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What is XBAR?

XBAR Complete Workout System is a compact resistance bar that allows you to replicate 100's gym-style workouts from your home or anywhere you take it. XBar is the perfect gym alternative and provides over 100 pounds of resistance. 

The XBAR uses variable resistance, allowing you to lift more than you would be able to with free weights. 

XBAR is excellent for all fitness levels and anyone looking for a fun full-body workout in their home, outside, or anywhere they go. 

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How much resistance does the XBAR offer? 

The XBAR comes with 150lbs of resistance. 150 pounds is plenty for the majority of people. If you are not one of those people, you'll be happy to know that you can upgrade your XBAR to a max resistance of 480lbs. 

Three resistance bands are included with the XBAR!

The three resistance bands that come with the XBAR are:

  • Light band (5-30lbs)
  • Medium Band (20-50lbs)
  • Heavy Band (25-70lbs)

You can add additional resistance with the Orange Bands. Each Orange Band gives an additional 110lbs of resistance. 

Can both men and women use this? 

The XBAR is excellent for both men and women. It's perfect for both because you can customize the resistance to fit the body fitness goals you are trying to achieve. 

Men can use XBAR to take advantage of variable resistance training to gain muscle and increase strength faster. 

Women love the XBAR because it will not cause them to get "bulky." Women can use the XBAR to get toned and slim down as they use the XBAR to replace fat with lean muscle. 

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Design / Features 

  • The XBAR is 35 inches long. This size makes it small enough to fit in typical gym duffle bags or suitcases. 
  • Space saver. The XBAR does not require much space. Easy to use and store. 
  • Save money by not spending $1000 on various gym equipment or gym memberships.
  • Include free access to the Video library of 100's of workouts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • 5-year replacement warranty 
Free access to XBAR workout video library!

Price and what do you get? 

Unboxing XBAR

The XBAR Complete 9-Piece Workout System is available for purchase on the official XBAR website. 

The Cost of the XBAR System is $299.00.

Your purchase includes: 

  • The XBAR 
  • 2 Pushup Docs
  • 3 Resistance Bands (light, medium, heavy)
  • Door Anchor
  • Accessories Bag 
  • 32 Page XBAR Workout Guide
  • Video Library of Workouts 

If you think that 150lbs of resistance is not enough for you, you can upgrade your purchase to include more resistance up to 480lbs.

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Alternatives to XBAR

BodyGym is a lightweight bar with resistance bands designed to be a portable "all-in-one" gym. BodyGym bar is made from a glass and plastic hybrid, making it lightweight and durable. However, the amount of resistance this bar offers is not clear, and the app with workout video is a paid app. 

One of the significant problems people have with alternatives is that the bar would snap in half on some occasions, which is very dangerous and can cause injury. 

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Reviews and Testimonials 

At the time of this review, the XBAR has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Feedback from people has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few points to summarize some of the input: 

"best workout tool I ever had"

"This system is outstanding.. I can do so many exercises and even make some up."

"Great workout - 15 min, and you feel the burn.

"Had it for 5 days. So far love it. Great workouts and as portable as it gets!"

My Experience

The XBAR portable workout system is perfect for a full body workout and replaced the other gym equipment I had around the house. As you can imagine, it's been a huge space saver. All the accessories fit nicely in the drawstring bag that came with the XBAR.

A few things that really stand out to me about XBAR is the versatility of the resistance levels and the variety of exercises and uses of the system. The fitness workout guide booklet is a great place to start exploring all the things you can do with the XBAR.

I have had sensitive wrists and the pain in that joint have limited the amount of workouts and even yoga poses that I can do. The XBAR bar is wrapped in soft rubber that allows for a steady grip and the comfort makes it easy for me to do pushups, planks, downwards dogs, and more all without the pain.

Another great things about XBAR is that it's a body weight workout system that my husband can use! It's really been a game changer for both of us!

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The XBAR is a high-quality resistance band that is great for both men and women. It's ideal for working out at home or taking it with you as you travel. Give it a try today!

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Price: $299.00
Where to Buy:
Discount Available: none
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Xbar.

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