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Real Shapeshifter Yoga Review

Yoga is for everyone but that doesn’t mean everyone understands it or has had good experiences with it. Yoga is a practice that can be combined with any workout routine you are currently doing or it can be used on it’s own with massive benefits. if you are currently participating in cardio, HIIT, or strength training, yoga can reduce you’re risk of injury. Additionally, yoga has countless benefits including improved flexibility, circulation, street reduction and over boost in health and happiness. We created this Shapeshifter Yoga review to give you more information about of the best at-home beginner yoga programs on the market!

Yoga studio classes can be expensive and for a beginner you want some background knowledge. At home yoga workouts give you the comfort and privacy of your own home while allowing you to explore your limits. With all the at home yoga programs available in the industry I want to give you an in-depth Shapeshifter Yoga review, one of the best yoga programs for beginners!

Kris is on a mission to help you melt the flab away and reshape your body in a time efficient yoga workout. She has has Master’s degree in Exercise Science and experience in teaching so she knows how to set up a yoga program so you will easily learn and understand. She believes weight loss should be fun, easy, relaxing and stress free! Kris put together a breath-through approach to yoga that buns calories and lets you earn a sexy body in as little as 20 minutes a day 3 days a week.

How Shapeshifter Yoga Works Shapeshifter Yoga Review

Shapeshifter Yoga allows you to burn just as many calories and even more fat than if you were doing vigorous exercise. in fact with this program you can burn just as many calories as if you were jogging! Using your own body weight you can easily tone and sculpt muscles and by doing so you are also giving your metabolism a boost. I can’t believe how much information she provides for less than twenty dollars. The guides detail every yoga pose in the videos and feature step-by-step instruction. If you are lost and not sure what program is the best to get start try this one out!

Prices and What You Get


Kris Fondran’s Shapeshifter Yoga will only cost you $19. The amount of material you get for that extremely low price is astonishing. For $19 you will receive a complete body shaping and fat loss program that includes:

  • Yoga Quick Start Manual
  • Yoga Pose Video Library
  • Yoga Program Video Routines
  • Yoga Everyday 10min Workout Video
  • Yoga Pose Manual
  • Yoga “At-A-Glance” Wall Chart
  • Follow-Along Audio Files
  • Breath Awareness Mediation Audio
  • Body Awareness Audio
  • Yoga Guided mediation Audio

What I Liked About Shapeshifter Yoga

For Beginners and All Fitness Levels:  Beginners will have no trouble with this program. All fitness levels can benefit from this program and as you progress you can take it to the next level and challenge yourself.

Very Low Cost for A LOT of Materials: in this case for $19 you get more than you pay for!

Money Back Guarantee: If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with this program you can let them know within 60 days and you’ll get your money back no questions asked

Low Time Requirement:  Shapeshifter yoga is designed to work with your schedule and 20 minutes three times a week is all it really takes

Simple and Very Easy to Follow: this program comes with video, guides, and audio. Everything you would need to practice yoga at your own pace

What I didn’t like about Shapeshifter Yoga

Not a rapid weight loss program: You will see results with this program but don’t expect a overnight transformation. I guess thats not really a con since rapid weight loss programs are infinite in the long term. Stick with it and you will see results.

No Diet Advice: A big part of weight loss is your diet. Eating clean and healthy will help you with your weight loss. While this program doesn’t have any edit recommendations, I recommend this clean eating program as a supplement to this program.

Final Verdict On Shapeshifter Yoga…

If you want to lose weight without endless cardio, extreme cardio and you have an interest in practicing yoga I recommend this yoga program. It really is for anyone although this is geared more towards women. Program is easy to follow and you really get your money’s worth. I recommend this program to anyone interested, especially with the 60 money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Give it a try!

Hopefully you found this Shapeshifter yoga review insightful and helpful in finding the right yoga program that will fit your goals!

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Shapeshifter Yoga Review

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