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RUVI sample pack drink mix review

Fruits and vegetables are a vital portion of our daily diets, and we can get this requirement from many sources. In a world where we are always on the go, whether it be to work or a run at the park, getting our daily dose of veggies can be a bit difficult. 

Fruit and vegetable juices can be the answer to our problems.

Still, nearly all of the popular products sitting on the shelves of local stores are full of preservatives and nasty chemicals.

After searching for a better alternative to these drinks, I came across RUVI.

This organic and great-tasting drink provides just the serving of veggies we need to get through the day. 

What is RUVI?

 RUVI is a refreshing fruit and veggie drink that comes in four flavors, depending on your intended use. The four flavors are: 

  • RUVI Active: promotes heart health by enhancing performance and recovery
  • RUVI Boost: nourishes the skin and boosts the immune system
  • RUVI Focus: improves focus and concentration while promoting brain health
  • RUVI Clean: detoxes the body while encouraging optimal digestion

These flavors are formulated explicitly with fruits and veggies known for their benefits to the affected bodily system.

For instance, RUVI Active consists of carrots, raspberries, beets, tomatoes, strawberries, tart cherries, and more.

Each RUVI drink also provides an ample serving of fruits and veggies.

Nearly all of these flavors contain 2.5 servings of fruit and 1.5 vegetables, except RUVI Clean, which includes the opposite proportion.

Unlike most major healthy drink brands, RUVI is free of both preservatives and additives.

You might wonder how this is possible, significantly, since preservatives lengthen the shelf lives of such drinks.


What makes RUVI different?

When creating powder for a drink, manufacturers typically use air-drying or drum-drying procedures.

While effective, these methods require intense heat that can destroy a majority of the nutrients present in the plant-derived ingredients. 

RUVI is produced using freeze-drying, which works by removing water to maintain the number of nutrients, a great taste, and vibrant color.

To answer a previous question, this method also prevents preservatives and additives simply because they are not needed.

Although RUVI provides the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables that we need in our diets, it also offers a good fiber source.

Most popular brands have replaced fiber within their drinks with sugar to enhance the taste.

Instead of extra sugar, the taste of these drinks comes solely from a mixture of the ingredients. 

RUVI is created using Nutrilock, a method of harvesting produce that retains nearly all of the original nutrients.

Typical harvesting processes allow producers to lose a majority of their nutrients within hours of being collected.

This occurs naturally through contact with the air and rapid aging.

Nutrilock prevents this by locking in nutrients from the moment the produce is harvested, ensuring a great taste with plenty of beneficial nutrients. 

How to make a RUVI drink?

RUVI is a drink sold in powder form that works by adding water and shaking.

This completely eradicates the need for chopping up veggies to place in a blender.

When the drink is mixed, it will taste almost as if you have purchased it in liquid form. You may even find that it tastes better!


RUVI has plenty of benefits, including great taste, numerous nutrients, and no additives or preservatives.

When choosing a RUVI drink, you will be given multiple options depending on if you decide to purchase bulk or singles.

Price and Buying Information

RUVI drinks are sold in 8 packs for a price of $31.02, regardless of flavor.

If you would like to try them all for the same price, you can even purchase a sample box that contains 2 packs of each flavor. 

Depending on your purchasing style, you may even opt for the bulk option, which contains 32 total packs of the four flavors for a price of $124.09.

If you do not already have one, a RUVI shaker bottle is currently selling for $12.99.

This bottle can be used to mix your RUVI powder and drink while on the go.

These options are highly affordable for the quality and have hundreds of reviews to back them.

RUVI alternatives

Alternatives to RUVI include Vejo and TUSOL.

Vejo is a pod-based blender with blends of healthy greens, healthy smoothies, pre-workout, protein shakes and nutritious drinks. This is an amazing product but it's pricy. The Vejo blender and starter kit is over $120. The blender will only work with Vejo pods. Vejo pods come out to $1-2+ per serving. You can learn more about Vejo by reading my Vejo Blender review.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

RUVI is backed by all of its customers with great satisfaction rates.

From doctors to your everyday people, most consumers find that RUVI provides a fantastic taste and excellent quality for the price.

A notable RUVI review by Zonya Foco, a dietician nutritionist, claims that after 45 days of drinking RUVI, she has never felt more healthy and refreshed!

Another RUVI drink review by professional athlete Brennon Lund highlights how RUVI has changed his life. As an athlete, a well-balancing diet is required to enhance performance and dexterity. Lund claims that he feels the difference immediately after consuming a RUVI drink. It provides him with a sharp boost post-workout and helps him sleep better at night.

These reviews are just two of the plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

My Experience

I enjoy the taste of RUVI drinks. Finally a healthy drink that is packed with fruits and veggies but not sugar!

This is a perfect mid afternoon snack drink. If I'm going to be out at the beach all day paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling, etc..
I bring a RUVI drink mix with me.
It's super low maintenance and full of nutrients! I don't need a "portable" blender. The shaker bottle is light weight and I don't need to worry about keeping sand off or anything like that.

Just pour in the mix with cold water, shake it up, and enjoy!

Click here to try RUVI!


RUVI is an excellent source of energy, nutrients, and your daily dose of fruits and veggies, whether you are an athlete, doctor, or everyday person.

Everyone needs a generous serving of plant-derived products in their diets to maintain an optimal physique and mental health.

RUVI is just the answer you have been looking for if you cannot find the time to implement fruits and veggies into your diet.

Click here to give RUVI a try!!

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