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What is Super Green Tonik?

Super Green Tonik is the one-stop solution to all your body’s needs for greens. It is a drink that is overloaded with superfoods, giving it incredible amounts of the vitamins, multivitamins, and minerals that enhance your immunity.

These ingredients also help with the balance of nutrients in the body, which will be addressed in this Super Green Tonik Review.

Why Drink It?

There are several benefits of drinking the Super Green Tonik supplement as it is loaded with several vital vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep your body up and running. It detoxes your body and reduces inflammation.

Meanwhile, it also helps in maintaining the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in your body. It also helps in reducing stress and prevent heart diseases.

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The Super Green Tonik is a blend of several ingredients that are put together to benefit your health and maintain the overall balance of the body. It contains all the multivitamins including vitamin A, B12, C, D, E, K, Ca, Fe, and 14 others.  

Further, it contains extracts of vegetables including Spirulina, Chlorella, moringa leaf, kale, spinach, and barley grass. It even contains nutritious herbs that have grown rather popular, including ashwagandha roots, bacopa leaves, rhodiola root, L-theanine, ginkgo leaves, garlic bulbs, dandelion leaf, and olive leaf.

All of these ingredients help in many ways including the reduction of stress hormones in your body, which inherently reduces anxiety.

It also helps to prevent heart disease, soothe inflammation, and provide relief for the typical reduction in aches and pains in the body.


Here is a list of benefits that this supplement will aid your body with:

Improvement in sleep: If you are someone who has trouble going to sleep (and staying asleep) at night, these superfoods could be very helpful.

Reduces anxiety: This drink is filled with nutrients that has a positive effect on the balance in the brain to reduce the struggle with anxiety.

Boosts energy: This drink is made up of several ingredients that are known to boost energy in your body, supporting the connections in the brain with the right vitamins.

Boosts immunity: Another thing that this drink takes care of is your immunity, providing the body with specific ingredients that are known for triggering a stronger defense against disease.

No compromise on your health: If you are too busy to take care of your health and usually do not pay attention to what you are eating on a daily basis, the drink is helpful to individuals that need to take in more nutrients daily.

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Who should drink Super Green Tonik?

If you are someone who has a busy life and may not have time to prepare a diverse diet, the nutritional boost offered with the SuperGreen Tonik is worth the time it takes to drink it.

While it is no substitute for healthy dietary habits, it helps to take some of the pressure off when the days don’t leave much room for these priorities.  If you regularly participate in sports and other athletic activities, this super drink would be highly beneficial for your immunity.

Since inflammation is common during recovery, it also helps to reduce this soreness and the risk of injury.

Even the parents who get the majority of their physical activity from chasing little ones will likely be incredibly helpful. Since it is safe for children, it can help the whole family to improve their health.

Plus, it is also an ideal drink for someone who experiences chronic fatigue, is above age 65, or that simply wants to promote better nutrition in their daily life.

In short, regardless of your age, Super Green Tonik is a great supplement to a health and balanced lifestyle.

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How to use  Super Green Tonik

Super Green Tonik supplement is a ready-made powder and is prepared using a patented cold-drying process. This cold-drying process helps maintain and balance all the micronutrients of whole foods, protecting them from the damage that heat can cause.

It is powdered form and is to be mixed with water before you have it. Another option would be to mix it with your favorite juice.

I really enjoy adding Super Green Tonik to smoothies.

My favorite Super Green Tonik recipe includes frozen berries, greek yogurt, ice cubes, organic vanilla milk and a scoop of Super Green Tonik powder!
Makes my smoothies taste eveny better!

Each tub is about 32 ounces, providing enough of the remedy to offer 30 complete servings.

If you drink one prepared SuperGreen Tonik each day, this tub should be enough to last one month.

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Where to Buy It

You can buy this supplement on their website exclusively. It comes in three variants - a single tub, a three-pack serving, and a five-pack serving.

The single tub costs $87, while the three serving pack costs $227.

To get a container with five servings, the total cost is $327.

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If you want all your greens in one place without having to worry about cutting them and serving them, this drink might actually be a lifesaver for you. With the ability to boost energy levels, support immunity, and even balance the might, drinking this beverage is anything but a simple choice.

This Super Green Tonik Review may help you decide if the remedy is right for you. If it is, click here.

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