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Discover the New Fitness Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

Thailand, The land of smiles, contains a Southerly island which inhabits a slice of the Andaman Sea, enjoys an endless summer and holds the ability to instill life-enhancing qualities in people that decide to venture upon its ringed coral shores and throughout its jungle strewn interior.

Phuket, described by many as a tropical paradise earns its accolades thanks to a collection of desirable qualities that not all islands can claim to possess.

Some qualities have been present since Phuket’s birth into this world, but others are still being cultivated and crafted. They have come to the forefront due to global consciousness in the desire for a higher quality of life achieved by exercise and healthy eating.

Several types of wellness retreats have emerged since then, from yoga to Thai boxing as well as strength & conditioning, they all developed their specificity, but one stands out...

Training Paradise: The Ultimate Fitness and Weight Loss Camp

Meet Harry and Serge, fitness industry coaches and creators of Training Paradise fitness bootcamp program.

Training Paradise was designed by two fitness industry coaches (Serge & Harry) that have been crafting some of these newly found attributes into something that will perfectly blend the original qualities with the new into something revolutionary. Phuket is now somewhere whereby you can soak up island life while enhancing your own bodies’ physical and mental capabilities.

A day spent with Training Paradise will see you waking up within the surroundings of tropical gardens at the private villa with a view of the stunning azure blue ocean. Meals which contain every color of the spectrum and will give you everything you need for your body to perform at its best will be ready for you after every workout, every adventure or just after a day relaxing by the pool.

Train Hard, Eat Well ... and Breathe!


Fitness and Weight Loss Bootcamp

Get fit and lose weight in paradise!


Group workouts, individual workouts, and bespoke training experiences will be delivered within the private gym and gardens.

You will also have access to some of the best training facilities in the entirety of Thailand. You will have the opportunity to learn Muay Thai, practice Yoga and full invigorating Strength and Endurance training sessions in environments that are so quintessential to Thai life.

You will learn exactly what your body needs to perform optimally. The sciences of both physical exertion and nutrition will be taught and practiced using simple, practical approaches.

Throughout your holiday Harry and Serge aim to deliver as many of Phuket’s qualities to you as possible. They know how valuable time will be to relax and explore and so they have created their day to day activities with that at the forefront of everything they do. Each day has the perfect combination of movement and rest. Adventure and fun are just as crucial as tough workouts and good eating.

After your time spent with them, you leave fitter and stronger, healthier in body and mind. You would have experienced long tail rides to neighboring islands, viewed iconic landmarks, sampled local cuisine and enjoyed a glass of wine (or two) at sunset.

So wait no longer, book your next holiday in paradise and discover a new approach to fitness.

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December 16, 2020
December 16, 2020

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