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My honest review of my Pillow Cube Pro

If you are a side sleeper looking for a pillow than I hope that you will find this Pillow Cube Pro review helpful!

What is the Pillow Cube Pro?

The Pillow Cube is a square-shaped foam pillow created for side sleepers. 

The Pillow Cube Pro is a cubed pillow perfect for side sleepers who tend to switch sides during the night, rolling from one side to another. 

However, suppose you sleep on your front or back. In that case, this is not the right product for you because its purpose is to help your head form a perfect right angle with your body for maximum comfort and chiropractic benefits.

The Pillow Cube Pro is unique in its design since it is meant to capture the perfect right angle between your head and shoulders as you lay on your side and helps to keep your spine in alignment. 

The Pillow Cube Pro gives side sleepers the support they need.

In addition to comfort, the Pillow Cube Pro is scientifically designed with specific health benefits in mind. 

Many people may not be aware that sleeping on your side is better for your respiration, digestion, and spinal alignment (1).

What is the Pillow Cube pillow made of?

The Pillow Cube is made of high rebound foam. This memory foam will give you the support you need. It is also anti-microbial.

The pillow has a breathable soft cover. This allows the air to freely flow through an help keep it from overheating.

Finally the silky smooth pillow case isn't actual silk but it feel just as soft and smooth. The pillow case is easy to remove and wash.

Pillow Cube Pros:

  • Made specifically for side sleepers
  • Size options allow you to customize your pillow to fit your needs
  • Comes with a soft zipper cover and a pillow case
  • Pillow allows for air flow to keep it cool


  • The Pillow Cube Pro might be a little pricy for some but they so have the Pillow Cube Classic at a lower price.
  • Get 10% off either pillow with coupon code: FJBLOG
  • The pillow comes with a white pillow case. It would be cool if you got to choose the pillow case cover/pattern that comes with your pillow. But you can buy different pillow case covers in addition to your pillow purchase.

Where to buy a Pillow Cube pillow?

The best place to buy a Pillow Cube pillow ti though the official website at This is where you will get the best price and the real product, not a knock off.

You have 2 options for pillows: the Classic Pillow Cube or the Pillow Cube Pro.

What is the difference between the Classic Pillow Cube and the Pillow Cube pro?

The difference between them is that the Pillow Cube Classic is a cube shape, it is not as wide as the Pillow Cube Pro.

Which Pillow Cube should I get?

Pillow Cube Classic is best for:

  • 12 inches wide
  • Napping on a airplane
  • Family Road trips
  • Napping on the couch
  • CPAP machine users
  • people who don't like rolling but prefer to sleep on one side the whole night
  • Only available in 5 inches and 6 inches height

Pillow Cube Pro is best for:

  • 24 Inches wide
  • People who roll from side to side during the night
  • People who want a pillow looks more like a traditional pillow
  • Those who want to use the pillow for a body pillow
  • Smaller people who want the 4 inch height but also 5 inch and 6 inch height

Pillow Cube Pillow Price

The Pillow Cube Pro is a total of $119.99. 

Your Pillow Cube Pro purchase includes:

  • Memory Foam Pillow
  • Quilted Pillow Cover 
  • Pillowcase (white)

While the Pillow Cube Pro may be a little pricy for some, so they have a less expensive Pillow Cube Classic for only $69!

Pillow Cube Pro package

Your pillow will come in vacuum sealed packaging, after you open it give it some time to breath and expand. Washing and care instructions will be on the bag.

What pillow size do I need?

The Pillow Cube Pro comes in three heights: 4", 5", and 6". The Pillow Cube Classic come in 2 heights: 5 inches or 6 inches.

To determine what size you need:

  1. Take a ruler and a stack of books (or DVDs and videogames) and try laying your head on top of them.
  2. Put enough pressure as you would a pillow.
  3. When you have found a comfortable height and your head is level, take the ruler and measure the stack's height.

If there is a little variation in the height you measured and it is in between sizes, try adding to or subtracting away from your pile. This will allow you to see if rounding up or down on your height measurement is more comfortable for you.

Here is their excellent video on how to find the best size for you:

Pillow Cube discount / Coupon Code?

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To take advantage of this limited time offer, use the coupon code: FJBLOG at checkout!

