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I don't know about you, but I've struggled to find a tasty and healthy beverage that I can drink and not get bored of. I usually drink plenty of water but after a while it gets boring and bland. I used to be a big fan of Simply Apple 100% fruit juice, however, I after having learned that fruit juices are not as good for you as we may think. I needed a healthier option. Yes 100% fruit juices still have nutrients, but they also contain a lot of sugar and calories and calorie intake is the main factor of weight gain or loss. Fruit juices also lack the fiber form the fruit its self which is important because it doesn't spike your blood sugar as much with the fiber.

Since starting my fitness revolution one of my keys to maintaining success has been to not drink my calories. This has been very difficult because most of the beverages on the market taste great, but they are chock full of calories and added sugar. Obviously we need to stay away from soda-pop but even some of the healthier choices still don't cut it.

Is Tea the Answer?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have been seeing detox teas all over Instagram. It seems like everyone and their mother has done a detox or is about to start. It was overwhelming researching which detox tea will help me lose weight and what tea’s had the best ingredients.

Tea has long been used all over the world for centuries because of it's numerous health benefits. However the big reason I have become a fan of it is because it is extremely low in calories. Adding that to it's potential benefits on your health I have become a major fan and it's now my staple beverage.

One of my favorite types of tea is a tea detox because our food has a crazy amount of chemicals and toxins in it due to the mass production of our food supply now. Tea Detoxes help to clean out the body, as well as being a low calorie and delicious drink.

What is the Best Tea Detox?

skinny bunny tea detox product option

Skinny Bunny Tea stood out to me because their program was 28 days, most other tea detoxes were for 14 days. Also, Skinny Bunny has more than just tea to offer. Skinny Bunny also have a clinical study to back up their claims of weight loss. 

I’ve done my research and tested the product so that my readers will be well educated before making any purchasing decisions.

Make sure to read the Final Verdict at the end of this article for important information and why it’s important to know where is the best place to buy Skinny Bunny Tea. Not all merchants should be trusted!!

What is the Skinny Bunny Tea Detox?

Like many other Tea Detox products, Skinny Bunny Tea claims to help users lose weight and boost energy. This is a newer product  and I like that they don’t have any synthetic ingredients.

Some of the ingredients you can expect to find in Skinny Bunny Tea are:

  • Ginger Root - Has some decent medical benefits but it's really known for helping with nausea, and especially motion sickness.
  • Green Tea - Helps with weight loss and boosts metabolism.
  • Black tea - Helps with mental alertness, contains caffeine and theanine.
  • ​Stevia Leaf - Has very high nutrient value, contains high amount of polyphenols. 
  • Cinnamon - Cinnamon is great for adding flavor, however it is also ​amazing for the immune system.
  • Black Pepper - Revered for adding flavor and has antibacterial properties. It also contains fiber, and ha​s several vitamins and minerals.
  • Rooibos (African Red Tea) - Is a deep red color tea from South Africa, which has a ton of antioxidants. In fact it has nearly 50% more antioxidants than green tea. The very nice thing about this tea is that it contains no caffeine but high nutirent count.
  • ​Rose hips - Rose Hips is the part of the rose below the petals, contains a high amount of Vitamin A and adds a very pleasurable flavor.  
  • Juniper Berries - Add taste and help with gas and na​usea. 
  • Lemongrass - Lemongrass is a plant that has oils which have been used for medicine. Asian food also sometimes use it as a boost of flavor. There has been a lot of buzz around lemongrass for all sorts of health benefits but so far there hasnt been any conclusive resulst found. So I would just say it could be a nice addition to your body and helps with the flavor. 

What does Skinny Bunny Tea taste like?

They have an A.M and P.M teas (this product is to be consumed twice a day). What I really love about them is that you can customize your plan by choosing what flavor am and pm tea you want to drink.

​One of my main concerns was how many flavors are there and how do they taste? Luckily there are a few flavors but I am sure they are going to add more. (2018 Update) They have added flavors and they occassionally have "festive" flavors such as around Halloween, they came out with a Pumpkin Tea Flavor.

​Skinny Bunny Tea Flavors:

​Skinny Bunny A.M. Flavors:

  • ​Chocolate
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • ​Mint Green Tea
  • and Vanilla Chai Pu-erh Black Tea (my favorite)

​​Skinny Bunny A.M. Flavors:

  • ​Lemon Green Tea
  • Rose Pu-erh Black Tea
  • Tropical Chamomile Tea
  • and ​Citrus Vanilla Oolong Tea

​I chose Vanilla Chai for my morning and Lemon Tea for the afternoon. Both of those flavors were ​awesome!

A lot of detox teas out there are very bland and I always needed to add my own flavoring to make them drinkable. It’s nice that someone thought of the brilliant idea of making a tea detox that actually tastes good - ​tough thought, I know!

