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Toned in Ten Review

There is no such thing as a workout program that will fit everyone, but the Toned in Ten workout program might just be the program that could be right for you. I wrote this review to give you a better idea of what to expect from the program before you actually decide to send money on it.

What is Toned in Ten?

Toned in Ten is a program created by certified physiotherapist Erin Nielsen. This program claims to help you lose embarrassing cellulite, get rid of belly fat, and overall make your body look 10 years younger. In her program Erin addresses both the exercise and dieting part of weight loss. Workouts are comprised simple yet effective 10 minute workouts that can be done at home.

The diet part consists of a detailed nutritional guide that will teach you what you need to eat to get rid of fat storage in your body.

By sticking with the program Erin claims that you could lose as much as 15 pounds and 5% of body fat in 12 weeks!

Who is Erin Nielsen?

Who is Erin and how is she certified to create a weight loss program? Erin is a Primal Health coach, physical therapist and pilates instructor. She has been active in the health and fitness industry since 1998 and her years of knowledge and experience do give her the qualifications to create a weight loss program.

How Does Toned in Ten Work

Toned in Ten is a weight loss program that will help users lose weight, look and feel better. It teaches you know to best use your time to target trouble areas around your body like belly and thigh fat deposits and make you look younger in the process.

This is a total weight loss program so you will lose weight over our whole body, including those trouble areas. This program is made to help you switch your workouts from long cardio to shorter workouts that are more effective, also known as high intensity interval training.

High intensity interval training will help you boost your metabolism and burn fat even after your workout is complete. There have been many studies over the years documenting the benefits of HIIT workouts over cardio workouts so this program is based off of scientific research and studies.

These workouts are bodyweight workouts that will not only save you time but also help you burn off fat at a faster rate.Tone in Ten is a complete workout plan that can be done alone but you can also combine it with other workouts like yoga or pilates. The intensity can also be modified based on your fitness level. If you are at a higher fitness level you can choose to combine two of the workouts into one.

This program is great for anyone that doesn’t like to spend hours working out or doesn’t have time to go to the gym. Its great for people with a tight schedule since the workouts can be done anywhere with no equipment.

Toned in Ten Price and What’s Included?

The Toned in Ten program is completely digital so you will get instant access once you purchase. If you buy the program from the official website you will get bonuses included and get a 60 day money back guarantee. The following is whats included in the Toned in Ten program:

  • Toned in Ten Manual - a ebook that contains all the workouts. This includes all the basic information about the program. Lots of pictures and explanations of the workouts.
  • Bonus 1: Toned in Ten Follow Along Videos - This is a complete video library of all the workouts that go along with the Manual. All of these are accessible online through your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Bonus 2: Toned in Ten Nutritional Guide - This is a really easy to follow nutritional guide that does not require any calorie counting. Teaches you what foods you should be eating and what foods are best avoided.
  • Bonus 3: Toned in Ten Youthful Secrets - a ebook that contains additional tips to getting a youth full look and glowing skin.
  • Bonus 4: Toned in Ten Grocery List - This is a complete grocery shopping list so you can easily buy the right foods that will help you to lose weight.

The total cost of the program and all the bonuses is only $19. If you ask me this is more than reasonable for all that you get and its much cheaper than even a month of having a gym membership.

Toned in Ten Benefits

  • Saves time - workouts are only 10 minutes long so you don’t have to set aside hours in your day to go to the gym. Anyone can find a extra 10 minutes in their day.
  • Affordable - for a complete weight loss program this program is more than affordable. Its also a one time payment.
  • Instant Access - Purchasing this program gives you instant access to it as the whole program is digital and you don’t have to weight for anything to be shipped.
  • Created by a professional - Erin had many years of experience and a professional background in the health and fitness industry
  • Look Younger – short burst workouts don’t cause excess oxidative damage and therefore won’t prematurely age your body or skin
  • Finally get a flat belly - this program can help you finally lose stubborn belly fatReduce embarrassing cellulite
  • Boost your metabolism – so you can burn more fat even while sleeping.
  • Have more energy – for your the kids, work, and alone time with your spouse.
  • Nutritional Guidelines - this program comes with nutritional guidelines to help you eat the right foods during your weight loss journey
  • HIIT - High intensity interval training workouts have scientifically been shown to be better at burning fat and boosting metabolism than regular cardio workouts
  • Flexible - this workout plan can be done on its own or in combination with your existing workout plan
  • Variety - there are plenty of workouts to chose from so you won’t get bored doing the same workout over and over again
  • 60 Money Back Guarantee - its always reassuring when a program offers you your money back. This way you can try the program out for yourself and if you are not satisfied you can get you money back

Toned in Ten Reviews and Testimonials

My favorite thing about this program is the workouts are only ten minutes long. I used to be one of those people that thought you had to spend hours on the treadmill to lose weight. My system was obviously not working and I could believe what a difference this program has made in my body. I thought this program was well worth the money and it really did help me to tone up and lose fat. Here are what some of the other customer had to say about the program:

​"I was skeptical to see if only 10 minutes was enough… After all, I was already use to running on the treadmill and thought that less work would make me get in worse shape. However, in this case less is more and I’m glad I switched over to doing less. I don’t have to worry about always making it to the gym on the days I work late and can finally spend more time with my husband.” - Sarah Davila

“A working mom of 3, I don’t have a lot of time to fit in exercise. “Toned in Ten” is easy to follow and manageable to squeeze into my hectic schedule. Each day left me feeling that “good” sore the next day. Just enough to let me know my efforts were paying off. The eating plan will guarantee results. And although I went through the holiday season during my “Toned in Ten”- and enjoyed some holiday treats. After 5 weeks on the program, I am down 6 lbs and feel leaner and stronger. “Toned in Ten” has set a great foundation for a new healthier lifestyle for 2015! ” - Danell

“I am on day 5 of my renewed lifestyle and feeling awesome. I have lost about 5 lbs and am so thankful you put this out there at a time when I am usually careless and eating too many cookies!!” - Kery

Final Verdict

I would recommend this program to anyone looking to lose extra weight or just get in shape. If you are spending hours a week on the treadmill you will be happy to get hours of your life back by doing this program instead. It a huge time saver and the workouts are super effective at boosting your metabolic rate. Get the Toned in Ten program today with a 60 day money back guarantee from the official Toned in Ten website.

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