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OOLER is a temperature control sleep system for your mattress.

The thermal range is from 55-110 F (12-43 C).

Using water-based temperature regulation, the Ooler control unit circulates water through thin tubes embedded throughout the mattress topper.

Temperature settings can be controlled through the Chili smartphone app.

The Ooler control unit is small and can be stored under the bed and has white noise settings.

Ooler Sleep System Review
I had the pleasure of testing a OOLER and in this review I will share my experience, everything you need to know about how it works, plus how you can get 15% off your OOLER!

How does the OOLER sleep system work?

The OOLER sleep system is a two-part system.

First, we have the OOLER control unit.

Ooler Sleep Unit Controls and Display
The Cap on the top of the Ooler screws off and this is how you fill it with water.

The second part of the system is the mattress pad that connects to the OOLER.

Ooler system connections and ports
On the back of the Ooler control unit you will find two ports. The one on the right is to connect the tubing from the mattress pad. The one on the left is to connect the electrical power cable included in the box.

Let's review both these components and how they work.


OOLER Control Unit

My first impression upon unboxing the OOLER control unit is the sold, high-quality design.

Speaking of the design, it has a sleek, modern look.

This is a considerable improvement over the ChiliPad Cube.

Ooler unit design
Even though the OOLER is most likely going to say under the bed, it’s still nicely designed to fit into the modern bedroom decor.



I love that the OOLER is only 6 inches tall. It is much slimmer than the ChiliCube! Since it is only 6 inches, it can fit under most beds.

The ChiliCube required two feet of ventilation on all sides, which made it impossible to store under the bed.


Display & Button Controls

There are three buttons on the OOLER control unit:
1.  Power ON/OFF button
2. Temperature Increase
3. Temperature Decrease

Ooler temperature control
To access the more advanced controls, use the smartphone app. Other than the three buttons, there is an LED display.

On display, you can read the temperature setting, and a warning light turns on when the water levels start getting low.

Bluelight frequencies are melatonin blocking and can disturb sleep, which is why this LED display has a blue light blocking lens!

On the back of the OOLER control unit are the sockets for connecting the control unit to the mattress pad. The power cord is also that area.


Care & Maintenance

The OOLER is self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free.

The OOLER control unit uses UV light to clean itself and the water it circulates. The only “maintenance” you have to do occasionally fill it with more water when the “low water level” indicator light comes on.


Noise levels & white noise control

White noise has been shown to improve sleep quality and there are adjustable settings to increase and decrease the white noise.


Mattress Pad

Material: high-loft jacquard stretchable-top TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric
Size: 6 sizes to fit any mattress size


What Mattress Size do you need for your Ooler?

The mattress sizing guide will help you choose the right mattress size. There are “ME” sizes and “WE” sizes.


ME sizes are for one individual. The WE sizes are for couples that want two independently controlled climate zones for each side of the bed.

  • ME sizes include 1 mattress pad and 1 OOLER
  • WE sizes include 1 Mattress pad and 2 OOLER control units

The WE size options include a separate OOLER control unit for each side of the bed.

The WE smatters pad sizes are a single large pad that comes with two OOLER control units.

Here is an Ooler Size Chart for a visual diagram

Ooler mattress sizing chart


Material & tubing

The mattress pad is made of a soft stretchable fabric and has a polyester waterproof bottom coating. The elastic straps on connecting to the mattress pad go under the mattress to secure the pad to the bed.

Throughout the mattress pad is a network of small tubing that circulates the water. These tubes are very thin, and they are not uncomfortable or even noticeable.

Cooling & Heating temperature range: 55-110F (13-43 C)

App-controlled: iOS & Android via Bluetooth

Dimensions: 15” L x 10” W x 6” H

Power: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 140W (About 500kWh/year)

White noise control: 3 levels ( Silent ~ 51-56 dBA, Regular ~ 58-63 dBA, Boost ~ 61-66 dBa)


Huge technology advancement in the OOLER was the app.

The company had defiantly made efforts to make this a “smart” device.

The app is available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

There is three feature that I think is worth explaining.


Scheduling & Warm Awake

My husband is impossible to wake up in the morning. He can sleep through anything, and if something wakes him up, he can immediately close his eyes and fall asleep.

