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Omniball Rolling Workout Review

More and more people are working out from home. If your fitness equipment is piling up and creating clutter, there is a better solution.

And a less expensive solution to an incredible at-home workout. 

What is OmniBall? 

Omniball is a 2 or 4-pound omnidirectional ball that is attached to either your hands or feet. This unique rolling set of weights will challenge your flexibility, strength, and stability with fun, quick, and efficient workouts. This fitness device is used by beginners and those with advanced fitness levels. 

Omniball 30 second introduction video: 

With OmniBall, you can do cardio, strength training, bodyweight workouts, and flexibility exercises. All of those are possible with OmniBall. Plus, OmniBall is small, lightweight, and easily fits in a backpack for travel. 

Who should use OmniBall? 

How do you level up your bodyweight workout in a fun and channeling way? You use OmniBall. 

OmniBall will give you the ultimate bodyweight workout. Anyone looking to improve their fitness level can use Omniball. 

Benefits of using OmniBall include:

  • Improved stability, flexibility, strength, and coordination
  • Better hand-eye coordination
  • Target and engage the smaller supportive muscles to improve joint strength
  • Increase the strength of connective tissues

From introductory yoga to advanced body strength workouts, OmniBall can improve any exercise. 


  • 360 degrees omnidirectional movement
  • Full body workout for all fitness levels
  • Endless workout options
  • You can use it on your hands or feet
  • Velcro straps secure the Omniball to hands or feet
  • The weight limit for using Omniball is 300 pounds

How does OmniBall work?

You can attach Omniball to your hands or feet.

There are 2 weight options for OmniBall:

  • 2-pound version is excellent for yoga, flexibility training, and therapeutic exercises
  • The 4-pound version is better for core and bodyweight workouts.

Workout videos are available for purchase and download at the Downloads page of the OmniBall website. Examples of workout videos available are:

  • Omniball Total Body
  • Rolling Omniball Mobility Stretch
  • Omniball Cardio Core
  • Omniball healthy Spine and Better Posture
  • Omniball Gentle Yoga
  • Omniball Core and Lower Body

Where can you use Omniball? 

You can use Omniball on the carpet, hardwood, linoleum, walls, and even rubber gym floors. 

While you can use Omniball on most surfaces, try to avoid hard concrete and sidewalks to prevent damage. 

How does Omniball compare to Gliders?


Gliders are flat, which can put additional stress on your joints. Especially ankles and wrists. 

The round shape of Omniball reduced the stress on your palms, hands, and wrists. This round shape also assists with foot flexibility and strength. 


Gliders generally do not work on all surfaces. For example, Gliders do not work on rubber gym mats. Omniball works regardless of surface. Since Omniball is curved, it has a smaller surface area in contact with the floor. This means it will require more concentration and control for a better workout. 

Omniball also has significant workout advantages. You can read more on this topic by visiting the Omniball FAQ page. 

Where to buy OmniBall? 

When you purchase OmniBall from the official retailer website, you get: 

  • Fast shipping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer support

Omniball is available in 2 weights:

  • Omniball 2 Pounds costs $69.99
  • Omniball 4 pounds costs $79.99

Your purchase also includes two video downloads ($20 value)

Omniball reviews and testimonials 

Omniball is featured in popular media outlets like Mashable. After reading Omniball reviews across multiple websites I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of the feedback was very positive. Here are some of the highlights (both positive and negative) from various Omniball customer reviews.


"A great tool to strengthen your core"

"..always fun, you can create your workouts, and the possibilities are endless"

"great quality"

"light weights to take on trips"

"most effective workout tool I have experienced to date."

"It's well made and provides an excellent smooth method of strengthening muscles and improving range of movement. What a great invention and requires no weights or heavy equipment !!"

A 65 year old women said she is canceling her gym membership!


"need more instructional material"

"kinda expensive"

"Read the instructions so you know how to stop the Omniball from rolling."

My Experience

Omniball is a AMAZING workout. I love that I can get creative with my workouts. It really is for any fitness level and you can make is as easy or as challenging as you would like.

Omniball is the perfect fitness tool for bodyweight and strength training exercises.

If you would like ideas on different workouts you can do with Omniball, here are a few resources you can download and use.


Omniball is an excellent fitness device to supplement your workouts, regardless of fitness level.

The variety of exercises you can do is limited only by your imagination. Omniball puts a fun spin on otherwise repetitive exercises and I highly recommend trying it out!

Price:  $69.00+
Where to Buy: Omniball
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Omniball.

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