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The Booty Pro Home Exercise System Review

Regardless of your body type, it is possible to tone and firm your booty into shape and look stunning in a bikini, short shorts, and even yoga pants!


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The booty pro shopify store is currently down and not sure if/when it will be coming back available! Because of this I suggest you take a look at a similarly geared product which I have really enjoyed! The Yoga Burn Booty Challenge however it is a digital product.

Edit: It is back on


Between school and work, I found myself

Getting Closer to Death.

This is because I was spending most of my day sitting in a chair in front of a computer.

Sitting is linked to higher chances of death from all causes in this study by Annals of Internal Medicine.

When I did find the time (and motivation) to get off my butt and exercise, I usually just went straight for the treadmill.

Unfortunately, a treadmill isn’t going to do you any good in toning your muscles, let alone your booty.

So I added other workouts that I thought would activate my glute muscles but I just didn’t see the results I hoped for.

Frustration lead me to look for an option that would work and help me achieve my fitness goals...

You see, all those hours, days, years I spent sitting at a desk gave me a “pancake” butt.


to be honest, it might of even been flatter than a pancake.

This brings me to the Booty Pro Home Exercise System, it is a workout system designed to not only help you get a better booty, but get your whole body bikini ready.


What is The Booty Pro System?

The Booty Pro System is a workout device created to target your muscles and allow you to get a full body workout at home,

the office,

or gym!

The problem with many of the classic body-weight workouts is that they crush your spine, leading to discomfort and pain.

By using The Booty Pro you can target the muscles you want while leaving your spine in a straight position.

Many of the traditional gym exercises compress your spin by placing a heavy weight on your back and shoulders. This can lead to discomfort and pain, especially in the lower back.

I notice this when I do crunches, my lower spine is put under so much pressure that the next day I can’t do crunches again because my lower back is so sore!

Putting this kind of stress on your spine can lead to bigger problems, and chiropractors see a lot of injury and damage as a result.

My husband actually went to a chiropractor recently and his spine was a little wonky,

which doesn't sound bad since he moves around just fine.

But the problem is a slight alteration in your spine makes your body adjust accordingly in the way you hold yourself up and move, and the automatic adjustment is so slight you likely wont notice, but it can have pretty damaging effects over a rather short period of time.

What I really like about the booty pro system is it was created by Dr. Darren Fano.

Dr. Darren Fano, is a chiropractic physician.

He wanted to create a way for his clients to be able to tone their body while protecting their spine from injury. This is why The Booty Pro Home Exercise System was created! It has a very high emphasis on being gentle on your spine, but still beats the crap out of you!

How does the Booty Pro Home Exercise System Work?

The Pro Booty System uses “Precise Angle Technology” to allow you to target specific areas of your gluten muscles and body, something that other traditional gym workouts fail to do.

There are several different workouts that you will be able to achieve using the Precise Angle Technology including:

  • Hip Thrusts
  • Core Activation Exercises
  • Lunges & Squat Exercises
  • HIIT Exercises

With The Booty Pro workout, you create your own workout routine or follow along with the training videos available for free on the Booty Pro website.

You can even take bits and pieces from the videos you watch to create a workout routine that targets the muscles you really want to focus on,

there are more than 50 unique exercise routines to choose from.

Here is a example of a Booty Pro Workout Video:

You can view the whole training video library and get a feel for what the workouts are going to be like if you go to their official website or like the link below.

Another great thing about this workout system is that you only need to commit 10 minutes a day! They say that 10 minutes a day for 30 days can get you bikini ready!

The Booty Pro System vs The Booty Pro Deluxe

There are two different workout set options: The Booty Pro System and The Booty Pro Deluxe. The main difference between the two is the DELUXE includes The Booty Belt and The Booty Block.

Deciding which workout set is right for you is fairly easy. If you are mostly focused on getting fit and doing whole body workouts without the pressure on your spine or back pain than I would pick The Booty Pro System.

