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The Fitness Junkie Reviews the Simply Fit Board!

I hate commercials, but sometimes you have no choice but to watch them. The other day I was watching a movie with my nephew and during a commercial break an ad for the simply fit board appeared. My I thought it was interesting but my mom said she had recently bought it and it was a lot of fun!

I asked her to show me it so we went downstairs and played with it for a while. So I thought i'd do a review on it and tell you guys about my experience!

What is the Simply Fit Board?

Simply Fit Board is a strong plastic exercise device specifically designed to help strengthen core muscles and help people lose weight by making it fun and enjoyable as opposed to boring and repetitive. But does it work? Can you actually get a sexier stomach and lose a few inches off the waist with it?

imply fit board has become quite the craze (as I said earlier, I actually found out about it from my mom) because it was shown on shark tank and one of the sharks had decided to invest $125,000 in the company and help make this a reality.

Simply fit board is a balance board, it's not the first but it is the best known right now. Balance boards come in many shapes, sizes and colors but they all have the same function. They have been around the in the workout world for a while now, but have recently gone viral because of the shark tank episode.

What is The Simply Fit Board Made out of?

Simply fit board is made out of a strong plastic material. It's pretty thin but it is quite strong and doesn't bend when you are on it. In fact it can support up to 400LBS. At first it's odd because you think it's going to break or at the very least bend and be awkward but it's not.

I don't have cable so you may have heard of simply fit board from one of the fanatics already and want to know more about it or you saw it on TV and wanted to know if it works, there's not point in spending money on one if it doesn't do anything for you. So lets get into whether it's worth buying or not.

Does the simply fit board really give you any benefits or is it all marketing?

There is nothing overly special about this particular board. With that being said it's not the board its self which helps you get toned. It's the fact that it's fun and enjoyable while doing the workout which will target the muscles which makes you more toned. The board is a great tool to help you, otherwise it's harder to work out your core muscles because it's very boring and repetitive.

So how does it work?

Simply fit board is a balance board (duh). Balance boards work on improving your balance by strengthening your balancing muscles. These muscles are usually hard to train because they are rather small and specialized. In addition to those smaller and forgotten muscles, balancing requires a very strong core - namely your abs.

Balancing is just total body control, the stronger your muscles are the better you will be able to control and stabilize your body.

Body control is extremely important for almost any activity you can think of, from walking, to getting out of bed, to putting your shoes on. Each action requires you to stabilize your body so it does what you intend it to do, if you have weaker muscles even the simplest of tasks are harder. So gaining a better since of balance, and burning calories at the same time sounds like a great idea. ​

But can the simply fit board help increase your balance and burn more calories?

To answer that question we have to look at what this board actually does. When you stand on it, the first thing you will realize is it seems unstable. You might not even be able to stand straight up on it without falling over, let alone move your legs around.

This means your body control/balance isn't up to the basic level of the board. However after a day or two you will have the control to use it in the way it was designed. This means that it is working on your balance. I did it for an hour one day and it felt like I had just ran around the lake by my house, which is 5.5 miles. I was exhausted, but not in the way running makes you tired, it was more of a full body lightly tiredness if that makes sense.

Waking up the next day my muscles were really sore, especially my side abs (obliques)! For me, working out my obliques is extremely hard, I just don't enjoy doing the side crunches at all, maybe you enjoy it, but I hate them! So the fact that they were tremendously sore was super exciting for me!

After my results from trying the simply fit board, I have to say that heck yes it works! It actually worked much better than I thought it would, and it was pretty fun. I am definitely getting  my own!

Benefits from using Simply Fit Board

There are numerous benefits from using the simply fit board, here are a few:

  • The workout targets your abdominal fat (muffin tops).
  • Best workout I've ever had for my obliques
  • Helps with full body control
  • Helps with getting a six-pack
  • Great for the back muscles
  • It's actually fun!
  • The workout is still a workout but it's quite tame and easy compared to most other workout programs
  • The simply fit board is a lifetime workout, because it's low intensity but effective you can use it well into old age. Balance can be maintained and/or improve as you age which will make living as you get older easier.
  • Helps prevent falls - Going with the point above, one of the biggest causes of injury as we get older are falls. They can be quite serious, and they happen more frequently if your body control is weak. My grandma actually suffered a horrible fall last March, her whole face was black and she has been in a nursing home since, trust me, work on your balance.

Price and what do you get from it?

As with anything else, if the numbers don't make sense then it's not worth your money. Luckily the simply fit board is quite inexpensive but offers a lot of value. I usually buy all my items from amazon because I have Amazon prime and I like the 2-day shipping. Plus I also trust Amazon more.

The simply fit board from their website and Amazon are the same price. You can get the simply fit board here it's $39.99. Simply fit also has a DVD that has a 21-day workout program as well as a meal plan. I would highly recommend getting them together, the DVD is only $9.99

The simply fit board is available in five awesome colors:

What are customers saying about the board?

Before I buy anything I always look at the reviews of it. Just as you guys are by reading this, my two go to places are Facebook and Amazon.

Simply fit's Facebook has over 1,000 reviews at 4 stars. 72% of the reviewers gave it 5 stars. The page also has over 60,000 like and followers. This means people are really talking about it and are happy with their purchase.

​On Amazon however, the simply fit store has nearly 2,000 reviews and a 4.6 star review with 56% rating it 5 stars.

After looking at the reviews, and trying it myself I must say, I think if you decide to buy it that you will be very happy.

Final Verdict on the Simply Fit Board

I have seen many fads, where products are all the rage, and then they die of rather quickly. Usally these are found on TV, so my main concern about the simply fit board was whether this one one of those or if it had some staying power.

After trying it and reviewing it, I must say I think this has some longevity to it because the board is high quality and easy, but also because the balance board industry is growing.

I believe the company has done a great job with making a product that people will like, the colors are bright as opposed to a lot of other boards are kind of dull.

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