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Do you know you have an addiction? 

My name is Sophie Summers, and I was a sugar addict. 

The first step: admit you have a problem. 

My review of Sweetkick's 14-Day Sugar Reset

Reducing the amount of sugar in your diet can significantly benefit your health and overall body's performance. Other than helping you reduce calories and help with weight loss, a low sugar diet has benefits to other areas of your overall health. 

I'll go into the health benefits of reducing sugar intake more later on. I hope that my review of Sweetkick helps you learn more about the program, how it works, and helps you decide if it could help you!

Co-founder Harley Pasternak

Sweetkick was created by personal trainer and author Harley Pasternak.

(also, the guy who helped Jessica Simpson lose 100 pounds after her 3rd child!)

What is SweetKick? 

Sweetkick is a program that can help you break your sugar addiction. 

Do you know those cravings for chocolate, ice cream, and anything sweet? Sweetkick can help you stop those cravings!

The 14-day sugar reset provides you with all the tools you need to take control of your sugar cravings. 

The Sweetkick sugar kick kit includes: 

48 Sugar Control Mints

Sweetkick sugar control mints (48 mints)

The Sweetkick sugar control mints are plant-based. The mints contain Insulin from Chicory root and the Indian herb Gymnema Sylvestre. They will suppress the taste of sweetness in sugary food. 

14 Body Balance Powders

Body Balance Powder (unflavored)

The Body Balance powders are a super blend of 100% vegan prebiotic fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The powder helps support balanced blood sugar levels, gut health, and all-day energy. 

Harley's Reset Guide

Nothing is more discouraging than a guidebook that is complicated and hard to follow. This Guidebook is the complete opposite. The reset guide is a small compact book that gives you a quick rundown on all the important information about avoiding sugar, nutritional tips, and lists of food to eat, regulate, and avoid. It will guide you on increasing protein, healthy fats, and fiber in your daily diets while reducing sugar. 

How does Sweetkick work? 

Using the Mints, Body Balance Powder, and Guidebook, you will be well on your way to completely changing your relationship with sugar. 

Sweetkick sugar control mints and body balance powder 💪

Here is a quick summary of your daily routine for the 14-day sugar reset: 

Step 1:

Each morning mix one packet of the Body balance Powder into your beverage of choice. Stire or =blend until the powder fully dissolves. 

Step 2: 

Three times a day, pop a mint when those sugar cravings strike. Let the minty completely dissolve. 

Step 3: 

Check the Guidebook before your meals and snacks. You should plan for three meals and two snacks a day. The Guidebook will teach you how to avoid hidden sugars in food. 

Does Sweetkick work, and can it help with weight loss?

Research studies have shown that Gymnema Sylvestre reduces the desire for high sugar and sweet foods (1). This is the ingredient in the Sweetkick sugar control mints.

Reducing sugar in your daily diet and following the guidelines for foods in the Guidebook are great ways to lose weight safely and maintain a healthy weight. Many people struggle with sugar and sugar cravings that lead to consuming high-calorie foods.

By suppressing sugar cravings, you can reduce sugar in your diet and lose weight (2).

Reducing sugar in a diet has amazing benefits (3), including: 

  • weight loss (4)
  • stable energy levels
  • better sleep
  • reduces inflation
  • decreased the chances of heart disease
  • healthier teeth (5)
  • clearer skin
  • improved mental health and mood

Where to buy Sweetkick? How much does it cost? 

You can purchase Sweetkick 14 Day Sugar Reset by visiting the Sweetkick official website. 

The 14 Day Sugar Rest kit costs $46.00 with free shipping.

Your kit will include: 

  • 48 Sugar Control Mints
  • 14 Body Balance Powders
  • Harley's Reset Guidebook 

Sweetkick coupon code

Thinking about trying Sweetkick? For a limited. time you can get 15% off by using the code: FJBLOG15 at checkout!

Sweetkick Alternatives

Sweet Defeat is a similar brand that offers products to suppress sugar cravings.

Sweetkick vs. Sweet Defeat

Both offer a product that stops sugar cravings and bocks the sweet taste of sugary foods and drinks.

Sweat Defeat has a few different products for blocking the taste of sugar: mints, gum, and stray. Other than that, Sweet Defeat has a 21 day program to help you change your sugar habits for $119.

Between the two, I feel that Sweetkick has more to offer and for a better price.

Sweetkick not only includes the sugar blocking mints to stop sugar cravings but the Body Balance Powder also plays a huge role.

The Body Balance Powder is a "super blend of prebiotic fiber, vitamins and minerals to help support balanced blood sugar levels, gut health and all-day energy." Having healthy blood sugar levels also is important because it helps reduce sugar cravings.

Not only that but Harley's Reset Guidebook is amazing for simplifying everything you need to know about sugar, the body, cravings, and foods so you have all the tools AND information to finally kick your sugar cravings.

Sweetkick reviews and testimonials

Sweetkick was fairly new when I tried it, so there weren't many reviews online.

I read through the articles about Sweetkick from popular media outlets like Men's Health and Men's Journal.

I also read through some of the other reviews on Sweetkick from bloggers.

All the feedback was really positive, and I didn't find anything negative about the company or the product.

My experience

I generally try to have a low sugar diet, but it's been difficult, and somehow, sugar always ends up sneaking back into my diet.

First thoughts..
I was very curious about how the mint was going to help stop my sugar cravings. I mean, let's be honest... chocolate is pretty impossible to resist. 

But WOW. 

It was the weirdest experience! (In a totally good way!)

One mint and chocolate was kinda gross tbh.

After the mint dissolved completely, I unwrapped a Hersey chocolate kiss. The ultimate test.

It didn't taste good and it didn't taste like chocolate!

When it started to melt in my mouth I spit it out because i did not like the taste or texture AT ALL!!

Long story short: IT WORKED!

After that I was really excited and had full confidence that Sweetkick was and is my solution to kick my sugar craving to the curb!

My plan:

Usually, my most intense sugar craving is early in the morning, right when I wake up.

My plan of attack was to take a Sweetkick mint before I even stepped out of bed. It worked like a charm!

My results:

It completed my 14-day sugar reset, and I've learned so much about the foods to eat and the principles to apply to my diet to keep up the positive habits. 

I did notice that I have more energy throughout my day. My mood has also improved since I stopped consuming sugar. 

I honestly am beyond happy with the results! 

Pro and Cons


  • It really works! 
  • The Guidebook gives you all the information and food lists on what to eat and what to avoid
  • only $46 for the kit
  • very simple and easy to follow
  • get 15% off with coupon code FJBLOG15 at checkout


  • ... I got nothing. If you think there is something I missed, comment in the comments section after the post plz

Final thoughts - is Sweetkick worth it?

Do you want to stop your sugar cravings? If yes, then Sweetkick is worth it. 

It really is that simple. It might be $46, and that might be expensive or not, depending on your household budget. 

But let me tell you this. 

The freedom from sugar cravings is priceless. 

[ 🎤 mic drop]

Try Sweetkick. 

For a limited. time you can get 15% off by using the code: FJBLOG15 at checkout!

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