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Ever have those days where you are full of energy but by the time you want to head to the gym you feel totally drained? Yeah, I've been there too and it's amazing how much energy the work day takes out of you. When this happens don't take it as a sign to skip the gym. Many times our energy gets drained because of all the metal activity and stress we have to handle throughout the day.

The most common reason for a burnout is simply because we are taking on too much work. We keep saying "yes" to projects and we are eager to do more but we get to the point where it's just too much. Another reason for burnouts are because we are not getting the right amount of rest. ​

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Not getting enough rest can drain our energy levels and leave our bodies feeling tired and sluggish. There are steps we can take to avoid the feeling of a fitness burnout.

1. Back to Basics​

If you aren't already getting regular exercise then it's time to start. While we may become mentally drained throughout the day, a good workout will help give your energy levels a boost. Don't forget to aim for 8 hours of sleep per night as well as eat nutritious and wholesome meals. ​

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2. Get Outdoors

Getting fresh air and some vitamin D might just be what you need to get a little boost of energy. Try to workout outside, or at least go for a walk or sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Enjoying scenery and fresh air is a great way to switch off and recharge. Consider taking a outdoor walk on your lunch break. Enjoy the parks and trails around your city. If you're lucky you might even have a beach to enjoy!

3. Make A List

Make a list of activities that never fail to lift your sprits and energize you! Try to carve out time every day to do one of the things on your list! Items on your list might include things like reading, listening to a podcast, having a warm bath, taking a walk or going on a run.

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4. Stay Positive

Day to day it can be easy to get bogged down in the daily details that make us forget to look at the bigger picture. Every day you should take time to appreciate what you have and the people that care about you. Take time every day to write down at least one thing that you are grateful for. ​

5. Socialize

Sometimes we are just too isolated. Some of us work alone operating a small business or spend most of our day working at out desk or office. Consider taking time to get to know your coworkers. There are also various social clubs and organizations in your area that you can join. Having someone to talk to is refreshing and get relax us as we now have someone to bounce ideas off of. My favorite website for discovering groups with similar interests is Meet Up.  

December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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