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We all know that we should be drinking water to stay hydrated, but how much should we really be drinking? Factors like your age, height, gender, activity level and even weather effect the amount of water you should drink daily. Thankfully the tech is around to help you stay hydrated and get all the benefits of drinking water. 

What is Trago and How does Trago Work? 

Trago is a water bottle that not only advises you how much water to drink but also when to drink! The Trago Smart Cap will actually fit on most standard wide-mouth water bottles. The Smart Cap connects to your phone by Bluetooth and will let you know when you need to drink water and how much you should drink. There is also a app that comes with the water bottle. With the Trago App you can see your daily hydration goal and how close you are to reaching it. Trago can even adjust your daily goal depending on different factors like temperature and weather!

The Trago Smart App tracks your water intake by using sonar technology and relays this information to your app. It’s very accurate and can measure changes in your bottle down to a fraction of an ounce. 

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Trago Smart Water Bottle Pros
  • Tracks Water Intake
  • Automatically adjusts water goals based on outside factors
  • Connects to a App
  • Connects to other fitness tracking apps like Apple Health
  • Cap can be used on other water bottles
  • Easy to use and accurate
Trago Smart Water Bottle Cons
  • High Price
  • asteriskLimited Color/design Options
  • List Element
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Trago Smart Water Bottle Design

Trago is a standard 24 oz water bottle with a smart cap that can be used on other standard wide-moth bottles like Camelback, Nalgene, and Hydro Flask. The Trago bottle itself feels very high quality and sturdy. The body of the bottle is made of stainless steel and the texture prevents finger prints from showing up. There are three color options: black, blue, and stainless steel. One great thing about this smart water bottle than other smart bottles can’t do is that this bottle is very well insulated and can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours!

The lid is also very well made using a hard rubber material that is nicely textured. To fill up the bottle you simply unscrew the cap. To drink the spout part of the bottle pops open. Over all the design is very appealing and the bottle itself is easy to use. 

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Trago Smart Water Bottle App and Features

They say we should drink “8 glasses of water a day” but this is not an accurate measurement for everyone. Everyone is different and there are many factors that influence the amount of water we should be drinking. Trago’s “My Hydration” app takes factors like gender, height, weight, activity level, etc. into consideration when giving you a recommended number of ounces you should drink. 

The main screen of the appall feature a circular bar that will tell you how far along you are to hitting your hydration goal. The level of detail the app gets into is pretty great. Your hydration habits can be broken down to mornings and afternoons. You can also zoom out and see how you habits stack week by week or even month to month. It’s pretty cool how you can view your hydration history and overall, the app has a nice interface and is very easy to navigate. 

Trago syncs with other fitness tracking apps and you can use this information to see how hydration effects your workout performance, sleep, and more. Trago app is also social. You can create your own groups and connect with friends or teammates to see how everyone is doing with their hydration goals. 

You don’t have to worry about charging any batteries with Trago. Trago uses a watch battery that lasts about 6 months and is very easy to replace. 

Where to buy Trago and Price?

At this time you can’t purchase Trago on Amazon. The best place to buy Trago Smart Water Bottle/Cap is through the official brand website at This started out as a project on Kickstarter and surpassed it’s funding goals so now they have a active website where you can place orders. Trago will cost $69.99 and includes free shipping!

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Final Verdict 

Trago is a high quality product and I think that the $69.99 might be a little high but it’s worth it. There is another smart water bottle called Hydrate Spark 2.0 but this bottle is completely made of plastic and the cap will only work on that water bottle. Not only is the app awesome and full of features but I love that the cap can be used with other water bottles from several popular brands. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Trago Website

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