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RelaxUltima™ neck massager review - What is the RelaxUltima Neck Massager?

If you are someone who is bothered by constant neck pain and discomfort and nothing seems to be working for you, this could be what you need.

As the name rightfully suggests, the RelaxUltima neck massager is a massage machine that helps you alleviate your neck pain and reduce your stress in just 15 minutes of use per day.

Fascinating, right? Well, read on the following RelaxUltima neck massager review to find more!

Benefits / Features of the RelaxUltima Neck Massager

When you are looking to buy a product for yourself, the benefits and features play an essential role in determining the value of your own life.

Understanding the components of the massager gives you a better impression of its usability in your life. 

Here are a few features and benefits of the RelaxUltima Neck Massager:

  • Deep soothing heated massage: Heat is always known to do good for aching muscles in the human body. The massager gives your neck muscles a heated massage that is deeply soothing and helps in relaxing your neck muscles.
  • Pill-less pain relief: The massager does not demand that you ingest any external pills to be relieved from pain. It will help you offload your pill journey.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: This massage machine is lightweight and does not weigh very heavily on your neck. It is very comfortable to use. 
  • Different modes and intensities: Sometimes, your neck pain can be harsher than at other times. So, you might need to switch to different intensities and modes. The RelaxUltima neck massager gives you 15 different intensities and three different modes to choose from.
  • Perfect design: The RelaxUltima neck massager is a "one size fits all" model, and it comes in a comfortable shape that can settle well around your neck. 
  • Cordless and portable: This neck massager is cordless and portable, which means that it is easy for it to be used on the go since it can be used anywhere you want.

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How Does the RelaxUltimate Work?

Before using the RelaxUltima neck massager, you first need to remove all the neck jewelry you might be wearing.

Then, you must wipe your neck with a wet napkin your cloth as the electro-stimulation might not be as effective on your dry skin.

Next, you need to place the neck massager around your neck and let it settle comfortably. Make sure that both metallic surfaces are touching your skin at the same time. 

Hold the metallic button on the massager down for three seconds until there is a beep sound. The beep indicates that your neck massager is now on and ready to operate.

You can then press the heat button to increase the heat, or if you want a massage without any heat, you can press down the heat button and switch it off. You can press the plus button to increase the intensity of the massage and the minus button to reduce the intensity of the massage.

You can also change the intensity and modes by choosing from 15 different intensities and three different modes. 

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Customer Reviews

Customers have been praising this product, and many have said that it is no different from what it boasts about online. This product has helped many people to alleviate their neck pain whenever it arises. Many users state that it is relaxing and helps them reduce stress and discomfort in their neck muscles. 

Another common comment is that the quality of the massager is very well built and that it feels comfortable on their necks. The massage that the RelaxUltima neck massager offers has gained momentum and praises from many regular customers. 

You can read and watch video reviews from people that use the neck massager and the results they experienced on their website.

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Pricing / What's Included

A single RelaxUltima neck massager costs around $160, but it is now reduced to $79 in a one-time discount offer.

A pair costs $320 (which is currently discounted to $127), while a three-piece bundle costs around $480 (which is currently priced at a discount of $168).

This set includes the main neck massaging machine, a user manual, packing box, a charging cable as well as a remote control for your RelaxUltima neck massager.

The best place to get this neck massager is online through the official and secure website.

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I love that it is very light and portable. Since it is cordless you don't have to stay seated. The battery is also very long lasting. 1 charge lasts about 1 month.

One feature that I love is the deep restorative massage that results from the combination of 107 degree heat with the TENS Technology. Give a RelaxUltima a try and see how it can melt you pain and tensions away!

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Price:  $79.97
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by RelaxUltima.

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