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Thefitnessjunkie's Sweet Defeat Review

TL;DR: Sugar is a killer, it leads to cardiovascular disease and is more addictive than cocaine. When you eat sugar your taste-buds tell your brain and then your brain wants more. Sweet defeat helps to significantly lower sugar intake by temporarily blocking your sweet taste-buds stopping your brain from wanting more. Sweet defeat is taken easily in pill form.<<<Visit the official Website>>>

Sugar kills.That should be enough to make anyone want to quit the addiction!However it is nearly impossible to quit - even if you want to!And it's not your fault.Sugar is in literally everything, EVERYTHING! From bread to peanut butter to ketchup to pasta to protein bars and everything in between (1).This is all because of what I have dubbed - the sugar wars.

The Sugar Wars

In the 1950s heart disease started to be a major health concern. In fact president Eisenhower died of a heart attack and this caused the United States to band together and fix it!This started a campaign between fat and sugar. A scientist Ancel Keys was convinced that fat was the reason behind the growing heart disease rate. He even made the cover of Time Magazine (2).However his research was massively flawed (3), but together with his research, scientists paid for by the sugar industry, and sugar lobbyists they successfully made fat the enemy and not sugar (4).Eventually the USDA officially recommended a "low fat" diet.The problem with this is that when you take out fat, the food tastes terrible! So to combat this, the food companies added a lot of sugar.Unfortunately we now know that fat is actually not bad nor does it cause people to be obese (5). But sugar does (6).Sugar is the leading cause of obesity and health problems in the United States and the world!Sugar is also more addictive than cocaine (7)!Anything labeled low fat mind as well just say "contains a sh*t load of sugar!"The results from this were catastrophic! The obesity rate rose as did heart disease which is now the #1 killer.But to make it worse, food companies found out the sugar addiction (which most people don't even realize they have) makes people consume their products more!There is a special amount of sugar which makes the food taste the best, while also keeping people addicted to it.This is why sugar is in everything and why it is nearly impossible to quit sugar.I mean, good luck making all of your food from scratch at home! Also good luck on giving up pretty much anything you like to eat, forever.Just eating healthy and avoiding fruit juice, soda pop, and candy, you'll consume more sugar than is recommended daily. Which is about 37.5 grams for men and 25 grams for women. (8).

What is Sweet Defeat and how does it Work?

Sweet defeat is a product which aims to help you get off of sugar and reduce sugar cravings.Sweet defeat is a small pill like product. You just pop one, and let it dissolve on our tongue and it will temporarily deactivate your sweet taste-buds, which blocks your sugar craving cycle.When you eat anything sweet, our taste buds tell our brain to enjoy the sweet taste which then makes you crave more. This is a large reason why diet drinks don't usually help. They may not contain sugar but they taste sweeter than sugar drinks which gets your brain excited for more.

Sweet Defeat Ingredients

This product is made from all natural plant based ingredients. There are 3 main ingredients:

  1. Gymnema Extract - An ancient herb from India, known for it's unique ability to block sweet taste. This is the main power behind sweet defeat. It makes sweet stuff taste not sweet. This turns your brain off from craving more.
  2. Zinc - already in a lot of foods but helps boost the effects of Gymnema.
  3. Chromium - Also found in many foods, helps to improve lean body mass and helps to reverse insulin resistance. However this ingredient is only found in Sweet Defeat Gum.

Benefits of Taking Sweet Defeat

Through their clinical studies they have found that people who use the product on average consume 50% less sugar.People who don't take sweet defeat lozenge are 430% more likely to consume sugar.Sweet defeat lowers the desire for sugar by 30%The huge benefit though is the fact that sugar cravings are caused by your brain since it is used to getting so much of it.Sweet defeat is like a nicotine patch for people who want to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is virtually impossible cold turkey and so is sugar. Many success stories are from taking a nicotine patch and then lowering the dose.Sweet defeat can help you get off sugar by inactivating your taste-buds for sweets which slowly gets your brain off of it.Sweet defeat would also go along well with a keto diet.

Price of Sweet Defeat Products and Best Place to Buy

The best place to buy sweet defeat products are from the official site. I usually recommend buying from there so you can qualify for the return policy and shipping, has made nearly all retailers offer similar experiences to when you buy there.Sweet defeat offers several different products, all are very reasonably priced.The recommended intro order is the starter pack which has:

  • 2 packs of gum
  • 1 bottle of fast acting spray
  • 1 bottle of long lasting lozenges

the price for the starter pack is $59.95 which would cost around $70 if you bought each individually!You can also bring the price down by 10% if you enroll in their auto ship during checkout bringing the price to $53.96!Their other products are $19.99 and $29.99. Additionally those products also qualify for a 10% savings when you click their subscribe option.However, using my custom promo code will save you more than the auto-ship. Which is the way I would recommend, I tried applying my coupon code to the auto renew order and it did not work.Using my coupon code you can buy the starter pack for $47.96 which is the best deal!Use Promo Code: FJBLOG

Ordering Process for Sweet Defeat

The online ordering portal is a very standard one. Its very clean, fast and easy to understand.The coupon code/promo code box is easily spotted (unlike some places i've seen!).It's very easy to order what you want and to know exactly what you are ordering and agreeing to.One thing I loved about their ordering portal is when you are looking at the different products, they have great east to understand information about each product.

They also have a great express checkout with 4 great options:

fast payment options for sweet defeat checkout
Sweet Defeat Express Payment Options
  1. Shopify Pay
  2. Google Pay
  3. Paypal
  4. Amazon Pay

Sorry Apple pay, I did not see them listed but hopefully in the future!

Pro's of Sweet Defeat

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to take
  • Makes sweet foods not taste good
  • Few ingredients
  • Easy to understand how the product works and how you'll benefit from it

Con's of Sweet Defeat

  • Doesn't really stop you from eating sugary foods, just makes them less appetizing for a short time. Will still take self control.

Final Thoughts of the Sweet Defeat Product Line

Overall I think the product is a great idea. If your goal is to eat less sugar then taking sweet defeat is a no-brainer for the affordable price tag!However if you want to quit sugar entirely then I think sweet defeat could be essential. Quitting sugar is exceptionally hard, just like smoking. Also like smoking, you need an aid to increase the odds you go through with it.Sweet defeat does not work on it's own though, you still need to take it and have some willpower but it definitely will help you a lot.<<<Click here to visit the official website>>>

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