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Full Ulla Hydration Review

Did you know that the average adult only drinks about 2.5 cups of water a day (20oz), falling way short of the recommended 8 eight ounce cups. Water is essential for good health and when you are dehydrated your body responds with headaches, fatigue, lightheadedness, poor concentration, bad breath, digestive issues, sudden food cravings and the list goes on and on.

Today I am going to introduce you to Ulla, a little piece of tech that is going to help you remember to drink more water so you can live a healthier life.

This Ulla review will cover everything you need to know to help you decide if this would be a good investment in your health. 

What is Ulla? ​

Ulla is a small battery operated device that attaches to your water bottle or cup and reminders you to drink by blinking a light when it's been too long since your last drink of water. 

Ulla is very simple and does not require charging or any mobile apps. The battery lasts for 6 months and is easily replaced. ​

How Does Ulla Work? 

Ulla is attached to your water bottle or drinking cup and can detect when you pick your cup or bottle up to have a drink. It's set to blink a small flashing light if it doesn't sense that you had a drink every 40 minutes or so. 

Ulla tracks your water consumption and helps you remember to stay hydrated. Key features of Ulla include: ​

  • Blinks when you forget to hydrate for too long
  • Fully automated, maintenance-free system that requires no charging, no apps
  • Effective blinking and no annoying sounds
  • accelerometer always knows when you take a drink
  • Ulla’s designed to fit easily on any bottle with a special silicone mounting band.
  • Automatic on/off : Ulla wakes up when you enter the room in the morning, and goes quietly to sleep when you turn the lights off for the night.

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Here is a little short video describing how Ulla works: 

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Ulla Pricing and Best Place to Buy

One thing that I really like about Ulla is that it's a piece of tech that can significantly improve your quality of health and don't cost a arm and leg to do so. Ulla is very affordable at the low price of $25 for a single unit. You can purchase Ulla at, for $25.00+ shipping. Here is a quick break down of the buying options: 

  • 1 Ulla = $25.00 + Shipping
  • Family Pack 4 Ulla = $70 + Free Shipping ($17.5 per Ulla)
  • Office Pack 10 Ulla = $160 + Free Shipping ($16 per Ulla)

Another option is to buy Ulla through, where it will still cost $25 put you can take advantage of Amazon Prime and get free shipping. There are a variety of color options avaliable.

Buy Ulla from Ulla.ioBuy Ulla from Amazon

Warranty and Returns? 

Like with any great product, Ulla does want you to be satisfied with your purchase so they are generous enough to offer a 30 day return policy. You need to keep the original packaging and receipt and if you are unsatisfied within 30 days of your purchase you can return the product for a full refund. 

Ulla Hydration Reviews and Testimonials

So what are people saying about this product? The general public opinion is very positive and the majority of the people who buy Ulla are happy and satisfied with their purchase! Here are a few Ulla reviews from customers: 

"​I love it! I have a desk job so you would think it would easy to remember to drink water, but really all I did was stare at my water bottle all day. I would look at it, but I wasn't thirsty. Then at night I would be so thirsty that I'd be up all night, if you know what I mean. I sleep better at night, I feel better during the day and I even have more energy. It's amazing what staying hydrated and can do for you! I recommend this product to anyone and everyone!" - Amazon Verified Purchase

"​I love, love, love this little gadget! I'm going to a weight specialist and I'm supposed to drink half my body weight in ounces, and this certainly keeps me on track! I definitely recommending buying this if you're on the fence." - Amazon Verified Purchase

"​This is Tucson—we're in the real desert here. And one can become dehydrated very quickly when one lives in a place that has single-digit humidity with triple-digit temperatures. Ulla has been absolutely essential to help me stay hydrated. It does just what it says on the tin; it reminds one to drink water. The neoprene band can stretch to insane levels; I actually have mine on my 64-ounce UnderArmour container. It's a sleek little headache-preventing, hydration-encouraging gadget."- Ullla website customer review

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Ulla Final Verdict... 

I give this little hydration gadget my seal of approval! It convenient, helpful and will help to keep you on track to drink more water. I don't have to keep telling you how important it is to drink water. I use Ulla at the office everyday and it's really helped me remember to stay hydrated. I used to get lots f headaches, especially in the summer and now I rarely get them at all. Ulla reminds me to drink water even when I get super busy and distracted. Try Ulla for yourself and see the difference it can make in your life!

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