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VitaCup Coffee Review

If you are coffee person, you need to listen up. Now that morning cup of can be a tasty way to get your daily vitamins! I was a late coffee bloomer, I only recently fell in love with coffee and that quickly escalated to a Keurig coffee maker! I never knew coffee had so many great benefits on its own!

Like for many others, coffee is essential for me to get the day started and a great way to power through a sluggish afternoon. Now with VitaCup you can continue to enjoy fresh coffee and feel good that you are getting vitamins too! VitaCup makes coffee healthier!

What's the Big Deal About Vitamins? ​

Glad you asked! Did you know that many American suffer from vitamin/nutrient deficiency and aren't even aware of it? It's true! ​More than 95% of the population is dangerously deficient in two or more micronutrients according to the Center of Disease Control.

Certain vitamins are needed by your body to function properly. For example if you are deficient in vitamin D your body will have a difficult time absorbing all vitamins and you will constantly feel tired. Vitamin B deficiency can cause your metabolism to slow down. A slow metabolism can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and poor digestion.

This is were VitaCup shines! Think about all the common health issues people are suffering from that could be easily solved if they only got enough vitamins. Taking vitamins can quickly become expensive and remembering to take supplements is hard. When was the last time you forgot your to drink your morning coffee? See the potenital!

What is VitaCup? ​

VitaCup is here to solve America's vitamin deficiency problem! Ok, that might be a little bit of a exaggeration but I've always encouraged people to think big! VitaCup was started by two friends Brandon Fishman and Jeff McIntosh.  Fisherman was experiencing poor performance at the gym and work only to discover he suffered from vitamin D and B deficiency.

He met ​McIntosh, a 5th generation coffee brewer with a similar passion for micro nutritional health. And together they decided to revolutionize coffee by creating VitaCup, a brand that infuses the great taste and energy that comes with coffee and the power and health boost capabilities of B vitamins, vitamin D, and potent natural antioxidants!

VitaCup Formula: Ingredients and Nutrition

At the writing of this review, VitaCup carries three products: dark French roast blend, a French vanilla roast, and a healthy green tea pod. There are three new products that you can preorder and will be for sale in the near future. These include: Gourmet Breakfast Blend, Gourmet House Blend, and Gourmet Decaf Blend.

All VitaCup products are ​created with a unique blend of vitamins that will give your body a huge micronutrient and antioxidant boost. These are the nutrients that you will find in a VitaCup:

  • Thiamine: improves digestive health and assists with the conversion of carbohydrates into energy
  • Vitamin B2: promotes weight loss
  • Vitamin B6: reduces inflammation and eases joint pain
  • Vitamin B9: for healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • Vitamin D3: helps the body convert fat into energy, improves the immune system, can also prevent depression
  • Vitamin B12: improves the digestive process, help the body convert food into energy and also regulates the health of the central nervous system. Works to maintain energy levels.
  • Antioxidant Compounds: helps to neutralize the free radicals in the body and reduce stress, this can lower inflammation as well as promote increased vitality.
  • Gourmet 100% Arabica coffee beans or premium tea (VitaCup Tea Pod)

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Awesome Benefits of VitaCup

In addition to all the health benefits that you will experience from all the vitamins and antioxidants that we listed above there are even more reasons to start drinking VitaCup!

  • Healthy Energy Source (can replace energy drinks)
  • Has caffeine so it will give you a great energy boost
  • Easy to take source of vitamins
  • Essential vitamins you need to be productive by supporting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels: B1, B5. B6. B12, folic acid, D3, and antioxidants.
  • Coffee is sourced from fair-trade certified growers in South America
  • Environmentally responsible: single serving coffee pods are BPA free, eco-friendly, and fully recyclable.
  • Keurig® compatible

VitaCup Price and Best Place to Buy

At this time VitaCup is only available online, it is not sold at your local supermarket. You can buy VitaCup online through the official VitaCup website, here you will find the best prices and you'll be able to take advantage of any sales of promotions that come up. VitaCup also sells their products on Amazon.

Shop VitaCup on Amazon

If you buy from Amazon please make sure you are buying from VitaCup and not some random third party that could have tampered with the product or stored it incorrectly. One advantage of buying through Amazon is that you can get free two day shipping if you already have Amazon Prime. Otherwise they are the same price as the official website. I would recommend buying directly from the manufacturer's website for the best experience.

Here is how the pricing breaks down for one time purchases:

  • 16 count is $25.00 ($1.56 per pod)
  • 32 count is $45.00 ($1,41 per pod)
  • 64 count is $80.00 ($1.25 per pod)
  • 128 count is $125.00​ ($0.98 per pod)

They also offer better prices if you subscribe to have VitaCup automatically shipped to you (delivered every 30 days)! If you choose this, you will get a additional 10% taken off the prices listed above.Shop VitaCup

Best VitaCup Deal

If you are a avid coffee drinker and you know that you will be drinking coffee daily the best deal would be to get the 128 count for $125.00 because that is only $0.98 per pod, thats a $0.58 savings per pod when compared to the 16 count buying option! Plus you will have a 128 day supply which means you will need to place orders fewer times throughout the year! You can also get free shipping on orders over $40 if you click here.Shop VitaCup

VitaCup Promo Code and Coupon

It gets even better!! You can get VitaCup at a additional 15% off if you use the following VitaCup Promo code at checkout:Promo Code: VITA15

VitaCup Reviews and Testimonials

I love VitaCup and the French Vanilla Roast is my personal favorite! Here are some VitaCup reviews from other customers:"​My new favorite coffee! Perfect boost to start the day, and I can reduce my supplement intake thanks to the vitans. Last but not least, I drink coffee black and usually get some form of heartburn, but the Vitacup Vanilla is Rich and smooth even without sweetener, so I don't suffer the consequences later in the day." - Amazon Verified Purchase (French Vanilla)"​After having the same coffee for years, I heard about this with Vitamins. I thought that's a cool idea and ordered to try. Super interesting idea and flavor especially as I tend to a medium roast. Shared with my friends and added this to Alexa list to setup a repeat order." - Kevin (French Vanilla)"​Great coffee! The flavor is strong but not overpowering and the boost is just enough to keep me going. I really feel I got over a cold faster thanks to this!" - Amazon Verified Purchase (French Roast)Shop VitaCup

VitaCup Final Verdict

I was able to break my unhealthy energy drink habit and now I drink VitaCup daily. Over time I have noticed a huge difference in my health! I have more energy throughout the day, my nails are no longer brittle and I think I even lost a little bit of weight! I have my whole family drinking VitaCup (and you can buy in bulk too!). It's a fantastic way to enjoy rich coffee and get essential vitamins and nutrients! I highly recommend you make the switch to a better coffee with VitaCup! VitaCup is an awesome way to help make coffee healthier, although some of coffee's negatives would still apply.Shop VitaCupShop VitaCup on Amazon

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