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Staying healthy is incredibly important every day, but you need as much support as possible in today's world.

If you struggle to tolerate a multivitamin in the morning or want more targeted support than a basic multivitamin can provide, NuStrip technology can make your nutritional goals easier to reach.

What are NuStrips?

NuStrip supplements are a compressed nutritional supplement that allows you to skip unpleasant-tasting multivitamins, chewy gummies that stick to your teeth, and way too many pills first thing in the morning.

Boxes of NuStrips

In a Strip technology allows you to easily load up on exactly the nutrients you need at the time you need it.

While multivitamins and separate supplements can be quite good for you, they can be hard on your tummy.

Additionally, there are some supplements, particularly in liquid form, that include caffeine.

Energy NuStrip

You don't need any supplements that get in the way of your sleep. If you're trying to back off the caffeine later in the day, you can take a sleep-friendly NuStrip to provide you with caffeine-free, sleep-friendly nutrition.

Why use NuStrips? Who is it for?

 NuStrip products are an ideal choice for anyone who is concerned about

  • healthy sources of energy
  • natural sleep aides
  • nutritional support for healthy skin
  • a basic multi that goes down easy
  • supplements that boost your immune system

These products dissolve quickly and enter the bloodstream immediately. If you have experienced any gut distress during stress, you may be suffering from reduced absorption.

Immunity NuStrips

Just taking a vitamin tablet doesn't mean that you'll get the benefits your need from the next table.

Because NuStrip technology presents a melting strip of nutrients that can quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream.

No waiting for your gut to process your vitamins means instant bioavailability. 

How NuStrips work

Each NuStrip dosage provides you with quickly absorbed nutrients as you would find in up to three gummies or from one energy drink.

Sleep NuStrips

However, you may not appreciate a vitamin that sticks to your teeth. If you can find an energy drink that suits your needs, you may not appreciate the flavor or want the carbs.

Your NuStrip supplemental nutrients are all suspended in a vegan substance referred to as Pullulan.

This biopolymer can be quickly broken down by saliva, and once this natural film breaks down, the supplements contained in the Pullulan can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the thinner tissue lining the inside of the mouth.

NuStrips Flavors and prices

Many flavored supplements, from pill to gummy to drink, have a fruity base that may require sugars to make them more palatable.

If you are working to reduce your intake of sugar, you can take comfort in the fact that the flavors of NuStrip are actually quite mild. Pullulan film is quite thin and is, on its own, mostly flavorless.

The supplements in the strip are generally flavorless, and any added flavor simply doesn't have enough square millimeters to pack a big punch.

If you like it, enjoy it. If you're not crazy about it, you can either celebrate the fact that it won't linger.

Multivitamin Nustrips

Whether you like it or not, your NuStrip product will dissolve in under 20 seconds. Consider the following flavor and nutritional combinations.

Energy in a Strip™ is a mild mint and contains B12, 50 mg of caffeine, and 30 mg of L-Theanine, the energizing ingredient in green and black tea.

Sleep in a Strip™ is a mild lemon and basil flavor. This NutriStrip contains B6, melatonin, and valerian root to soothe and settle your mind. 

Multi in a Strip™ has a pleasant passionfruit flavor and is loaded with B vitamins, vitamin A and biotin for hair and nails, as well as D, C, and K.

Beauty in a Strip™ has a light, clean lime taste. This nutrient is full of the nutrients that help you generate healthy hair and nails, including a super dose of biotin, plenty of folates, and vitamin E for follicle health.

Immunity in a Strip™ The Immunity strip is packed with vitamins. The mild honey-lemon flavor may remind you of a cough drop even if you don't need them anymore! This NuStrip pairs D and zinc with echinacea for infection-fighting power.

Where to buy NuStrips

The best place to try NuStrips is through the official website. This is where you can get the best deals and the checkout is safe and secure. Other perks include:

  • 30 Day Trial (30 day money back guarantee)
  • 100% sustainable and recyclable
  • Best deals and promo discounts
  • USFDA compliant, Health Canada and WHO-GMP certified
  • Free standard shipping

Good for your health and the planet

Processing and shipping multivitamin tablets, gummies, and drinks are extremely fuel-intensive. You can get 30 days' worth of your necessary nutrients at just 20% of the energy needed to ship heavier products around the world. Pullulan is a very low-impact product that is sustainable to generate.

Even better, it's extremely stable. If you plan to do some traveling and want to pack extra vitamins, NuStrip products pack down small. If you get a great price or a gift offer, you can stock up with no worries!

Staying healthy and strong is the best gift you can give yourself. Getting the right nutrients without a lot of sugars and fillers that might be hard on your stomach is a great choice for the long term.

NuStrips Makes Taking Vitamins Easier Than Ever

If you're tired of sticky vitamins, unhappy with your sugar intake from energy drinks, or ready to feel stronger and better quickly, invest in yourself. Using NuStrip products is an great choice for your improving your body, skin, immune system, and energy level. Try NuStrips!

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