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TheFitnessJunkie Blog Reviews Your Super Plant Protein Superfood Mixes


TL;DR Your Super is a company that offers freeze dried packages of vegetables. You can make them into smoothies or add them to your food or whatever. This makes getting the nutrients you should be getting a lot easier and it is cheaper than buying the vegetables you need daily.

Your Super Overview

When I first stumbled onto your super, I thought the name was rather...interesting.But.After doing a ton of research on them so I can write a comprehensive, honest review, I found that their name is short for: Your Superfoods.Your SuperfoodsMakes a lot more sense and now I fully understand the name of the company! I actually thought it was just Your Super.Anyway, your super is a company which offers a large variety of superfood protein mixes.I absolutely love superfood mixes, they can do some truly wonderful things. But there are also a huge amount of charlatans out there. And that is the point of making this review. To learn all I can, and try the product out and see if it lives to the reputation they claim it does.

Ordering Process of Your Super

Your Super has one of the best experiences of ordering I have seen. They have really streamlined their process and make each step super easy.One thing I'd really like to point out is the coupon/promo code box is clearly visible. Some sellers like to hide them and can be quite frustrating when you have a code to use.Your Super lists their products with great pictures and descriptions, and then very easily adds them to the cart. Then viewing the shopping cart is also very user friendly.Your Super offers 3 ways to pay, which I found rather unique but I think is great!

  1. Regular Checkout
  2. Shop Pay
  3. Paypal

Products Your Super Offers

Your Super is a premium product. They offer a line of products unmatched by other green superfoods. I have done several reviews on other ones so I am very familiar with many of the mixes out there.Your Super is hands down the best.This is due to several reasons, one is where they source their ingredients from. They only get them from certified non-GMO and organic.Your Super products are all natural and plant based, harvested in a sustainable way.Your super offers a large line of products, each aimed at a helping your body in slightly different ways.This is not an entire list of their products, you can look at all of their products here.

Skinny Protein Mix

  • Control your hunger & boost post-workout recovery
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • 2 vegan proteins enriched with 3 green superfoods
  • 62% highly absorb-able protein & only 1.4g carbs/serving
  • Formulated by holistic nutritionists
  • 26 portions - only $1.50 per serving

Main Use for this Product:Post-workout recovery. This is a healthy way to lose weight and control your hunger naturally. As well as to speed up recovery-time after your workouts.62% high quality vegan protein combined with 3 green superfoods for that extra boost of micro-nutrients to help you be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself.


Your Super's products are made with 100% non-gmo and organic, sustainably sourced. This is a massive plus to me, I love when we do things sustainable (and it just makes good business sense).Your superfood products are filled with a huge amount of nutrients, after all a superfood is supposed to help you get the best nutrition you can.After all we have been through in 2020 one thing we should all have learned is that we need to make our health and immune system our #1 priority!

The Price

While your super offers top of the line products, their cost is not very prohibitive. I was surprised how affordable their products were, take the super green mix I referenced above.You get a daily dose of veggies in the mix and it totals $1.16 a day! One spoonful is a handful of veggies, and not your normal veggies like cucumbers or celery. But nutrient packed veggies!The green superfood mix costs $34.90 if you buy one time, but you can easily get it cheaper if you subscribe to an auto ship. They offer 20% off if you go that route.Having it on auto ship is $27.92 which is less than a dollar a day.

Best Place to Buy

The best place to buy Your Super Products are from the official website.This is because you get all of their protections, but I have seen new scams popping up across tons of merchants of scams.Take for instance, I keep seeing Facebook ads advertising ROC paddle boards (looking to buy new ones) for $59.99 for their end of season sale. However, these ads lead to a fake site, you buy it and they just take your money.I have seen these growing in numbers so I always make sure to buy from the official site from now on.

Coupon Code

I fell in love with the products and was able to save Fitness Junkies money if they use my special promo/coupon code.Thefitnessjunkieblog's promo/coupon code is FJBLOG where you can save 15% just by using it on most products.*I don't believe it works on the auto-ship function so you can't save 20% then 15%*

Final Thoughts

Overall I highly recommend Your Super.Their products are world class and very affordable! I know for one, I don't eat enough veggies!

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