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An insomniac's review of SleepPhones

I'm not good at sleeping. I know that sounds crazy. Sleep seems like a skill every human should have. Unfortunately, sleeping well has never come naturally to me. That's why I was thrilled when I found SleepPhones

They’re the holy grail of sleep aids. I know because I'd tried everything else experts recommend to insomniacs. I’d turned off screens for a while before bed, read boring books, and even meditated. None of it worked. My mind just wouldn't calm down.

I always envied those weird, wonderful people who can actually fall asleep when they want to.

Do you, like me, fail at sleeping? If so, I'm glad you're here. I need to tell you why SleepPhones will turn you into one of those weirdos who sleeps - easily - when they're supposed to.

What are SleepPhones & how do they work?

SleepPhones Wireless are Bluetooth and the most comfortable headphones to wear to sleep.

SleepPhones are a pretty simple concept, executed beautifully.

Before you use SleepPhones, you charge them for a couple of hours with a micro-USB cord. When you're ready, you just put them on like a headband, except over year ears. They’re completely wireless to use. With Bluetooth technology, they stream any music, white noise, or audio that you prefer. 

What makes these different? They’re ideal for wearing in bed because they’re completely unobtrusive. The sound enters your ears through ultra-thin speakers inside the fabric covering.

In addition to helping with bedtime, SleepPhones are convenient in situations in which traditional headphones would be uncomfortable or bulky. They’re awesome while exercising or traveling. If you have sensitive ears, these might be just right for you. 

Unlike other headphone companies, which assume that one size fits all, the people at AcousticSheep (the company behind SleepPhones) make these in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Because you can choose the size you want, your head won’t get squeezed by a band that’s too tight, but the headphones also won’t fall off in the night.

There are two fabric options for ultimate comfort. The fleece is great if you want a cozy, warm experience. On the other hand, the Breeze fabric wicks moisture, which makes it ideal for workouts. Breeze fabric is also breathable, so it’s perfect for the type of person who likes to stay cool while sleeping. 

Both fabrics are completely washable. They even come in a variety of colors.

The company provides three packaging options: gift box, standard retail, and eco-friendly. If you're sending these as a gift, they'll arrive at their destination in an adorable package. Meanwhile, if you're passionate about the environment, the eco-friendly packaging will help you feel good about your purchase.

SleepPhone come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and options, click here to go to the SleepPhones website to pick your SleepPhones!

Benefits of SleepPhones

As you can tell, SleepPhones have a lot to recommend them.

  • They reduce insomnia. No more hours spent worrying about the next morning instead of snoozing.
  • They help you sleep naturally. Instead of waking up groggy from medication, you’ll start the day refreshed.
  • If you’re kept up by snoring, loud upstairs neighbors, or anything else, the automatic noise-canceling feature will block all that out.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

It’s time for online reviews! I combed through a bunch of them to see what SleepPhone customers think. 

  • People repeatedly note that these headphones are great at blocking out snoring and other noises. Spouses who used to sleep in separate rooms can now share the same bed without keeping each other awake.
  • Other reviewers mention that these are comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. When I looked at other products along these lines, I saw reviews from people who said other products only felt comfy in particular positions. That's not true with these. Like to sleep on your back? Great. Side-sleeper? Great again.
  • Reviewers say that the speakers don't leak noise into the environment or bother whoever else is in bed. You're the only one who hears what you're listening to. 

Where to buy SleepPhones? Cost and Ordering

SleepPhones cost $99.95 on the official website. You can find them on Amazon for the same price. If that number seems too steep for you, you can find an earlier model from the same company for a lower price on Amazon. Or take advantage of a Fitness Junkie discount, just use code"FJBLOG" at checkout!

When it comes to competitors, yes, there are some. The competition’s products cost less money, but their reviewers aren't very impressed. People report that other brands are uncomfortable, with the controls or speakers pressing into parts of their head and face. Some competitors' headphones are too quiet, which means they fail to block out noise.

The company behind these headphones, AcousticSheep, does offer ways to save money. You can earn points toward discounts by creating an account on their website, purchasing directly from the site, and referring your friends.

If your order total is higher than $25, you'll get free domestic shipping within the U.S. The company does ship around the world. International shipping is generally $14-16 dollars, though shipping to certain countries might cost more.

As to the return policy, you'll receive a full refund if you send your whole purchase back - and that means the packaging, too.

You probably won't have any problems, though. The company provides a satisfaction guarantee with a one-year limited warranty.

SleepPhone Wireless Unboxing: What's included?

Unboxing: User guide, SleepPhones, and Charger!

SleepPhone discounts and coupon code?

I love when I can share special savings! You can use coupon code "FJBLOG" to get an exclusive discount on your order! This is a limited time offer, use it while it's still active! Or you use this link to automatically have the discount applied at checkout!

Review Summary

SleepPhones will help you sleep - no surprise there - and they work well for any activity in which traditional headphones don't make the cut. These headphones are comfortable, wireless, and convenient. Bad sleep quality hurts every area of your health. Since these headphones will help you sleep like a baby, they're a worthwhile self-care investment. I mean, if you like sleeping badly, more power to you... but if you don't, give SleepPhones a shot. 

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