More about the Flavors via the official website:

Chocolate - Don’t you wish you could have chocolate and not gain the chocolate weight? Now you can! The rich chocolate flavor overwhelms your taste buds to create a truly satisfying experience. Every cup sends a smooth boost of energy that is perfect to push through the 2:30 feeling while the antioxidants help improve overall health. Immerse yourself in the decadence of this tea and you’ll never be the same again.

Vanilla Chai Pu-erh Black Tea - This sultry serving of black tea infuses the exotic flavors of South Asia with the warmth of vanilla that you know and love. With a touch of spice and a hint of milk, this rich treat delivers a healthy experience that you’ll love over and over again. One billion people drink chai everyday. Be next and understand why.​

Jasmine Green Tea - Appreciated for its sweetness and delicate floral fragrance, this Jasmine tea helps sooth the spirit and center the mind. With the health benefits of green tea, this Skinny favorite helps you stay fit and feeling like the best version of yourself. Make this tea a part of your day. Do it for yourself.

Mint Green Tea - This peppermint and spearmint green tea blend makes for a refreshing drink that tastes wonderfully satisfying hot or iced. Our gourmet tea has a rich, soothing flavor that helps with fitness goals, boosts antioxidant activity and helps stay productive. The crisp, lively aroma is a great way to ease into your morning or relax from a long day.

Rose Pu-erh Black Tea - Delicately scented with fresh rose petals, this black tea has a magnificent floral fragrance that adds layers of flavor to the experience of your daily cup of tea. The luxurious aroma and handpicked tea leaves give you a new appreciation for teatime.

Citrus Vanilla Oolong Tea - Experience this smooth fusion of citrus and vanilla that takes over your taste buds and promotes a healthy, glowing you. The mixture of green tea and oolong tea gives you the antioxidant effect to keep you feeling your best. Don’t go another day without this healthy addition to your daily routine. You deserve it.

Tropical Chamomile Tea - With its blend of chamomile, lemon myrtle and rose hips, this delicate tea is perfect as a mid-day treat or a nightcap. This calming, individually packed tea is perfect for de-stressing after a hectic afternoon or winding down at the end of the day. It has a delicate taste and a beautiful aroma that will make tea time your favorite time of day.

Lemon Green Tea - Start your day with an infusion of sweet lemon brew that helps keep you healthy, strong and glowing. This light herbal tea helps you stay on track as you work to keep weight off, while promoting a vibrant immune system. Get your boost of health in a soothing, savory sip that eases the soul.

How does Skinny Bunny Tea Detox work? and (more importantly) Does it work?!

There are different options when it comes to how involved you want to be in the weight loss process. Obviously, the Ultimate 28 Day Weight Loss and Detox plan is going to be the most effective if you are looking to maximize you’re weight loss. This is the program I tested.

Skinny Bunny Tea Directions

​Overall, it’s simple. Drink a cup of tea in the morning along with the A.M. supplement. Then drink the P.M. tea and take the P.M. supplement in the evening.

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To make a cup of tea simply follow these Skinny Bunny Tea directions:

​Bring one cup of water to a boil and pour into a cup. Then place Tea Sachet Packet into cup fully immersing it in the water. The tea bag should sit in for two (2) minutes before you remove it. Enjoy your tea!

Skinny Bunny Tea Bottle​

There is a Skinny Bunny Tea Bottle featured for sale on the website. Please make an important note that this is not made to hold hot liquids. Do not make your tea with hot water in this bottle. If you prefer iced tea you can make you tea following the directions above, wait for it to cool and fill the bottle with the cooled tea and ice cubes. You can also add freshly cut fruit to spice things up.

Water bottle by Skinny Bunny Tea

Another use for the Skinny Bunny Bottle would be to make fruit infused water by adding freshly cut fruit and cold water together. 

Does Skinny Bunny Tea Work?​

Like I said in the beginning, this program stood out to me because it offered more than just tea. They had supplements and edit/workout plans to go along with the  tea! I really liked this because if you just sit on your butt all day, don’t change your eating habits and expect to lose a bunch of weight just by drinking tea, you aren’t going to like the results. Some people that have tried Skinny Bunny stopped before the 28 days was over because they already saw the results that they were looking for.

​Benefits of using Skinny Bunny Tea Program?

  • weight loss
  • more energy
  • less bloating
  • antioxidants
  • morning  will give you more energy
  • afternoon will calm you and make it easier to relax.
skinny bunny tea detox product option

Price and what's included? 

There are a few options on what you can buy and this is great because can get a detox program that will work best for you. You can view the complete selection at the official website shop here. If you are specifically looking for weight loss I would recommend the Ultimate package that includes both the tea and supplements ($80.00). If you just want a cleanse and detox the body I would pick the tea option without the supplements ($55.00). 

skinny bunny tea detox product review

You can also buy the tea, supplement, and the eating guide/workout plan separately but you will get the best deal if you buy one of the packages.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Skinny Bunny Tea?

