help with stress and sleep

Neuroscience is an area that is gaining traction as more and more people start searching for help with stress and anxiety management. 

Tech gadget brands are focused on bringing relief to a stressed public.  

I see ads on Facebook and Instagram daily for products that could reduce my stress and help my anxiety. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and social anxiety disorder. It's an area of my life that I am passionate about improving. I know what it's like to suffer from something that you can't or struggle to learn to control. 

Whenever I see these ads, I make an effort to get in touch with the brand for a product review article. I don't get paid to write a review, and I will share my honest option and if it works for me. If a product does not really help me, it still might help you because every person is different. 

My NuCalm Kit!

I hope that this honest NuCalm Neuroscience review will give you insight into the workings of NuCalm, my experience and help you make an informed decision.

What is the NuCalm system? 

NuCalm is "the world's only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality - without drugs."

NuCalm is clinically proven to help relax the brain and the body naturally and within minutes. It works with the brain circuity in the limbic system that is responsible for activating the stress response. 

While many stress-reducing and sleep-improving products are based on science, NuCalm is the only one with patented technology. 

Is NuCalm FDA approved? 

NuCalm is an FDA-approved system. It is designed to fight stress and improve sleep. 

What are the benefits of NuCalm? 

NuCalm has been shown to help with three primary areas (1):  

  • Improve sleep - get deep, restorative sleep, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 
  • Manage stress - can help to improve mood, boost energy, focus, and clarity. 
  • Boost Recovery - can help people recover faster from training, strengthen the immune system, and strengthen resilience. 



  • Might be pricey for some household budgets. There are 3 plan options and offers for discounted pricing available on the website. Check the official NuCalm website for the latest offers.

Who should use NuCalm? 

Not only that, but it's also been used by the U.S. military, FBI, 49 professional sports, and it's been used in 1 million surgical procedures! 

People from all backgrounds use NuCalm. Some use it for sleep, anxiety, stress management, and balancing their mind. 

NuClam is very safe and can be used by almost anyone. It is recommended that children under 5 should not use the NuCalm discs. Still, they can listen to the neuro acoustic software ambiently. 

How does NuCalm work? 

Before I get into how to use NuCalm, I want to touch on the science behind it.

NuCalm is "clinically proven to relax the brain and body within minutes." It works with the brainstem, hypothalamus, and limbic system. NuCalm works to slow brain waves. Within minutes of using NuCalm, you will begin to feel the effects.

The feeling will be one of calm and relaxation. 

NuCalm is easy to use and can be used anywhere. 

Step 1. Apply the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc 

The NuClam disc should be placed on the inside of your left wrist. The disc sends signals to interrupts your adrenaline response by activating your brain's natural relaxatial system.

Step 2. Open the NuCalm app on your smartphone

The NuCalm nuero acoustic software in the mobile app sends specific frequencies that will slow brain wave function to a level that will allow for optimal relaxation and recovery. 

Step 3. Connect your headphones, cover your eyes, sit back, relax and enjoy the NuClal

To officially start your NuCalm session, connect your favorite pair of headphones and start the NuCalm session from the app. 

What does NuCalm Feel like? 

The feeling that comes with a NuCalm session is kinda hard to describe; it really has to be experienced. The best that other NuCalm users and I can express the NuCalm feeling is that you will feel relaxed, calm focused, but also energized and in the present moment. 

👉 Try NuCalm

NuCalm mobile app

The NuClam mobile app is available for iPhone and Android users. It's a great source of information and will help answer any questions you might have as a beginner. 

After you download the app and set up your profile, you will see the NuCalm sessions available: 

Rescue session - for the most in-depth recovery and cellular restoration. 

Reboot session - to restore balance, peace of mind, and creative energy.

Recharge session - to take the ultimate power nap without actually napping 

3-day Kick Start session - to introduce your brain and body to healthy stress management

The Tutorial section has information on questions like:

  • How do I set up my NuCalm?
  • When should I do a NuCalm session?
  • How long should my NuCalm session be?
  • How should I feel during and after a NuCalm session?
  • What do I need to know about the NuCalm Discs?
  • And many more! 

NuCalm 101

The app and the website have articles and helpful information that will help you learn about the science of NuCalm, how it works with your brain and body, how it can help improve stress, sleep, and quality of life. 

How much does NuCalm cost? 

NuCalm is available for at-home use, and there are 3 options available. The difference between the options is the number of sessions a month you want to do. Each option is available as a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. 

My kit came with an eye mask, discs, protective case, booklet, and quick-start guide!

With any NuCalm 10, 20, and 30, you will get: 

  • NuCalm Neuroacostic software
  • Premium NuCalm eye mask
  • Money-back guarantee

The only difference between them is the number of Biosignal discs that will be shipped to you monthly.

