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What are TUSOL smoothies?

TUSOL offers "all-in-one" meal and supplements replacement smoothies. TUSOL smoothies have clean and lab-tested ingredients and immune-boosting superfoods. 

TUSOL Smoothie 1 week supply

How to make a TUSOL smoothie? 

TUSOL makes smoothies effortless. The smoothie mixes are delivered right to your door. To make a smoothie, blend the mix with your choice to liquid and ice. I personally love to use organic vanilla almond milk from Costco. Each flavor has "How to Blend" tips to get the most out of the smoothie in terms of taste. 

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Flavors and benefits

TUSOL offers several smoothie mix flavors, each with ingredients for a specific health benefit. 

Energize (Chocolate milkshake)

The Energize smoothie has cacao, lion's mane, and reishi. The ingredients in this smoothie mix have been studied and chosen to help prevent depression, improve immune function, and reduce fatigue. 


  • Energy
  • Collagen boost
  • Healthy hair
  • Immunity boost 

Rejuvenate (Berry Sorbet)

The Rejuvenate smoothie has antioxidant-rich botanicals. This smoothie includes vitamin C, Chaga, maca, acai, lion's man, sesame seeds, and more. 


  • Energy
  • Can balance hormones
  • Healthy hair and skin
  • Combat stress

Balance (Green tea ice cream)

The Balance smoothie includes ingredients that can help promote a healthy gut, reduce stress, stimulate detoxification and eliminate bloating. 


  • Supports a healthy gut
  • Immune boost
  • Balance hormones
  • Weight loss

Calm (Golden Latte)

The Clam smoothie is excellent for inflation and contains herbs that have shown to support immunity. This smoothie mix includes curcumin, vitamin E, ginger, and cinnamon. 


  • Immunity support
  • Hormone balance
  • Fights inflammation
  • promotes weight loss 

Illuminate (Banana muffin)

The Illuminate smoothie is designed with ingredients that protect the brain's neurotransmitter responsible for learning, memory, and emotion. Notable elements include lion's mane, chaga, mesquite, and maca. 


  • Supports brain clarity and focus
  • immunity boost
  • hormone balance
  • energy boost

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Best place to get TUSOL smoothies? 

TUSOL smoothies are a meal and supplement replacement. You can purchase TUSOL smoothies online through the secure checkout on the official TUSOL website. 

  • One week Supply includes 5 smoothie packet for $35 ($7 per meal)
  • One month supply contains 20 smoothie packets for $135 ($6.75 per meal)
  • Monthly Subscription (BEST VALUE) include 20 smoothie packets for $119 per month ($5.95 per meal)

The monthly smoothie subscription is by far the best deal, and you can cancel at any time. 

You will get 1 of each flavor in the 1 week supply, and for the monthly options, you get 4 of each flavor. 

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As of this review, you can get $20 off your first box of 20 TUSOL smoothies by using the code: WELCOME20 at checkout!


TUSOL is a unique product because it offers smoothie blends with impressive superfood ingredients that are hard to find in other brands. On top of that, the smoothies also meal replacement drinks. 

Vejo blends

Vejo offers pod-based smoothie blends that are freeze-fried to preserve nutrition. However, they are NOT meal replacement smoothies. Vejo blends are about $2+ per pod. In my option, TUSOL is a better deal at $5.95 per meal with a monthly subscription. Vejo pods can only be used with the Vejo blender. Only liquids are allowed in the Vejo blender. You can not add other ingredients or ice. With TUSOL smoothies, you can add ice and your own ingredients to customize the smoothie to your liking. If you are interested in learning more about Vejo, read my full Vejo pod blender review. 

RUVI Drink Mixes

Are a slightly more budget choice for a smoothie mix. They are also not a meal replacement, but they offer 2.5 servings of fruit and 1.5 servings of veggies. RUVI mixes are mixed with cold water and shaken in a blender bottle. You can get a pack of 8 RUVI mixes for $31. I still think that TUSOL is better overall in flavor, ingredients, and value. But if you are interested in learning more, you can read my full RUVI review. 

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Reviews and testimonials 

A great majority of the reviews left by customers are 5-star ratings. Reading through the reviews, here are some of the common pro's and con's mentioned: 


  • Delicious and clean ingredients 
  • Saves time in the morning since they are easy and fast to make\
  • Great breakfast
  • Great for a plant-based diet 
  • Amazing taste and very healthy
  • Very filling and nutritious 


  • One person mentioned they are not sweet enough (you can add ingredients like bananas to add sweetness)

My Experience

Smoothies have been a staple of my diet since I can remember. I've made so many smoothies that I've had to replace my blender several times!

As you can image, I've made smoothies from scratch and tried out a ton of smoothie mixes. One thing that's been missing for me a smoothie mix with premium ingredients that is also a meal-replacement.

While I love smoothies, it's difficult to find a quality smoothie mix that also doubles as a meal-replacement. Not only that but TUSOL smoothies have ingredients that would be nearly impossible and very experience to find.

Sure you can buy lion's mane, cinnamon, reishi, etc. But that is going to get expensive and inconvenient.

TUSOL smoothies are perfectly portioned and easy to make. They save me time in the morning and taste great.

Try the one week Tusol smoothie pack to see how you like it. You'll get to sample all the flavors.

If you love TUSOL you will defiantly want to get the monthly smoothie subscription - it is by far the best deal!

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Summary - should you try? 

Smoothies have been a part of my daily routine for years. I'm a huge fan of TUSOL smoothies not just because they are filling and nutritious but also because they taste amazing! 

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Price:  $35.00+
Where to Buy: TUSOL Wellness
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Source: The sample for this review was provided by TUSOL.

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