If you are motivated to really tone your booty and give your whole body a transformation and get that “bikini” body, than The Booty Pro Deluxe is the choice for you!

Another option if you are not sure which option is right for you is to start off with The Body Pro System ($249.00) and you can always buy The Booty Block ($49.95) or the Booty Belt & Extra Ban ($39.95) separately on their website.


Best Place to Buy The Booty Pro Home Workout System and Price

As I said earlier, the two buying options are The Pro Booty System ($249.00) and The Pro Booty Deluxe ($299.00). Here is the breakdown of what you will get in each package:

Here is what is included in each of the packages:

The Booty Pro System Includes ($249.00):

One (1) Adjustable Lap Band
Two (2) Handles
Two (2) Short Blue Resistance Bands
Two (2) Long Black Resistance Bands
One (1) Booty Board
One (1) Blue Thigh Band
One (1) Ankle Belt
One (1) Instructional & Exercise Poster

The Booty Pro Deluxe Includes ($299.00):

(1) Adjustable Lap Band

(2) Handles

(2) Short Blue Resistance Bands

(2) Long Black Resistance Bands

(1) Booty Board

(1) Blue Thigh Band

(1) Ankle Belt

(1) Instructional & Exercise Poster

(1) Adjustable Lap Band For Waist Belt

(1) Waist Belt (Lunges & Squats) Size: 28-36 Inch Waist XS-L

(1) Booty Pro Block

dit, not sure if the deluxe is still being offered and buying on Amazon is no longer viable as the seller wants $52 for shipping!

Where is the Best Place to Buy the Booty Pro System?

The best place to buy The Booty Pro workout system is through

This is where you will find the best deals and even bonuses like free shipping.

The best part about buying from Amazon that they offer a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee. You can essentially try the system out risk-free, if you don't like it or it’s not working out the way you expected, you can get a refund.

The Booty Pro System Verified Customer Reviews

The majority of the reviews I’ve come across from other people that have used this home workout system have been extremely positive! At the time of this review, it has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here is a few highlights that people have liked about the product:

  • It helps with my posture during workouts
  • You will definitely feel the burn!
  • I love how it easily fits under my couch, it’s easy to store and does not take up much space
  • It’s very well built, steady and easy to use

Here are a couple reviews from people who have purchased the booty pro

“Being able to try The Booty Pro for the first time was unbelievable, I'm serious! I am in shock with what this weapon can do to make your butt and your body look and feel good. Hands down, I don't even need to go to the gym to do my hip thrust anymore, besides it takes forever for me just to set up for it. I would still go to the gym but less now. You have a gym at home.”

- Jessica (Amazon)

“I splurged and bought the deluxe. At first i was hesitant because of the price. But now i am very happy i ordered it. The Booty Pro is very well built, sturdy, and easy to use. Its a simple piece of equipment that will give you the ultimate whole body workout. You wont regret this purchase, i promise!!!!”

- Danielle M. (Amazon)

“Really enjoy using this product because it helps with my posture during my workout, and you’ll definitely feel the burn. I also love that it fits under my couch, it’s so easy to store with out taking any space. Also if you have any issues or complaints they respond quickly through email making sure to accommodate their customers as best they can, I really appreciated that.”

- Lyida


Booty Pro Final Verdict

I was very excited when I read about all the good things that people have had to say about The Booty Pro. It’s what convinced me to try the system out for myself!The only “negative” thing I could find about this product it that the price is a little high, but in the end, you get what you pay for and the results will speak for themselves. I mean, can you really put a price on the amazing feeling of self-confidence that comes with showing off a “bikini ready” body?Besides, they offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you might as well take the plunge and start working towards shaping up that booty and toning your muscles!


The product recently came back available on but its $50 more to buy it from there.

I still think Amazon is the best place to buy it because I trust Amazon more than random websites - but that could just be me!

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