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Pillsy Smart Bottle Review

Hey did you remember to take you pills yesterday? This is a thought that goes through my mind way too often. I’m on medication that needs to be taken every morning but I also have medication that needs to be taken at night. If you are interested in Pillsy chances are either you or someone you know has medication or vitamins that they take on a regular bases. Pillsy really peaked my interest not only because I thought it could help me out but I thought it was a product that could help me take care of my grandmother.

What is Pillsy?

is a supplement bottle and cap that connects to a mobile app to make it easier to track and take your pills. With this product you will hopefully never forget to take your dose again! This is a great product for those who seem to be forgetful or those that are super busy and could easily forget to make time for taking their vitamins of medication.

This new tech has been featured all over the media for its ability to make life a little easier. The overall agreement by the media is the Pillsy is a great product. It has been talked about on Mashable, the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, Digital Trends, and the Verge.

How does Pillsy Work?

The first step after you get your pills is to download the app onto your smartphone. Next you will connect to your Pillsy Smart Cap and record your schedule. Set up is really easy and once you do this you will start to get reminders. Pills will remind you when it is time to take your pills and the cap will light up.

Pillsy Features and Benefits

  • Smart Reminders - You can customize the type of reminders you would like to get. Some of the options include a phone call, text, or lock screen notification.
  • Tracking - Pillsy will automatically track when you take your pills by detecting when you open the bottle. You don’t even have to open the app on your phone to do this, it will be done automatically.
  • Dose alerts - One really cool feature of Pillsy is that it will warn you if you are about to take a extra dose. This can really come in handy for those that have a hard time remembering if they actually took the medication yet or not.
  • History Tracking - Pillsy will store all your pill taking history in the ap so you can go through at any time and see if the medication was taken. This is really handy when you are caring for a grandparent. You can make sure that they are taking the correct medication.
  • Smart Snoozing - I used to set reminders and alert on my phone to try and remind myself to take my pills. This didn’t work out too well because I would often be no where near my pills when the alarm went off. Well Pillsy solves this problem with it’s “Smart Snoozing” feature. If your Pillsy alarm goes off and you are not near your medication you can snooze the alarm. This wills snooze the alarm and the next time you will get alerted is when Pillsy automatically detects that you are in range! How cool is that!
  • Long-Lasting Battery - The first thing I thought when I came across this new tech was that here I’m going to have to have yet another gadget that I’ll have to remember to charge! It was a pleasant surprise when I learned that you don’t have to charge Pillsy! The battery will last a whole year and when it’s out of power you simply replace it with another 2450 icon battery (when you purchase Pillsy a replacement battery will come in the box).
  • Remaining Pills - Another awesome feature of Pillsy is that it will keep track of how many pills you have left so it can remind you that you are running low before you run out.
  • Habit Building - Using Pillsy will help you build a habit. You can easily keep track of your progress and learn to get better at taking your medications and vitamins.

Who is Pillsy for?

Pillsy is great for those who have a hard time keeping track of medication and remembering to take it. However, Pillsy is also great if you are a caretaker for a loved one. Pillsy give you the ability to sync with more than one phone. So your grandparent might be using Pillsy but you will have all the data available on your phone as well.

But what if my loved one doesn’t have a smart phone. May senior citizen do not have a smart phone and that’s ok because Pillsy can run on it’s own without having to be connected to a smart phone.

Where to by Pillsy and Price

Pillsy is a very cool new gadget and it can be bought from the brand’s official website at The app itself is free to download. There are two Pillsy products available: The Pillsy Smart Medication Bottle and the Pillsy Smart Vitamin Bottle. Each one is currently $49.00 for a 1-pack. The Pillsy Medication bottle is yellow and looks similar to a standard prescription bottle. The Pillsy vitamin bottle is white and larger in size to accommodate larger vitamin capsules. You can by more than one Pillsy, here are the buying options and prices:

  • 1-Pack = $49.00
  • 2-Pack = $89.00
  • 3-Pack = $119.00
  • 8-Pack = $279.00

You can also buy Pillsy using your Health Saving Account (HSA). Pillsy has been approved to be purchased with HSA cards.

Final Verdict

Pillsy is very simple and easy to use. It will greatly help people with taking their medications and vitamins on time and avoid double dosing. Pillsy is a overall great product and it’s a gadget that I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling taking their medication or has a loved one that needs assistance.  

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