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Vitamin Packs Review

I can’t even begin to stress how important vitamins are to your health. The majority of women don’t know what vitamins they are lacking in and this can cause side effects. I was one of these women. They type of vitamins you need are not only unique from person to person but also vary based on where you live and your lifestyle. Remembering to take your vitamins can be a challenge and this is where Vitamin Packs comes in.

​What is Vitamin Packs?

​Vitamin Packs is a service that gives you a customized, pre-made, pack of vitamins that make taking vitamins easy, affordable and convenient. Their goal is to help men and women get all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to live a healthy life.

Their system will ask you questions about yourself and your lifestyle and then identify with vitamins you should be taking on a daily bases. They will then deliver these vitamins right to your doorstep.

How does Vitamin Packs work?

​The way Vitmain Packs works is really simple. First you visit their website and take the assessment. This will take you between 3 to 5 minutes to complete.The assessment will ask you questions such as your gender, height, weight, as well as review your medical history. After the assessment they will tell you which vitamins are recommended for you.

The questions are set up so that they are very straight forward and easy to answer.The algorithm that calculates what supplements you should be taking is backed my four medical professionals with a combines experience of 145 years al well as a panel of nutritionists. The packs are totally customized and created just for you.

Once you see your recommendations you can edit your vitamin packs. When you are happy with your vitamin packs you simply complete your purchase and it will be shipped to you within two business days. You will get a box and inside will be packets with you vitamin combination inside. You simply open one packet a day and take all the vitamins inside.

I thought that it was really convenient that they vitamins where packaged into little packets. If you are in a hurry you can just grab a packet to take with you on the go rather than having to open and close multiple bottles of vitamins.

Pros of Using Vitamin Packs

​The service and product Vitamin Packs offers is pretty unique! Here are some of my top reasons why using Vitamin Packs would be a good investment in your health:

​High Quality Vitamins

​The vitamins that you get with Vitamin Packs are high quality vitamins. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with brand choices next time you are at the grocery store. You don’t have to think about and research which vitamin brands are good quality. Vitamin Packs does all this for you. All supplements meet FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. You can rest easy knowing that the vitamins you are taking are high quality.

Great Value

Why buy Vitamin Packs when you can just go to the grocery store with the results of your vitamin assessment and buy them yourself? Because Vitamin Packs will actually be cheaper than if you were to go out and buy individual bottles of vitamins yourself.

This is because Vitamin Packs takes advantage of buying large quantities of vitamins at low wholesale prices and they are able to pass this savings on to you! So not only are you getting quality vitamins, but you are also getting a great deal!

More Convenient

Vitamin Packs is about as convent and time saving as you can get. You don’t have to worry about remembering to buy your vitamins because they will get delivered straight to your door. Not only that but they are already packaged for you as well. The small packet size is also great for travel.

Good for Everyone

When you take the assessment to determine which vitamins are best for you everything about you is taken into consideration: your age, gender, height, weight, diet, medical history, etc. You are truly getting a fully customized pack. They even have vegetarian and vegan options!


​The only thing that I think they could improve on is telling you the science and reasoning behind the vitamins that they recommend to you before you order. The information about the benefits of the recommended vitamins is lacking and I would like to see more detail so that I can understand what benefits I would expect from each of the recommended vitamins.

However, once you order your vitamins you will also get a informational packet with your order that will give you more information and benefits about the vitamins you are taking. ​

Where to buy Vitamin Packs and Price

​You can order your vitamin packs right on the Vitamin Packs website. This is the best place to order your daily vitamin because they will ensure that they are high quality and if you are not satisfied for any reason they do offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Vitamin Packs is also great because they offer excellent customer support. You can easily get in touch with them buy going on their website and chatting with a representative. You can also get in touch with Vitamin Packs buy calling them toll free at 1-800-983-3887.

Price of your vitamin pack will vary and depend on which vitamins were recommended to you. What I can say about the price is that they buy their vitamins wholesale and for a lot less so they can offer you more affordable vitamins than your local store. You can also remove individual vitamins from your recommendation to customize your cost. ​

Vitamin Packs Reviews and Testimonials

​"I’ve had a great experience with Vitamin Packs. The assessment was easy to complete and I was impressed at the detail they went into when going over my medical history. I thought that the vitamins where also priced well. For example they vitamin D that was recommended to me costs $2.52 for the whole month and I know that when I purchased it at the store a few months ago it was over $5 dollars. Since I’ve been taking my recommended vitamin I have noticed a significant improvement in my health. After going to my own doctor I found out that I was defienct in vitamin D and this is one of the vitamins that was recommended to me in Vitamin Packs. I feel like I have more energy now and I’ve also noticed that my nails are stronger and I’m not getting as many split ends in my hair." - ME! (Sophie Summers)

From what I’ve read a lot of other people have had only positive things to say about their experience with Vitamin Packs. Here are a couple of other Vitamin Packs reviews that I thought were worth reading:

"These personalized vitamins were perfect for me! I love the AM/PM packets and that they were formulated for ME! I have purchased bottles and bottles of vitamins not knowing what exactly I needed and theyve gone to waste! These small packs are convenient to take and easy to remember! Everything is there for you you cant mess it up. I like the guarantee they have and I will be purchasing these again! I like knowing im doing all i can to better my body!” - Meghan T

"I really like this personal vitamin box. There not anything special that I can't buy from the store, but it was really cool that it came in a box to my door. My box had a PM and Am packets in two separate smaller boxes. There was free shipping on the box and free return if I happen to not like it. It had an awesome booklet with what each vitamin does and how it helps your body. I find stuff like that an interesting read, so that was certainly a plus to know what I was putting into my body. Also, taking the assessment test on the website did tell me a few different vitamins I should be taking that I don't, so that was news to me to help with certain conditions. There is staff there to talk to if needed, so that was a plus also if I had any questions. It meets with all FDA guidelines and they say quality tested, so I know I wasn't getting dollar store stuff. There is an option for vegans, and I have let my friends know that are so they could try. It's very important to them that they have properly made vitamins to adhere to their lifestyle with quality ingredients they can trust. “ - Kat S.

Final Verdict

Vitamin Packs is a great company with a awesome mission of helping men and women live a healthier life. I would recommend buying your vitamins through Vitamin Packs. You know you will be getting high quality vitamins that are priced better than your local store. The delivery is quick and you will get another delivery before you run out.

Vitamins are essential to good health and proper nutrition, you will be pleasantly surprised with the difference getting the right vitamins makes in your health. You can get started right now by taking the nutrition assessment on the official Vitamin Packs website!

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