Go to, add your pillow to your cart, copy and paste: FJBLOG into the coupon discount box at on the checkout page

Copy and paste: FJBLOG into the coupon discount box

Pillow Cube Pillow Cases

While your Pillow Cube will come with a white pillow case, you can choose to buy more pillow cases of different colors and patterns.

Pillow Cube returns and customer support

There is no free trial of the product mentioned on the website. Full refunds may be requested if certain conditions are met. Some of these include the product being unopened, unused, in its original packaging, and the purchase date has been less than thirty days. It is important to note a restocking fee will be subtracted from that refund. If the product has been opened, damaged, or over thirty days, a partial refund minus a restocking fee may be granted. 

Pillow cube has an incredible team of customer support agents and they can be contacted at

Pillow Cube Alternatives

Although there are other similar products on Amazon, this specific Pillow Cube Pro product is not available on the Amazon website. 

Again, Pillow Cube is the BEST pillow for people who sleep on their side. If this is not you, other pillows that are more versatile and might be a better choice.

A couple alternatives include:

Pro Sleepy Cervical Pillow
ProSleepy pillow was scientifically designed to support and align your head if you sleep on your side and if you sleep ion your back. You can learn more about the Pro Sleepy cervical pillow and get a discount by reading my Pro Sleepy pillow review.

A couple pillows for side sleepers alternatives available on Amazon

Bedgear line of pillows support multiple sleeping positions and they have instant-cooling pillows for hot sleepers. However, their pillows are very pricy in my option and Pillow Cube is a much better value for your money.

Sleep Artisan has a pillow for side sleepers. The pillow offers adjustable firmness. I haven't tired it myself so I can comment on the quality but it is an option avalible to you.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Nearly all the Pillow Cube reviews left my consumers online were positive! Side sleepers shared stories about how they searched for the right pillow for years until they finally found Pillow Cube. 

One verified customer wrote in the review that they had lower back and leg pain and even torn rotator cuffs. The Pillow Cube Pro worked wonders in supporting their body in just the right way that most, and sometimes all, of the pain were gone the next morning. 

Out of 8 pages of reviews, only a handful was somewhat negative, although the customers still liked the pillow overall. One individual wanted an "extra firm" option; another thought the product was pricey and had ordered the wrong size. 

An individual was a little disappointed that the shipping was not fast enough. However, not only were almost all of the reviews positive, but most were 5 stars.

My experience
My 4 inch Pillow Cube Pro is a perfect fit!

I have been a side sleeper all my life. Every night I would wake up countless times only to adjust and readjust my pillow. I have tried a few different pillows, including the Pro Sleepy pillow, a Memory Foam CBD Pillow. While both of those did improve my sleep, it only minimized the amount of pillow adjusting sessions I had per night. 

I was really excited to try the Pillow Cube, specifically since it was totally made for people that sleep on their side.

I tend to roll around at night, which is why I decided to sleep with the wider Pillow Cube Pro rather than the shorter original Pillow Cube. 

At first, I wasn't sure what side to get in terms of the height; the options are 4, 5, and 6 inches. But the video on the product page explained it very well, and in less than 5 min I had measured my size! (btw my perfect size was 4 inches)

Pro tip:
 If you don't have a ruler, but you have an iPhone, you can use the ruler app that comes preinstalled on your phone to measure! 
This one is mine but you can get your own Pillow Cube pillow at!

Final Thoughts

The Pillow Cube Pro's main benefits are that it encourages side sleeping, which aids digestion, spinal alignment, and respiration. It is a great pillow that finally gives side sleepers that perfect angle between your head and shoulders. Pillow Cube pillows make side sleeping comfortable whether you are in a deep sleep, napping, traveling, or use a CPAP machine.

I've been sleeping with my Pillow Cube Pro for a few weeks and I absolutely love it! I actually have a hard time sleeping without it so I take it with me when I travel! I knew the Pillow Cube Pro would be a better choice for me than the Pillow Cube Classic because I do tend to switch sides while sleeping.

If you are a side sleeper, the Pillow Cube is an amazing pillow that I really beileive is worth theinvest to improve the quality of your sleep. You can Get more information and shop for your pillow by visiting Pillow Cube official website.

Don't forget to use the Coupon Code: FJBLOG for 10% off your pillow!!

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