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Are Weight loss Supplements Needed to Lose Weight?

There has been a lot of buzz lately on weight loss supplements. I seem them advertised everywhere! It's all over the radio, I've seem them on billboards and TV commercials.The advertisements seem to make it sound like you take the pill and the pounds just disappear, like magic. Now clearly none of them do that - if they did then I assume it would be an incredible successful product that is everywhere! Since none of them are everywhere and only for paid advertisements I believe it's safe to say they don't work in that fashion. Bummer!

However are supplements necessary for losing weight?

I would say some of them can be good assets when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and decent exercise. Some weight loss supplements can raise your metabolism and/or reduce your cravings, so when used with healthy eating habits and some moderate exercise then yes they can be a big boost to your weight loss regimen. The right product can definitely help you to lose weight quicker and easier than without a supplement but on their own they are virtually worthless.Why is there such a big craze over them then? The biggest reason the market for health and weightloss supplements is so enormous is because since they aren't making any health claims and they do work very well when combined with a good diet and exercise so they can prove results. They are pretty well unregulated and free to do as they please.Also,It's because of people's nature. People always want the quickest and easiest solution to a problem. Ideally they want to lose weight by just taking a pill or supplement and not change anything in their lives. This means that if the companies just market the product as a "magic bullet" that the weight just falls off with no exercise or lifestyle change they jump on it. When combined with a short attention span they try another product, and so on and so on.This is the reality of where we are at, but I fully believe there is a place for these products. A lot of these weight loss supplements have really nice benefits and really do work. They are just over-aggressively marketed to one of our weaknesses. In order for these to really be effective they must be used with a lifestyle change. This includes eating healthier and getting more exercise.

Bottom Line: Are Weight loss Supplements Needed to Lose Weight?

The short answer is No. They definitely are not needed to lose weight, however they are most definitely a positive aid for people who are serious about losing weight.

December 27, 2020
December 25, 2020

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