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Your Stand-Up Desk Needs A Balance Board. Here is why...

A lot of us would agree that our nine to five jobs that have us sitting all day are not good for our health. We already know the routine to follow each day, from waking in the morning to going straight to the car, then we drive off to the office and then sit all day on a chair till we go back home exhausted, we crash on a couch.

Common sense tells us this is not an ideal lifestyle and overtime, it takes a toll on our bodies.Research has shown that it is not healthy for us to just sit all day, it's much healthier to stand or walk at least four to six hours each day for a healthier life.

A lot of companies have made the standing desk an integral part of their design to encourage standing.

But standing in a stationary position all day is a step in the right direction, it is still not enough.

Standing can cause health side effects as well. Aching feet, poor posture, stiffness, and the list goes on.

While stand-up desks are a major upgrade, we need to take it one step further and with the addition of a balance board, you can totally revolutionize your work experience in a way you never thought possible!

This is where balance boards come in.

In fact, there is a new market emerging, creating balance boards made exclusivity for the office and standing desk environment!

Here are 5 reasons you should be using a balance board:

1. Better Posture

The first noticeable advantage of having a balance board to go with your standing desk is that you get to have a better posture, your overall stance becomes better and you ultimately improve the way you walk.

2. Increased Productivity

When you use a balance board, you put your brain cells to work and your concentration doubles, the strength of the brain is in how you are able to multitask, this provides an expansion for new cell growth and in turn, increases your overall productivity.

3. Little Movements Make a Big Difference

As you continue to make more and more little movements while on the board, you activate muscles that in turn work in helping you have better grip and footing when you walk. Now you might want to consider this, it's a lot better to make those tiny movements than to stay put in a standing position all day.

4. Fun at Work

As you work and make little movements on the board, you can use it as a way of relaxing or as a play device when you're trying to focus on how to balance, this is a good way of even attaining more productivity.

5. Happy & Healthy Heart

When you make yourself have a good time with the balance board you make your heart pump blood better and in turn, your heart prays for you. A healthier heart means longer life. The balance board is an excellent tool for you to have in your office.

Anti-fatigue balance mat vs balance board for a standing desk

Balance mats have a soft spongy material that is similar to anti-fatigue mats but the great thing about balance boards that are made specifically for standing desks are raised and allow you to shift your feet and change positions.

This allows you to stretch your muscles like your calves and hips and also massage your feet and engage your body by challenging your balance.

How much does a standing desk balance board cost?

The price was for a stand-up desk balance board can be upwards of $400+ but a high price tag does not always the best option.

There are a number of affordable options that are much lower. While price is important, there are also other features that you should take into consideration.The appearance of the balance board will also have an impact on price.

Balance boards for standing desks might be specifically designed to look professional and be in a workplace environment.

Such balance boards are generally priced higher.

The good news is that there is a good option for any budget, the key is to know what to look for in quality, design, and features.

Lucky for you, I have put together a Stand-Up Desk Balance Board Buying Guide that will show you how to find the right balance board for you standing desk environment and give you a summary of some of the best options in the market!Featured Image Photo by Domenico Loia

June 10, 2022
May 30, 2022

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