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A Complete Review of ProLon: The 5-Day Fast-Mimicking Diet

For centuries, people have been fasting to improve their physical, spiritual, and mental health. The benefits of fasting are numerous.

Fasting can improve immune health, aid with weight loss, reverse some of the effects of aging, and more. However, not everyone can commit to fasting for long periods.

Even in the short term, fasting and intermittent fasting can present difficult disruptions to daily life. This is especially true if you work out frequently, lead an active lifestyle, or are simply a busy individual.

Moreover, if you have a demanding job, the energy loss from intermittent fasting can leave you feeling incredibly drained. 

That's where ProLon comes in!

While fasting isn't for everyone, the ProLon nutrition plan can be used by anyone looking to slim down.

ProLon is a fasting-mimicking plan that allows you to access the many health benefits of fasting without all of the hassles.

Below, we will review ProLon so that you can decide whether this diet plan is right for your lifestyle! 

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What is the ProLon diet?

So what is ProLon, and how does the diet work?

Well, ProLon is a short-term diet plan with massive benefits. In a nutshell, it promotes weight loss with rejuvenating and regenerative benefits by mimicking the effects of fasting.

Best of all, it only takes a few days a month to complete. 

Five-Days of Healthy Pre-Made Meals 

Essentially, this is a five-day dietary program designed to minimize disruptions to your daily life while promoting healthy fat loss.

To use the ProLon plan, you will eat pre-made meals, drinks, and snacks for five days each month. Generally, this plan is completed after a cycle of three months.

Throughout a three-month ProLon plan cycle, you only will have to diet for 15 days in total.

ProLon has been designed by scientists to provide the benefits of fasting without all of the exhaustion, hunger pangs, or mood swings.

All the while, it tricks your body into entering "fasting mode." 

ProLon is Simple and Easy to Do 

ProLon meals come in five boxes. The ProPlan process is incredibly simple; you get one box of pre-made food for each day.

These boxes include plant-based energy bars, various snacks, soups, drinks, vitamin-enriched supplements, and more!

These foods and beverages have been carefully calculated with the ideal calorie amounts and nutrients needed to nourish your body effectively. All of this while also supporting cellular rejuvenation. 

Eat Whole Foods That Taste Good and are Nutrient Dense

Moreover, these real foods support your metabolic health, antioxidant balance and are even known to have anti-aging properties.

With plant-based ingredients that are gluten-free and non-GMO, these whole foods taste good. Additionally, it all comes in convenient packaging. 

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Why should someone try it?

There are many reasons to try the ProLon five-day meal plan.

This is an excellent choice for those who want to kickstart their diet or reduce their waistline. It does a great job of burning belly fat! It does a few other things as well. 

Pros of the ProLon Plan

 • Regenerates healthy cells in the body 

 • Supports your metabolism 

 • Five-day meal plans in easy-access packaging 

 • Experience mental clarity and energetic focus 

 • Lose weight easily without counting calories 

 • Reduce body fat and glucose levels 

 • Get a trimmer waistline

 • Access the benefits of fasting without the hassle 

 • Whole foods that taste good and are full of nutrients 

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ProLon Diet Benefits

Cellular Regeneration and Rejuvenation 

First of all, it promotes cellular renewal. By triggering autophagy, your body can regenerate new cells quickly. This can bring on a feeling of wellness and also help to fight signs of aging.

Better Your Metabolic Health

Also, this diet supports metabolic help. By helping you maintain healthy systolic blood pressure, your metabolism will thank you. In fact, at the end of three once-monthly five-day cycles, you will be able to improve your metabolic health dramatically. 

Improved Mental Clarity and Energy 

Additionally, this diet plan enhances your performance and mental clarity. Many customers who have used the ProLon plan have reported feeling focused, clear, and energetic. These reports are usually the strongest after completing a five-day fast cycle. 

Promotes Weight Loss

Last but not least, it helps you reduce fat. As a fat-loss-focused weight reduction diet, you can kickstart weight loss by losing an average of 5-lbs of belly fat while also protecting your lean body mass. 

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How does it work? What's the Science behind a fasting-mimicking diet?

Fasting and intermittent fasting are used to help your blood glucose levels drop and ultimately burn fat.

Throughout most people's lives, their bodies will store excess calories in the form of fat. This fat sticks around until the body detects low glucose levels and is forced to burn it. 

ProLon Burns Stored Belly Fat 

When your blood glucose levels drop, you will begin to experience a decrease in insulin production.

When insulin production decreases, your body is signaled to start burning stored energy.

This stored energy will be in the form of carbohydrates. After just 12 hours of fasting, your body will run out of stored carbohydrate energy and begin to burn stored fat instead.

