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OPUMP AI breathing trainer review

RMT is a key part of training our respiratory system and can help increase cardiorespiratory endurance. With the RMS (Respiratory Muscles System) design, you'll be able to train these muscles more effectively with various exercises offered by OPUMP.
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Lumen Metabolism Tracker review 

Metabolism plays a significant role in many different body functions, especially regarding how quickly your body goes through calories. Using the Lumen Metabolism Tracker can make a substantial difference in your health goals, giving you a clear idea of what your body is actually doing inside. 
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Biostrap Fitness Band and Sleep Lab Review

Biostrap wristband and Shoe Pod are highly accurate and offer users features that are not available with other fitness trackers. Some of the features that make Biostrap unique are automatic activity identification and tracking and uses advanced PPG technology for highly accurate recording of Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Sleep Analysis. Biostrap SLEEP LAB allows you to record sleep data in extreme detail including recording snoring, arm, and leg movements.



5 Easy ways to bring exercise into your busy life

Making time to squeeze exercise in can be a battle, and doing this regularly can be even more of a challenge. The great news is that there are some ways you can bring fitness into your life without needing to find too much time.

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