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My in-depth review of SleepBand sleep headphones

Sleeping with earphones is painful. Not at first, but I've woken up with crazy ear pain more than once after sleeping on my side with earphones in my ears. 

What is SleepBand?

If you have slept with earbuds and apple ear pods before, you know the extreme discomfort and pain they can cause. In some cases, repeated use of in-ear pods can cause inflammation around your ear cartilage and even minor hearing loss.

SleepBand is, as the name implies, a headphone that you can comfortably wear while you sleep. 

SleepBand Sleep Headphones

How does SleepBand work? 

First, charge the SleepBand using the USB charging cable that came with the SleepBand. After charging, connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can control the volume, play and pause from the buttons on the front of the SleepBand. 

SleepBand can be used for sleep or daily with your other activities. 

You can listen to anything that you can play on your smartphone. This includes but it's limited to:

  • Meditation apps
  • Spotify, Pandora, and other music streaming
  • Netflix & other video streaming
  • Audiobooks
  • YouTube
  • Workout videos


Things I like about my SleepBand:

  • comfortable headband made of soft and breathable fabric
  • Doubles as a blackout eye mask
  • The speakers inside the band are thin, small, and padded for extra comfort
  • On a single charge, you can get three nights of use
  • It's machine washable
  • Works with any Bluetooth device
  • Easier to charge than other sleep headphones I've tired
  • Get 30% off with Coupon Code FJBLOG


Areas for improvements

  • one size might not fit everyone

White noise and blocking out light are two very well-known habits for an ideal sleeping environment. Since SleepBand is a comfortable sleep headphone AND doubles as a sleep eye mask, it's a perfect package. 

Where to buy SleepBand and price?

The best place to buy a SleepBand is through the official retailer's website at 

A single SleepBand costs $39.99, but if you have family or friends that also want a SleepBand, you can save 15% if you purchase 2 or save 30% if you are buying 3. 

Benefits of buying a SleepBand through the official website rather than a third party retailer are:

  • You get a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Great customer support team

SleepBand Coupon Code

You can save 30% off your SleepBand if you use the coupon code FJBLOG at checkout!

Unboxing - What's included?

Sleepband unboxing: manual, charger, SleepBand

With a purchase of a SleepBand, you will get:

  • SleepBand headphone
  • eBook
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual

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SleepBand alternatives

Sleep headphones on Amazon

Other similar sleep headphones are on Amazon. These might be a little cheaper but be careful of "knock-offs." People who have bought these have shared how they stopped working or broke after a few uses. Another user noted that one of the similar products on Amazon claimed to have a 10-hour battery life but would die after 1 hour of use. 


SleepPhones are another brand that sells headphones for sleeping. They have several options: corded sleep headphones, wireless, wireless with microphones, and television sleep phones. While their sleep headphones are of excellent quality and customizable in size, fabric, and design, they are more expensive. The wireless SleepPhones start at $99. You can learn more about SleepPhones by reading my SleepPhones wireless review.  

Reviews and testimonials 

Reading reviews from verified customers, the majority of people are happy with their purchase and found that SleepBand helps them sleep better.

My experience
I use my SleepPhones for sleep, yoga, mediation, and workouts!

These are great for sleep. I'm a side sleeper, and I found SleepPhones to be comfortable while sleeping. They do an excellent job of drowning out background noise, and I like that the controls are on the top of the band. It's easy to adjust the volume. 

I don't only use SleepBand while I sleep. I like to use mine while practicing yoga and during meditation sessions. 

When I'm visiting family in Michigan, I like to wear my SleepBand when I go for runs. Otherwise, my ears get super cold and red during those chilly mornings!


Overall, I am happy with the comfort and sounds quality of my SleepBand. I like that it doubles as an eye mask because I usually wear an eye mask to bed; I imagine if I had to wear an eye mask separately, it would get out of place if I turned around a lot at night. 

Try SleepBand

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Price: $39
Where to Buy: SleepBand
Discount Available: 30% off coupon code FJBLOG
Source: The sample for this review was provided by SleepBand.

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