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Pelvic Clock for Lower Back Pain Review

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If you don’t and you have a desk job, it’s something that will likely happen to you over time. Even if you are active, some sports (golf, cycling, running, tennis) do put you at risk for developing lower back pain. I’m a avid runner and I know the importance of proper stretching but since my cross country days in High School there has always been a area in my lower back that was tight and no matter what kinds of stretches I would try I just couldn’t stretch the right spot.

​What is the Pelvic Clock?

​The Pelvic Clock is a genius little invention that will help you stretch out muscles in your lower back that weren’t possible to stretch before. With the Pelvic Clock you can relive back pain, keep it from getting worse, and keep it from returning. With the Pelvic Clock you can target and stretch res of your pelvic and lower back that have been impossible to reach.

​Pelvic Clock Benefits

  • Prevents and relives chronic back pain
  • Targets pelvic and lower back areas that are hard to stretch
  • Activates and strengthens new muscles
  • Can improve the flexibility of your lower spine

How does the Pelvic Clock work?

The Pelvic Clock is made of a rubbery plastic compound and it is recommended to use it on a hard floor with a yoga mat underneath for padding. If you have difficulty getting on the floor, you can also use it on a firm sofa or bed.

The most common way to use the Pelvic Clock is my laying down on your back with your knees elevated and bent. Place your feet about hip distance adapt. And relax the tension in your body.

The Pelvic Clock goes right under your tail bone. As you place the device under you, note that the 12 o’clock marker should be pointing to your head.

Pelvic Clock Exercises

​Here is a sample of a basic Pelvic Clock workout:

Once you are comfortable with the basic workouts, you can target specific problem areas with the Advanced Pelvic Clock workouts. If you get stuck or need more information and sample workouts you can view the Pelvic Clock video library.

You should aim to repeat each exercise 10 to 20 times but will vary from person to person. Pelvic clock exercise can take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes to complete. This will largely depend on your age, weight, location or pain and pain duration.

Only do the exercises that feel comfortable to you, you should not be increasing your pain while preforming these workouts. For best results it is recommended that you do these workouts on a daily basis. It is also important to note that you should consult your doctor before preforming any of these exercises.


Who should use a Pelvic Clock?

Almost everyone can benefit from using a Pelvic Clock. This is great for athletes especially those that participate in golf, cycling, running or tennis. Anyone that is suffering from lower back pain could benefit from a Pelvic Clock. Officially, the Pelvic Clock is recommended for the following conditions: sedentary lifestyle, lumbar spinal stenosis, sciatica, scaroiliac joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome, hip pain, pregnancy back pain, and postpartum rehabilitation.

How long will it take to see results?

This will be dependent on your condition. If the pain is new and recently developed than you could feel relief almost instantly. If you have been suffering from chronic pain for a while it could takes weeks to finally get completely rid of it. In some cases you will need to work through the pain to rid it completely. If you feel pain while doing the workouts you should start with small movements. Over time try to gradually increase your range of movement. Know your limits and get comfortable pushing yourself each time you workout.

Where to buy a Pelvic Clock and Price

You have two buying options for the Pelvic Clock. You can buy it from the official website where it will cost $74.99 + shipping. Or if you have a Amazon Prime account you can buy the Pelvic Clock on Amazon for $79.99 and get free two day shipping. I have a Amazon Prime account so I was able to get free shipping and save $7.20.


Pelvic Clock Reviews and Testimonials

Being a runner I found that using the Pelvic Clock helped me to get rid of my lower back pain. I can even begin to describe the relief and how great it feels being able to stretch that area of my body. When my pain first started to show up I really wanted to avoid having to resort to pain medication. I’m really happy that I found a natural solution. Even with my pain gone, I still use the Pelvic Clock about once a week to prevent pain from coming back.

Many others have also found success and pain relief by using the Pelvic Clock. On amazon this product has a 4 out of 5 star rating with over 76% of reviewers giving the product a 5/5 rating. Here are a couple reviews by Amazon Verified customers that convinced me to give the Pelvic Clock a try:

"The Pelvic Clock is my wake-up and go-to-bed go-to device for hip pain and stiffness along the sacroiliac joint. It's so easy to travel with and fun to use for simple exercises that get blood flowing and wake up your muscles. I love it!” - Julie Sakellariadis

"I have been meaning to write how fantastic the Pelvic Clock is. Like some other of my Tango friends I use the Pelvic Clock to undo some of the tightness in my lower spine and pelvic region that comes from subtle but intense focus in the dance. I have also traveled with it and believe it is lifesaver to help recover from airplane travel. On an everyday basis it helps because my work requires a great deal of sitting. Bottom line is the clock travels well!!!” - Joanne Intrator

"An amazing device! I use the Pelvic Clock every morning as part of my stretching and exercise routine and it is terrific. I also often reach for it at the end of a long day and it in minutes helps undo the day's stress.And, as it tucks easily into my carry on luggage, it's a great traveling companion.” - Amazon Customer


Final Verdict

The Pelvic Clock could be your solution to lower back pain! My mom suffered from lower back pain from being on her feet all day working as a nurse and the Pelvic Clock was able to relieve that pain. I love my Pelvic Clock and recommend it for everyone. It’s such a great way to stretch your lower back and pelvic area. Personally, it was worth every penny to finally get rid of that pain. Order your Pelvic Clock from the official website or from Amazon today!BUY PELVIC CLOCKBUY PELVIC CLOCK on AMAZON

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