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Pique Tea and Sun Goddess Matcha Review

My review of the Pique Tea brand and their Sun Goddess Matcha. Plus a coupon code for 15% off for all Fitness Junkies! 

More specifically I will focus on the Matcha Packets and this is the main tea I use!

What is Pique Tea? 🤔

Did you know that tea is not only a desirable beverage in general but also has several benefits to offer? I learned that some teas improve your immune system while others can relieve many diseases caused by underlying factors. Some teas also relax the mind, giving you a more peaceful sleep and less anxiety overall.

Pique Tea is a tea brand that offers many organic teas that are sourced straight from family-run farms. Have indigestion? Pick Pique Tea. Have anxiety? Pique Tea has your back. Need better sleep and strengthen your immune system? Pique Tea has you covered!

If you are worried about the teas' authenticity, this brand is prepared for anything; all teas undergo a three-toxin test to make sure it’s safe for all. Read this Pique Tea review to find out more!

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Overview of Pique Tea

Pique Tea creates every tea from organic sources - their farms! Each variation contains unique plant-based antioxidants, brought out with their eight-hour brewing process to maximize flavor. The process supports the enrichment of trees, preserving the extracted essential antioxidants in whole forms.

Pique also boasts of high-quality service with pure teas that undergo a triple toxin test. By testing toxins, the brand ensures that each tea is made without the contamination of pesticides, heavy metals, or other toxins. The brand also takes pride in being "100 percent organic," offering a money-back guarantee for any consumer that is not entirely thrilled with their purchase. Pique Tea is famous among its customers and is considered to be a favorite among health experts.

Pique Tea also gives you a schedule for the best times to drink each tea. For instance, black teas are a morning brew, while green tea pairs well with an after-lunch break. The brand recommends drinking their herbal tea in the evening, providing a relaxing effect before sleeping.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the tea brand:

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Pros of Pique Tea:

  • Effective: Their teas help with a wide variety of problems, like indigestion, low immunity, sleep problems, anxiety, and body pain.
  • Pure: Pique Tea boasts of their teas being 100% organic and pure, as all their teas are said to undergo a triple toxin test to make sure that they do not have any chemicals and are safe for all.
  • Accessible: Their teas are readily available and need no extra brewing as they have already been brewed for eight hours for long-lasting and effective taste.
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Cons of Pique Tea:

  • Lack of flavor: Some of the teas lack a strong flavor, making them a little less desirable for the customers who prefer a robust beverage.
  • Caffeine: If you do not like caffeine in your tea, Pique Tea may not be optimal – the teas can range from 22 mg to 87 mg caffeine in each serving.
  • High-brew taste: Some customers do not like the high-brew taste of Pique Tea.

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Pique Tea Best Sellers

Pique Tea is not for limited thinkers. It offers you a wide variety of teas that have a myriad of benefits, providing a long-lasting yet positive effect on your body.

Some of the best-selling brews from Pique Tea include the Electric Turmeric, Sun Goddess Matcha, and Pu’er Black Tea.

Electric Turmeric is named for the main anti-inflammatory ingredient, supporting the immune system and protecting the joints.

Sun Goddess Matcha relaxes the mind as it helps the more inquisitive tea drinker.

Pure Black Tea is for those individuals who prefer a classic flavor in their morning flavored.

However, these are not the only varieties that this tea brand offers. Pique Tea also provides Pu’er Green Tea (which contains immense antioxidants), Reishi Calm Elixir (for stress relief), Chaga Energy Elixir (to reduce fatigue), and Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea (which is caffeine-free).

All of these teas have qualities that are essential and beneficial for the human body in the long and short run.

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Pique Tea Matcha Review

Pique Tea offers Matcha tea in two different variants - Sun Goddess Matcha Tea and Matcha Green Fasting Tea. Both of these teas promote a calm state of mind and enhance mindfulness.

They both even offer an instant energy boost, weight management, and healthy stress response. While Sun Goddess supports the immune system primarily, Matcha Green Tea provides support while fasting.

These teas are also known to build a healthier immune system and can be taken between morning and afternoon hours to have lasting results for the mind and body throughout the day.

I love the Sun Goddess Matcha packets. They are the perfect serving size and easy to travel with.

Benefits of Sun Goddess Matcha Tea:

  • Provides an instant energy boost
  • Keeps the mind in a state of calm
  • Builds a healthy stress response
  • Helps in healthy weight management
  • Enhances the state of mindfulness

Benefits of Match green fasting tea:

  • Helps maintain a calm state of mind
  • Helps the body go through a clean and smooth detox
  • Helps in increasing satiety

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Reviews and Testimonials

Most customers who have tried Pique Tea are usually in awe of the brand's products' simplicity and purity. They say that the health benefits amaze them, though one of the biggest promotions that customers love is the opportunity to create their tea blend or curated box.

However, some customers also feel that some of their teas lack flavor and taste. The caffeine levels can be concerning to users who prefer natural or calming tea, though the brand offers a few caffeine-free options to appeal to these users.

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Price and Purchasing Process 🛒

Pique Tea offers variety in all sense - in products, packaging, and prices as well. Even the packing of the tea varies. For example, Sun Goddess Match is available in a tin for $68, while the carton packaging for this same tea costs $58 for 28 servings. The Pu’er Bundle, which contains the Pu’er line of teas, costs $116 for green tea and black tea. Upgrading to the Pu’er Ultimate Bundle is $232, offering two boxes of each instead of one.

Are there any subscriptions and bundles?
Pique Tea offers bundles of the products at a lesser cost than usual. It also gives you an option to mix and blend teas and make your bundle.

Is there free shipping?
Pique Tea offers free shipping anywhere in the US in orders over $60.

Is there a return policy?
Any unused Pique Tea product can be returned to them within 30 days for a full refund.

Is there a Guarantee Policy?
The guarantee policy of Pique Tea is not well known.

Can you buy it on Amazon?
Yes, you can buy Pique Tea products on Amazon.

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Pique Tea Couple Code and Discounts  🚨

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Final Thoughts 💭

Pique Tea, therefore, offers you a wide variety to choose from. You can choose green tea, black tea, or tea to enhance your morning routines - all in one place. After this Pique Tea review, I’m off to get some of these flavorful teas for myself – what about you?

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