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SitFlow Under-desk Foot Swing

How much time do you spend sitting at a desk? Would it surprise you that the average person spends over half of their lifetime sitting? From school to work and in the home, sitting for extended periods and take a toll on your body and health.It’s not a surprise that a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to health problems, including back pain, neck pain, and poor health.Sitting for long periods is unhealthy and as awareness of the health risks associated with a stationary lifestyle spread, new ideas an innovations come to light.One adaptation on this epidemic is the introduction of under-desk elliptical and a standing desk and standing desk balance board.While this is a step in the right direction, SitFlow has introduced a new innovation in how we can exercise and stay fit while at our desks!

What is a SitFlow desk swing?

The SitFlow may appear as a footrest at first glance, but this under-desk foot swing is unique with the freedom of movement it allows for.

Creators of SitFlow, Ron Mochizuki, a Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation physician and John Goday, a professional trainer, brought the idea to life when they launched the project on Indiegogo.

The SitFlow is an under-desk foot swing that allows for low impact movements. It can be attached to the desk with a desk mount or can be used with a portable floor stand.

This desk swing is convenient, easy to use, and allows you to work while maintaining correct posture. It can help with circulation and focus.

Using an under-desk swing can increase your calorie burn by 20%!


How does the SitFlow Desk Swing work?

The SitFlow under-desk swing allows for a wide range of movement. You can rock, swing, or even mock-walk with you while you spend time at your desk.

If you find yourself spending hours sitting at a desk, SitFlow is a distraction-free way to add movement while you work.

Set-up: To get started, you can attach the swing to your desk with a desk mount. If you bought the SitFlow with the portable stand, you could use the SitFlow without a desk.

It can take a little trial and error adjustments at first to find the height that is the most comfortable for you.


Desk Mount vs. Portable Stand

There are two different versions of SitFlow. You can use it with a mount to attach it to your desk, or you can use it with the portable stand.

Both include the foot pads on an adjustable strap.

The desk mount requires you to drill to attach it to your desk. This permanent installation might not be an option if your employer does not want to drill holes in their desks.

The portable stand probably the best option as it is the most versatile. With the stand, you can use the foot swing in multiple places.


Pros & Cons


Free Range of Motion: Other under-desk exercise equipment like treadmills, elliptical, and bikes only give you one range of motion. After using them, your joints and muscles might start to feel stiff. SitFlow allows for a greater range of motion. Your hips and legs can move in different directions, you are not contracted to repeating one movement over and over. You can simply move side to side, swing your feet in circles, flick your ankles, or even move your feet up and down in a seesaw motion.

Distraction Free: Many under-desk office exercise equipment can be distracting. It can be hard to multitask cycling an under desk bike or elliptical while focusing on the task at hand. While this might not be 100% distraction free for everyone, many have found it to be significantly less distracting than other equipment.

Easy to Use: SitFlow is easy to use and can be mounted to your desk or used with the portable floor stand.


Set Up: A drill is required to attach the mount to a desk. This might not be an option if the desk is office property. However, this issue can be solved by using the portable stand rather than the desk mount.

Where to buy SitFlow desk swing and price?

You can purchase SitFlow directly through the manufacturer at or through Amazon.The price of SitFlow varies depending on if you want the desk mount or the portable floor stand.SitFlow with Desk Mount retails for $99.00 has been discounted to as low as $59.00.The SitFlow with Floor Stand typically retails for $199.00 but has been available for as low as $119.00. You can check the current price to see the best deal currently available.You can buy the desk mount or floor stand separately if you would like to have options. This and more accessories are available on the SitFlow website.

Reviews and Testimonials

My Experience:I found this device to be enjoyable to use. As a child, I loved sitting on a chair where I could swing my feet around freely, and this brings me back to those memories.I love that it allows me to swing my feet around in different directions and motions. Using undersell elliptically of bikes can be repetitive and distracting. SitFlow lets me have the freedom of changing my patterer of movement at my discretion.I also like that I can change the way I use it depending on what I am doing. If I’m on a task that I need to focus on, I can just rest my feet on the SitFlow. Otherwise, I can swing my feet around if I find it helpful to stay focused on an activity that does not need as much concentration.This device has been recommended as an outlet for those that suffer from ADHD. I’ve had issues sitting still for as long as I can remember and I found this device very helpful as an outlet for fidgeting.Here are a few benefits I have personally experienced using SitFlow:

  • Less stiffness and less muscle strain
  • A better mood from having an outlet to move rather than feeling trapped to sit still
  • I found the movement to be relaxing, overall, less tension throughout my body.


This unique product was designed by a personal trainer and physician and promoted movement and distraction-free activity while you sit at a desk at the office school or even at your home.

Design: This device is simple to use and set up. The quality is high and does not take up much room. The portable floor stand gives you the option to use this device in multiple locations and away from your desk.

Features: There are lots of devices that can help us increase our movement as we sit, but SItFlow is probably the least obstructive and enjoyable. The range of motion is vast, it’s silent and as distraction free as you can get.

Quality: The overall quality is excellent. From the first impression, it’s evident that the stand and material are sturdy and well constructed. The components feel durable, as though they would last a long time. The benefit of the simple design is that there are fewer things that could break or go wrong.

Value: SitFlow gives you a more extensive range of movement that other under-desk exercise equipment. It is also less of a distraction while you are working on other tasks at your desk.SItFlow has been proven to increase calorie burn while also improving blood circulation. It’s an excellent choice for a solution to the pains and problems linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Check out SitFlow today and try it for yourself with their 30-day risk-free guarantee!

Price: $59.00+
Where to Buy: Amazon or SitFlow
Discount Available: None
Source: The sample for this review was provided by SitFlow

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