Generally, your body will burn the stored fat around your belly and waistline, followed by other fat reserves. 

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ProLon Mimics Fasting With Metabolic Support 

The ProLon plan has been carefully created to rejuvenate and nourish your body while also supporting your metabolic responses by mimicking fasting.

As a fast-mimicking diet, it offers the benefits of fasting while still ensuring that your body gets the delicious nutrients needed to fight hunger.

That way, you can lose weight more comfortably while protecting your lean body mass! 

ProLon Crushes Carb Cravings 

For many, fasting is challenging. For some, it feels nearly impossible. After those first 12 hours of low blood sugar, your carbohydrate cravings can be downright hard to resist.

Plus, many find that their energy is incredibly low. If you have a demanding job, those low energy levels are simply not an option. 

This Plan Offers Stable Energy and Improved Mental Focus 

With ProLon, you can keep your energy stable while still convincing your body to burn those stubborn fat stores.

The ProLon diet helps to give you a trimmer waistline. It offers many of the associated benefits that come from fasting. However, you don't have to worry about ongoing lifestyle changes, long-term dieting commitments, or persistent hunger.

Plus, these results are fully backed by Science. In fact, the ProLon diet's benefits have been proven in clinical studies.

Extensive Clinical Studies Prove ProLon Works

Over the last 20 years, this diet has undergone extensive preclinical and clinical studies.

Sponsored by the National Institute of Health and conducted at various obesity research facilities, this diet helps to kickstart weight loss effectively.

It also supports healthy metabolism and rejuvenation from within your body.

By triggering autophagy, cellular debris is removed and worked out of your system. This helps to reduce visceral fat for a trimmer waistline. 

Autophagy Regenerates Healthy Cells and Cleans Out Old Ones 

Autophagy is the body's way of cleaning damaged cells to regenerate healthier ones.

The word "auto" means self, while "phage" means eat. So, the literal meaning is "self-eating."

The goal is to help your body enter a fasting response mode to eat up your fat stores for energy. Thus, you lose weight around your midsection. 

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ProLon Diet Reviews & User Testimonials

Before trying any diet plan, it's good to look at what others are saying about it. So what are people saying about ProLon, anyway?

Well, Dr. Amy Savagian MD stated that she loved the Science supporting this diet.

Since the Science has been published in multiple reviewed journals, ProLon plans can be suggested with confidence.

Generally, the ProLon plan has received extremely positive reviews from real-life users.

It seems that days 3 and 5 are the lowest on food. On the other 2 days, you can enjoy treats like chocolate bars and olives.

Additionally, many ProLon reviewers said the food was pretty tasty and helped them stay energetic. With that in mind, some users report getting headaches from the calorie-restricted nature of the diet.

This may be due to water loss, so be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water for the 5-day diet period. 

Cassie N. from Chicago stated that ProLon helped her lose 6-lbs the first week. In the second round from month two, she lost an additional 4-lbs. This enabled her ultimately achieve better fitness. With that in mind, she reported mild headaches during both of her ProLon 5-day diet rounds. 

Miles R. from Jacksonville said that he used ProLon to achieve a state similar to ketosis. From there, he was able to continue a healthier lifestyle and plans to do another round of ProLon 5-day meals again. He also said he liked the stable energy it offered. Especially when compared to the low energy levels, he noticed when undergoing intermittent fasting. 

My Experience

[Coming soon]

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Price, what's included and where to buy the ProLon Diet kit

All ProLon purchases include a 20 minute health consutlation with a health coush to get you started right! People see the most benefit when completeing muliple cycles of ProLon. There are 3 purchase options on the official ProLon website:

  1. Enhanced Fasting (ProLon Monthly Subscription is $189 per box)
  2. First Time Faster (Single Box order for $199)
  3. Unlimited Fasting (Budle & Save - 3 boxes for $565)

If this is you first time fasting or if you are still a beginner I would recommend starting with the "First Time Faster" order. Each of the options listed above includes 20 free intermittent fasting bars.

Each box come with an option of Original or New Flavors.

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Wrapping Things Up

When it comes down to it, the ProLon meal and diet plan is an excellent option for those looking to lose weight with the benefits of fasting minus the discomfort of hunger.

All in all, if you want to fast-track your weight loss and access the benefits of fasting without the feeling of an empty stomach, ProLon is a great way to go.

It's backed by Science, easy-to-use, and allows you to lose up to 6 pounds in a week!

All of these benefits while also promoting metabolic function, energy, focus, and rejuvenation. 

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Price: $189+
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: FJBLOG50
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ProLon.

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