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Scott Sonnon's TacFit Warrior Review - What the Heck is it?

I recently heard about a workout program called "tacfit warrior" and was wondering what it was so I decided to do some research on this workout program.Very quickly, TacFit Warrior is a way for you to get tremendous fitness results using body weight training. TacFit warrior is designed for intense workouts and powerful results. I will quickly that if you aren't looking for dramatic changes in your appearance or are out of shape to start off with a less intense workout and eventually move up to this if you still choose. I would suggest Yoga Burn, Bikini Body Workout, or Bodyweight Burn unless you are really, really motivated and/or in great shape already.

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What is TacFit Warrior?

The TacFit Warrior Workout program is a powerful tactical fitness program. Tactical fitness is a new genre of fitness programs - which is a rare occurrance. Typically, fitness programs come and go and/or focus on different areas of the body, but tactical fitness has gone above and beyond it.Tactical Fitness is more like military or firefighter training. It gets extremely powerful results, and unlike "bootcamps" which have become an incredibly overused and watered down program; tactical fitness is the real deal.Tactical Fitness programs are not about doing workouts, they are about straight up work. They are also not about working out to get good at working out or to look your best. They are about creating programs which carry over into real life movements such as lifts, carries, crawls, runs, rucks, swims, and mobility. Tactical fitness even focuses on analytical and creative thinking. The idea is to get your body conditioned to go above and beyond most other people's abilities so you can save lives if necessary. Of course by doing these types of workouts you'll look freaking amazing but that's not the main goal.TacFit Warrior was put together by Scott Sonnon and Steve Barnes. TacFit Warrior gets its roots from: Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and secret service, American special ops personnel, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters.As evident from above this program gets fitness results, it will make you better than you've ever been before. However, the main thing that sets this apart from the rest is the mental training it gives you, mental limitations are usually the main barrier to break to set new records whether they are personal, or world/country records. This program really prepares you to get that mind control down so you can be the best you.

The Power of Mental Training from TacFit Warrior

Take the 4 minute mile for instance. Since the beginning there has been no one to run a mile in under 4 minutes. It's been known as the Everest barrier, in the 1950's people had been trying their best to get under 4 minutes, many had come close, the closest had been about 4 minutes 2 seconds.Roger Bannister ran close to the barrier, and he was the first to know it could be broken, even when "experts" had said that it was physically impossible for any human to do it. Roger had made up his mind that it is possible.On May 4th, 1954 Roger Bannister ran a mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds! Roger had done the impossible! This is an amazing accomplishment, but more interesting was what followed. It took about 9 years to go from 4 minutes 5 seconds to 3 minutes 59.4 seconds, but after Roger's successful attempt this removed other runner's mental limitations and led to 37 runners running under 4 minute miles within a few years. That is the power of our mind and why I feel this program is so good.Take Gunder “The Wonder” Hagg who had the fastest time prior  of 4:01.3on July 17, 1945, Hagg was so close however he never ran faster than that. He didn't have the same mental conditioning as Bannister.

Who is TacFit Made For? Can the Average Person Do it?

While tactical fitness is mostly designed for people who want to go into life saving careers, the TacFit Program is made to give the average person above average results. It's not a watered down program but it allows us to get the training that would otherwise be unavailable unless you go into the military, fire fighter or coastguard careers etc... So if you want awesome results then keep reading to find out how this program can get you what you are looking for.​TacFit Warrior is for people who want better results in strength, fat loss, toned body, flexibility and mind control. As well as people who want to save time doing it. Doing 20 minutes of TacFit Warrior is like doing 20 minute exercises in aerobics, meditation, balance training and strength training.

Who is Scott Sonnon?

​Scott Sonnon is an absolute fitness legend. He owns and operates RMAX International which is a tactical fitness dojo type place. To train with Scott will cost a lot of money because of his expertise, not to mention the logistics on training with him.​That's a big reason he created the TacFit digital program, he can reach more people and save us a lot of money since it doesn't take up his time. So we get all the great training from him, but also at a much more affordable price.

​Who is Steven Barnes?

Steve Barnes is  world-renowned writer, New York Times bestseller, and a Master Hypnotis. He also has three black belts and was a yoga instructor. So Steve has some serious results as well.​Both Scott and Steve cover each others' weaknesses. This makes their program amazing for the average person because of the two perspectives and the synergistic energy they have with each other. ​

​TacFit Warrior Pro's

  • Expert Information, the creators of the program are the top dogs in the industry and provide top quality information.
  • Results - each exercise has a specific purpose and reason to do it, not just fluff but rather, real workouts.
  • No need for equipment - TacFit is bodyweight only which makes it super awesome because you can do it anywhere you choose.
  • ​Fat Burning - This program is top notch for people who want to shred fat fast, both men and women can really benefit from it
  • Ephasis on Recovery - This is the only program I've seen that puts a huge emphasis on letting your body recover, many people don't realize how important this is to not only get in the best shape of your life, but stay that way!

​TacFit Con's

  • Tons of Information - Because this program is so inclusive, there really is quite a lot of information to take on. While this is definitely great, there is a bit of a learning curve.
  • Not a Magic Bullet - This program doesn't do anything for you if you don't use it. Again this isn't some secret weapon to purchase it and get in the best shape ever, you need to spend time and work it.

​How Much Does TacFit Cost?

​This is a major question everyone always wants to know - I do too! TacFit is a bit more expensive than some workout programs but the better question to ask is how much value is in TacFit?​To answer the question about price, it's $147. Definitely not cheap but by and large the value this program gives you is immense! It should in my opinion be listed for a lot more! They even offer 60-day moneyback guarantee so I would highly recommend buying it and trying it, if your budget allows. If that is too expensive then try body weight burn instead, but if you can swing it, then I would say value to dollar, this is the best on the market.​​​

​Final Verdict on the TacFit Program

​TacFit is a high end full encompassing workout program. The aspect which separates this from all the rest is the focus on overcoming mental limitations and the emphasis on recovering after an intense bout of training.TacFit was also put together by two of the top performers in fitness. Especially Scott Sonnon who has won martial arts matches against many opponets who were fast and bigger than he was. They both add significant value to this program and I highly recommend you check them out

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