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Sweetflexx - do Sweetflexx leggings work? 

I didn't think it was possible to make leggings even better since the side pockets came around. But then I found Sweetflexx. 

What are Sweetflexx leggings? 

Sweetflexx leggings are resistance activewear that shapes and tones your leg muscles. 

Resistance bands are built into the leggings that make every step a resistance movement. The leggings are super comfortable AND can burn up to an extra 255 calories per day. 


I found the leggings to be very comfortable. It's incredible to know that I'm getting a "workout" even while running errands, doing chores, or even just taking my dog for a walk.

Sometimes life gets too busy for a workout, so the leggings are fantastic to fill that gap. 


Sweetflexx leggings have the resistance bands built-in, and you can see them running down the length, but it looks like it's just part of the design. There are a few colors and design options on the Sweetflexx website. While limited, I imagine that the color and design options will grow in the future. 

At the time of this review, the primary colors are black camo, solid black, navy with pockets, and green. 

I choose Black, but I wished they had a pocket option with the Black leggings. 

You can check out the current selection of colors here


The Sweetflexx leggings are available for purchase on the official Sweetflexx website. The price starts at $72. They do have a "buy one get one 25% off" deal to get two leggings for $126. 

Sweetflexx sizing

I've always been a little hesitant to buy leggings online just because it's hard to prefect if they would be true to size and if the fit would be right. 

You can take a look at the Sweetflexx sizing chart here: 

Image Source:

Do Sweetflexx leggings work? 

Sweetflexx was independently tested by the Pierce Lab and shown to increase calorie burn significantly compared to the control. Currently, Sweetflexx is in an ongoing study to explore the effects of wearing Sweetflexx outside of a laboratory and for extended periods. 

Other reviews and customer feedback

Tons of other people have also fallen in love with Sweetflexx! There are many positive reviews and video reviews. You can check them out here!  

Sweetflexx legging alternatives

Sweetflexx leggings are a great concept but they can't be the only resistance leggings out there, right?

An alterntive to Sweetflexx leggings are Agogie resistance pants/leggings. These resistance leggings offer a more serious workout and seem like a higher quality (will probably last longer). I've also tried Agogie resistance pants and you can read my Agogie resistance legging review.

Long story short, you can get them here and the Agogie resistance do have a 15% discount with the coupon code: FJBLOG.

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