Hands down the best place to buy skinny bunny tea is from their official website. Because it's the highest quality. You can also buy these products on Amazon, BUT i would not recommend this. This is a detox and you do not know who you are buying from if you purchase it from amazon. Especially considering that it's pretty much the same price on Amazon.

People that have bought this product from Amazon have said that the seals on the packages were broken or tampered with and some have even had bad reactions. Anything that you will be putting in your body like this tea detox, I would highly recommend you buy it directly from the manufacturer. You can access the official website here. 

Skinny Bunny Tea Coupon Code

They do have a 10% off EVERYTHING promo code going on at the writing of this review. You can access it my clicking the 10% off coupon below. This is the best discount available so be sure to take advantage while it is still available which will not be long!

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What I like about the Skinny Bunny Detox Tea program: 

  • Easy to follow: This program is super simple and you won't get lost following the instructions. 
  • Awesome flavor options. There are so many flavors to choose from. Most tea detoxes on the market only have one option, Skinny Bunny lets you customize your detox to your taste preferences. 
  • More energy: The ingredients in the AM tea gave me a significant energy boost and I was able to replace my morning coffee. Tea is a much healthier option than coffee and it helped me cut out the extra calories that comes from the cream and sugar I used to have with my coffee. 
  • Better Sleep: The PM tea really helped me relax in the evening and de-stress. I feel like I am getting a better quality of sleep. 
  • Weight Loss! I did lose weight with this detox and it helped me feel cleaner. I felt lighter on my feet and overall better thoughout my day. 
  • Detox plan, workout guide and eating guide. I like how they include guide to supllement the tea effects. I strongly believe that weight loss is a result of eating right and exercise. It's nice to have a guide to help with that part of weight loss. 

What I dont like about the Skinny Bunny Detox Tea program: 

  • Price? I can't really think of anything that I don't like about the program. The price might seem a little high for some but you have to consider that you are getting ALOT of stuff. Plus don't forget about the 10% off coupon going on right now. 
  • Side Effects. There are not any side effects you should be aware of with this product. However, before starting any detox or diet change you should consult your physician. 

Skinny Bunny Tea Side Effects

Skinny Bunny Tea contains a range of natural herbal ingredients and some people may have a reaction to a particular ingredient if,  for example, they are allergic. In general, there are not any side effects that you should expect if drinking Skinny Bunny Tea. One thing to make a note of is that some tea, like Green Tea, contain small amounts of natural caffeine.

The caffeine will generally not be noticeable but some people are extremely sensitive to caffeine. While there are no side effects of Skinny Bunny Tea, general side effects of caffeine can include: Jitteriness, Sleeplessness, Racing heart, or Headaches.

Final Verdict: 

I would recommend this product to my friends. In fact, this product has over 160 reviews on Amazon and an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.

I recommend you do not buy it through Amazon because you don't know who you are buying it from and it could be tampered with.

If you want to t​ake my recommendation then I would say to buy directly from the manufacturer at the official Skinny Bunny website.  

With that being said there is another tea detox that I think is better than Skinny Bunny and it also costs alot less money, the product that I've reffering to is called ThinTonic tea. Not only will it help you lose weight, but also suppress your appitate and boost your metabolism so it's worth checking out! ​

>>>>>>>>>>Official Skinny Bunny Tea Detox Website<<<<<<<<<<<<

Skinny Bunny Tea Recipe Ideas

If you already purchased Skinny Bunny Tea products and are ready for the next step, you can check out their website for Skinny Bunny Tea recipe ideas to spice thing up! They have lots and lots of recipes available so you will definitely not get bored of drinking the same thing over and over again. Here are a few of my personal favorites!!

If you are more of an ice tea drinker or if it's summer, here are my two favorite cold Skinny Bunny Tea recipes: 

Tropical Cloud Iced Tea Recipe

  • 1.5 cups Skinny Bunny Vanilla Chai, brewed and cooled
  • 1/2 mango, sliced
  • 2 limes, sliced
  • 1 cup ice

Jasminefruit Iced Tea Recipe

  • 1 cup brewed and chilled Skinny Bunny AM Jasmine Green Tea
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup papaya chunks
  • 1/2 cup green grapes
  • 1 cup ice

Mix all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

If you are on the other end of the spectrum and like to cozy up with a warm beverage here are my two favourite hot Skinny Bunny Tea recipes: 

Matcha Frappe Recipe

  • 1 tsp Skinny Bunny Organic Green Matcha Tea powder
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp powdered sweetener of choice•
  •  Whipped cream for topping

Cinnamon Citrus Cleanser

  • 1 cup Skinny Bunny PM Lemon Tea
  • 2 orange slices
  • a pinch of ground cinnamon

Brew, muddle and mix, and enjoy hot!

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