I’m usually the one to come in and shut off his alarm because he sleeps right thought it. After several minutes of annoying alarm music, I turn it off.

The record alarm time so far has been 45 minutes before he finally woke up. One of the only ways I know will get him out of bed is heat.

This is why I love the “Warm Awake” feature. I can set the desired wake time, and 30minutes before the Ooler will slowly warm the mattress pad. This effect mimics the rising sun, and it’s a more natural way to wake up.


My Sleep

The My Sleep feature is a tab that you can go to and rate your sleep for that night. I think this is a feature that they definitely have room to improve on, and it has a lot of potentials.

There are “smart” mattress pads that offer sleep quality assessment, heart rate tracking, and even sleep cycle analysis (deep, light, and REM).

If this technology were integrated into the OOLER, it would be the ultimate “smart” mattress pad.


Alexa, Ok Google smart home

A lesser-known feature of the OOLER app is that it can be programmed and connected to other devices and platforms to work with Amazon Alexa or Google Home platform.

For example, you could say, “Alexa, turn on my OOLER” or “OK Google, Turn my OOLER OFF.”

Pros & Cons


Consistent temperature: consistent and accurate temperature control throughout the whole night.

Scheduling: schedule temperature changes to occur automatically

White Noise: Three levels of white noise to choose between.

Storage: It can be stored under the bed while in use.

Auto Cleaning: The control unit uses UV light to clean itself, it visually maintenance-free.


Price: It can be pricy for two sleepers, but they do offer financing options. A lot of people also end up saving on their heating/cooling bills since they are able to stay comfortable without having to heat or cool their entire home.

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:

As a hot sleeper, I was always waking up at high because of the heat and uncomfortable temperature.

I got the original ChiliPad and it totally changed my sleep. I could keep my body temperature down. It felt amazing to not wake up in a complete sweat.

The Ooler has been even more amazing than the ChiliPad. They both function great in terms of temperature control. The Ooler is my preferred choice even with the slightly higher price tag. I feel the new features are worth the extra cost.

The love that I can store the Ooler under the bed. Clutter is really annoying to me so this is great!

App control is also very convenient. I have my phone at my bedside anyway. App control is super convenient!

Price can be a limiting factor so use the coupon code FJ15 for 15% off your Ooler!


Where to buy an Ooler + Coupon

The Ooler Sleep System is available for purchase by going to the official website at

The price starts at $699 and goes up from there depending on the size of the mattress pad and if you are getting the ME (for 1 sleeper) or WE (for couples).


Pricing for ME sizes are as follows:

  • Half Queen $699
  • Half King &799
  • Half Cal King $799

Pricing for WE options are as follows:

  • Queen:$1399
  • King $1499
  • Cal King $1499


Review Summary

The OOLER is a significant improvement over the ChiliCube in design, functionality, and features.

It is easy to set up, smaller, quarter, efficient, and virtually maintenance-free.

The app control adds advanced options like creating a temperature schedule and allowing them to work with smart home platforms like Alexa and Google Voice.


If you are a hot sleep like I am, the OOLER is a miracle, and once you try it, you won’t know how you’ve slept too long without it!


OOLER is the ultimate choice for sleep temperature control. Anyone can benefit from adding OOLER as a part of their sleep environment.

Function: Heats and cools very well and stays consistent temperature throughout the night. It takes some time to get to the set temperature so plan ahead and turn it on before you get into bed.

Design: Modern and compact. Easily slides under the bed.

Maintenance: OOLER is virtually maintenance-free with its self-cleaning via UV light. All you have to do it occasionally add a little more water when the “low water level” light comes on.

App: Easy to use, has advanced scheduling settings and can work with Smart Home systems. However, there is definitely room for improvement in terms of design and user usability.

Value: I don’t have any negative things to say about it other than that the price can get expensive when getting the couple's version. Financing is available, and this is the best product in its class.

The 90-day guarantee is a great way to try the OOLER and how amazing your sleep will be!

PLUS use my unique coupon code FJ15 for 15% off your OOLER purchase!

Price: $699+
Where to Buy: Chili Technology
Discount Available: FJ15 for 15% Off Ooler
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ChiliTechnology.

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