NuCalm 10 will give you 10 discs each month, NuCalm 20 gives you 20 discs per month, and NuCalm 30 gives you 30 discs per month. 

NuCalm 10

10 sessions per month. With this option, you can expect to reduce stress. 

  • Monthly subscription: $19.99 for the first month. $39.99 for each month after the first month. 
  • Annual subscription: 2 months free, $399.90 total (You save $79.98) 
  • Try NuCalm 10

NuCalm 20

20 sessions per month. This option will improve your overall sleep quality. 

  • Monthly subscription: $29.99 for the first month. $59.99 for each month after the first month. 
  • Annual subscription: 2 months free, $599.90 total (You save $119.98) 
  • Try NuCalm 20

NuCalm 30

30 sessions per month. This option will help you recover from training and improve resilience. 

  • Monthly subscription: $34.99 for the first month. $69.99 for each month after the first month. 
  • Annual subscription: 2 months free, $699.90 total (You save $139.98) 
  • Try NuCalm 30

NuCalm Coupon

I don't have an exclusive coupon code for you guys today but they could be running special promotions. Please do check the prices on their official website.

NuCalm reviews and consumer testimonials

You can read and watch video testimonials from REAL people as they share their journey with NuCalm.

Many MANY people use NuCalm to help improve their sleep.

Other people also use it to help with stress and provide a calming feeling throughout their day.

There are tons of reasons people use NuCalm:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Relive stress
  • Help with Jet lag
  • Anxiety relief
  • Addiction
  • Muscle repair
  • Pain relief
  • Deep states of relaxation
  • and more!

The point is people see results and they keep using it because it really seems to help!

As you can imagine, anyone with anxiety would be more than thrilled to try NuCalm!

My Experience

I could hardly wait for my NuCalm kit to arrive.

I'll admit, I was stacking that package through USPS tracking and watching it like a hawk!

After downloading the app, I quickly setup my profile, filled out my goals and health stats.

The NuCalm app will take you though the setup process and show you step by step how to get started.

(Also, the kit comes with a easy to follow quick start guide and booklet with more info on how NuCalm works)

First Session:

I followed the instructions and placed the disc on the inside of my left wrist.

I decided to start my first session while the rest of the household was asleep and pets where not in the same room as me.

Phone on do not disturb? Check.

I selected my NuCalm journey. I opted for the shorted 30min session. (as someone with ADHD, the thought of sitting still for more then 5 minutes is doubtful, since the 30min was the lowest time commitment option, I selected it, covered my eyes with the eye mask and laid down.

I'm having a hard time describing what happened next. All I know is that it was magical.

As the beautiful sounds swirled around me I could feel my whole body relax. It was as though I could feel my entire body as once but also parts of it individually. My whole body, but especially my arms and chest became very heavy.

The thought of moving my arms seemed like an impossible task. But the feeling was so wonderful that I wouldn't dare even try for the fear of losing the deep relaxation. The 30 minutes went by so quickly and I continued to lay their in darkness for at least another 10 minutes soaking in relaxation.

I was calm, relaxed, grounded.

I finally started to wake my body up by wiggling my fingers an toes.

I peaked though my eye mask to check the screen of the NuCalm app.

I was given 2 options: "Repeat the session" or "End the session"

Without even a second of thought I quickly pressed the button to repeat the session again. I laid back down and drifted back into bliss.

After my first NuCalm session

After a NuCalm session you should feel relaxed but also energized.

So why did I feel tired?

I open up the app in search of answers and found the answer in the "Learn" tab. According to Ann from the NuCalm team:

"If you are feeling tired after NuCalm, your session may have been too short or was interrupted before your body reached homeostasis or internal balance. Try going to your natural endpoint next time which will allow your body to guide you out of a session vs the timer pulling you out of a very deep state where you may feel more groggy."
- Ann, NuCalm

Following Sessions

I continue to use NuCalm and it's a part of my routine that I look forward to the most. Several times I didn't get enough sleep and NuCalm sessions helped my feel rested and energized.

If you have a restless mind, difficulty with meditation, anxiety, sleeplessness, or stress, NuCalm could be your solution.

👉 Try NuCalm

Final thoughts - Does NuCalm really work? 

Yes, NuCalm is FDA-approved and proven to work in clinical studies. 

From my own experience, NuCalm completely quiets my mind and allows my body and mind to go into an amazing state of relaxation. Sometimes I even feel myself going into a deep state of relaxation floating between a semi-conscious dream state.

It's amazing and something that is best experienced to fully understand.

With the number of testimonials from NuCalm customers and the NuCalm money-back guarantee, you don't have a reason to not make this investment in your health and well-being.

👉 Try NuCalm

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