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Proper hydration is super important to our health and how we feel. Drinking enough water can be a challenge, and bottled water alone only has some of what you need to stay properly hydrated if you are an athlete. 

Essential minerals known as electrolytes play a crucial role in supporting proper muscle and nerve function and maintaining fluid balance in both your bloodstream and body cells. 

Electrolyte loss occurs regularly during activities such as exercise, desk work, errands, or even while sleeping. Therefore, it is crucial to replenish these electrolytes on a daily basis.

Gatorade and other sugary electrolyte drinks were created to help with the gap, but now we know we should try to also avoid sugar and artificial ingredients commonly found in electrolyte drinks. 

Even if you are not an athlete, drinking water all the time can get a little boring. Ultima Replenisher is an electrolyte powder that is easy to mix and pack with electrolytes and trace minerals. 

In this review, I'll take a closer look at Ultima's products, customer feedback, and more to help give you the information you need to decide if this electrolyte mix is right for you. 

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What is Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix?

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix is an sugar-free hydration drink mix powder designed for individuals who prioritize health but don't want to sacrifice on taste. 

Ultima drink mix is packed with six essential electrolytes and zero sugar! These electrolytes are: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus Sodium and Chloride.

It ensures that your body receives the necessary minerals for optimal hydration. Its commitment to a healthier lifestyle sets it apart – with zero added sugars and carbohydrates, it's perfect for those aiming to cut down on unnecessary calories. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Six Essential Electrolytes: Ensure optimal hydration as Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix contains a balanced blend of six crucial electrolytes, supporting your body's needs for efficient functioning.
  • Zero Sugar and Carbohydrates: Enjoy guilt-free hydration with no added sugars or carbs, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to cut down on unnecessary calories and promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • Colors Derived from Plants: Experience a burst of natural and vibrant colors sourced from plants, steering clear of artificial additives. 
  • Non-Genetically Modified: Ultima Replenisher is made with a non-genetically modified formula. It's a clean and responsible choice for those who prioritize the purity of their dietary supplements.
  • Sweetened with Organic Ingredients: Indulge in a delightful taste without compromising on your commitment to organic living. Ultima Replenisher is sweetened exclusively with organic ingredients, ensuring a refreshing and naturally sweetened beverage.

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Who should drink Ultima?

Ultima is a very convenient and easy-to-use hydration powder. You pick your flavor, add water, stir, and drink. 

A lot of people can benefit from choosing Ultima: 

Health-Conscious Individuals: Perfect for those focused on maintaining a low-sugar and low-carb lifestyle, Ultima Replenisher is a smart choice to stay hydrated without compromising dietary goals.

Athletes: Tailored for athletes who demand peak performance, the mix helps replenish electrolytes lost through intense training, promoting optimal muscle function and overall athletic endurance.

Clean Eaters: For those committed to clean and non-GMO nutrition, Ultima Replenisher's non-genetically modified formula aligns seamlessly with a conscious and wholesome dietary approach.

Organic Lifestyle Advocates: Sweetened exclusively with organic ingredients, Ultima Replenisher appeals to individuals embracing an organic lifestyle, ensuring a naturally sweetened and refreshing beverage without artificial additives.

Individuals on Special Diets: Whether following a ketogenic, low-carb, or sugar-free diet, Ultima Replenisher fits into various dietary plans, providing hydration without compromising on nutritional goals.

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Ultima variety pack
I tried the Ultima Variety Pack!

Price and where to buy Ultima products

You can conveniently purchase Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix directly from their official website

Ultima has a vast selection of flavors, sizes, and variety packs. If you are skeptical and unsure if you will like Ultima drink mix, you can get sample packs for just $7.99!

Variety packs are $20.99 and come with 20 packets. 

  • Original Variety Pack flavors: Lemonade, Grape, Raspberry, Cherry Pomegranate, and Orange 
  • Tropical Variety Pack flavors: Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, and Passionfruit  

You can also buy flavors individually. The larger the container, the better the value. 

You can also save 10% if you choose to sign up for auto-delivery

Pricing with auto-delivery as of the time I am writing this is:

  • 20 serving individually wrapped packets - $18.99
  • 30 serving canister - $18.99
  • 90 serving canister - $40.49

By purchasing through their official website, you can get:

  • Earn points every time you shop and redeem points for exclusive discounts.
  • 20% off your first purchase by joining their newsletter list
  • Get free shipping on orders over $10

Reviews and customer feedback

There are thousands of reviews on Ultima products, and the vast majority of people have been very happy with Ultima and would recommend Ultima products.

Customers like the quality, hydration and how they feel drinking Ultima.

People mentioned it tastes great, works well, and is effective. Some customers even said that their doctor recommended Ultima for hydration.

My experience

Ultima is my top choice when it comes to adding electrolytes and flavor to my water. I like the flavoring, and it tastes significantly better than other drink mixes I've tried. It's also affordable compared to many other electrolyte drinks and drink mixes.

I tried the Ultima variety pack, and I liked all the flavors! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be either Lemonade or Cherry Pomegranate!

Final Thoughts

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix is my favorite electrolyte drink mix. I love that it's packed with six essential electrolytes but doesn't compromise the flavor.

Ultima Replenisher is my go-to solution for a refreshing, naturally sweetened beverage that will support overall well-being. 

If you are still trying to decide about Ultima, try a sample pack; otherwise, explore the other flavors and let me know your favorite! 

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Price: $20.99+
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Ultima Replenisher.

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