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Tips to Boost Muscle Recovery

What you do after exercise is just as important as the workout. A great post-workout routine will help your body and mind after grinding in the gym. But having a few go-to natural remedies to enhance your muscle recovery is key to looking after your body long-term. Even if your workout goal isn’t muscle growth, looking after them properly is key to getting you back at it as soon as possible. 

You always want to make sure you get a good 7-9 hours of sleep and keep workouts within 30 minutes to an hour. These help you reduce pain and complications, but working out is also about getting the most out of your exercise regime. These natural boosts will help your muscles recover and help you to get maximum return on your fitness journey. 

Bulk Up On Protein

Proteins are building blocks for our bodies. Having a high-protein shake or meal after a workout helps your body to replenish your muscle cells. There’s no specific research that specifies a precise window of time post-workout to help you get maximum muscle gains. Whenever you decide to fit extra protein in after a workout should work for you. Just ingesting the extra protein helps your muscles heal and build.

See A Specialist

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Fitting in an appointment with your favorite masseuse or Chiropractor does more than just help your body relax. Massage helps improve muscle repair, as well as soothing your aching muscles. 

Regular trips to a Chiropractor will help relax those tired muscles, promote healing, and just generally soothes pain. Long term, seeing specialists means you keep on top of your body’s recovery, and they can help identify any warning signs of more significant problems. 

When a Chiropractor is not ideal option a massage gun is a great way to relax those muscle and speed up recovery. A mini massage gun is a great tool to keep in your gun bag and take with you if you are traveling.

Have A Salt Bath

Sink into a warm bath filled with therapeutic Epsom salts post-workout. It’s a well-established recovery technique that pro-athletes use. Epsom salt is essentially Magnesium Sulfate. And it’s thought that magnesium is key to promoting muscle recovery. 

What better excuse to spend 30 minutes relaxing after a tough stint of exercise? Treat yourself and feel the benefits for both body and mind. 

Take Ginger And Curcumin

Photo by Kim Daniels on Unsplash

Integrate this tasty duo into your diet for maximum body recovery. Ginger is an impressive anti-inflammatory that’ll help soothe muscles. But both of these natural powerhouses have antioxidants that can help prevent heart disease and cancer (so they’re not just great for aching muscles.)

Curcumin might sound made up, but it’s the primary compound in Turmeric, so it’s not as hard to find as you might think. Curcumin is also an anti-inflammatory that has pain-relieving effects. Taking both of these either in food or as supplements gives your body the best chance possible to heal.

Get Steamy

Photo by HUUM on Unsplash

Steam therapy, like salt baths, is a long-standing way to help your body recover after exercise. Steam can help boost circulation, relieve soreness, help with detoxification, and promotes overall recovery for your muscles. 

You might not have a sauna available to you, but a steamy shower or bath can be just as effective. 

April 21, 2021
April 21, 2021

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