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When you do to the mall with your friends and hit up the swimsuit racks we always find that cute swim suit that looks AMAZING on the rack but horrible in the fitting room. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've gotten excited when I thought I found the perfect bikini only to be disappointed when I try it on. It's frustrating trying on a bikini that seems to highlight ALL your problem areas! ‚Äč

Instead of sitting here any typing to figure out which "body type" your body fit into I'm going to make swimsuit shopping easy and fun again! I'll go over the most common body issues we girls face and how to pick a swimsuit that works with our bodies to make you look hot at the beach! I'll even show you a way to pick a swimsuit that will take away 10 pounds from your figure! ‚Äč

Ultimate Swim Suit Shopping Guide for Real Women‚Äč

Small Chest‚Äč

If you are have a smaller chest finding a swim suit that flatters your chest can be a challenge. If you're a gal will a chest on the smaller side look for a top that has ruffles or some sort of embellishments. This will give off the illusion of a larger chest. A second strategy is to look for a top with a little extra padding. Fun patterns and padding will help add a little extra. Underwire and cushioning will also be your best friend!

Big Chest‚Äč

If you have the opposite problem you may have trouble finding a well fitted suit that keeps everything in place and not run the risk of slipping out! You know very well that string bikinis are not your friend and to avoid those tops that come in sizes S, M and L. A bigger chest will benefit from swim suits with cup sizes and underwire. These types will offer you the best support and keep your boobs in place and looking great when you take a dip this summer! Additionally, look for thicker straps for best results.

Flat Butt

‚ÄčThis is a issue that I struggled with for a long time, thanks to Jen's Bikini Body Workout Guide this is no longer an issue but if you don't have the motivation to improve your booty, there are swimsuit options that can give you the best out of your flat booty situation! Bottoms with frills and ruching will give the illusion of a rounder butt. Also choose bikini bottoms that are in bright colors or loud prints. Another strategy is opting for cheeky rather than full-coverage bottoms.

Big Booty

If you've got plenty of "junk in the trunk" string bikinis can be comfortable and too relieving. To pick a bottom that will highlight your behind and stay comfortable you'll need a swimsuit that has plenty of fabric so you're not always tugging for more coverage or risking a wedgie! Look for swimwear with plenty of fabric and also has a solid color to help balance out your features.

Athletic Body

If you have a athletic body you may have a "straight" figure that lacks feminine curves. Our goal it to pick swimwear that will add more curves to your body. This can easily be achieved ‚Äčby selecting a top with cups, padding and gathering. Look for picking girlie prints and bright colors when selecting a bottom. Prints can also give you a better display of boobs and hips.

Curvy Body

‚ÄčIf you have a curvy body look back on my suggestions for a bigger chest and butt. Don't be afraid of going a size up, coverage is key and you don't want to end up with a suit that cuts into your body. High cut bottoms can also elongate you figure and a plunging v-neck can flatter your cleavage. For a top, full cups are not too revealing and offer major support! ¬†

Love Handles

Love handles can be one of the more unattractive qualities for a swimsuit to highlight. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. Choose a high-waisted piece that covers your belly button to prevent a muffin top. The great news it that these are in style!

Short Torso

The goal with having a short torso is to obviously try and add length. Go for low rise bottoms and tops that give the bust line a lift. Halter straps are a great option as they draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Short Legs

To help elongate your legs choose bottoms that show more skin and have high cuts. These will help give the illusion that your legs are lengthier.

Thick Thighs

Full thighs are a problem area that many girls are trying to target and if you are one of them be sure to read on how to leg skinny legs and achieve the thigh gap (based on body type) for more information on how you can slim down your thighs before summer. If you have full thighs look for bottom that offer a little more coverage or even offer a skirt to help conceal a part of your thighs.

Belly Control

‚ÄčHiding the belly is easier than you might think. If you are looking for a more permanent solution you might want to look into "My Bikini Belly". If you are looking for a short term solution then a full-piece with ruching can conceal your stomach or a one-piece with a plunging neckline. If you dream of wearing a two-piece I'll advice you to try My Bikini Belly! Distract people with a one piece that has side cut-outs, you'll still be hiding the tummy and showing more skin. If you have a little bit of a tummy to hide and want to wear a two-peice, choose hipster bottoms that will put the focus on your long legs.


There is swimwear out there that is made to be shaping and easily take away 10 pounds from your figure! Deep v-necks and high-waisted bottom can also help highlight your curves. Solid colors and ruffles are a great girly touch.


High cut bottom will help elongate your figure. Ruched tops that cover the mid section will also help to add curves to your body. As far as patterns go, a zig-zag pattern can add length to a small torso. ‚Äč

December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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