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So you realizes you may not be getting all your essential vitamin and mineral threw your diet. That's fine and supplements are a great way to add important vitamins that we otherwise would not get. Now that you know the full benefits and importance of your vitamins and supplements, lets make sure you are taking them at the right time of day.

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Best Vitamin Supplements to Take in the Morning‚Äč

These are the vitamin and mineral supplements that you should make sure you take in the morning.


If your iron levels get too low your can begin to feel tired and have a lowered immune system.

When? It is best practice to take your iron supplement in the morning and on a empty stomach. Avoid taking it with tea or coffee because the caffeine and tannins in these drinks can effect absorption. ‚Äč

  • A word of caution if you also take calcium supplement... calcium is a major inhibitor of iron absorption so make sure you don't take these two supplements together.
B Vitamin Supplement

The vitamin B complex is made up of 8 vitamins. They are all important in your body's process of taking food and converting it to energy. Essential in the break down of proteins, carbs, and fat. Vitamin B also helps to support a healthy immune system. ‚Äč

When? The best time to take these is in the morning with your breakfast. These will give you a good metabolic boost and help you maintain energy levels throughout your morning. ‚Äč

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it does well to support a healthy immune system. Another effect it has on the body is increasing it's energy levels.

When? Since this vitamin only lasts a few hours in your blood stream it is best practice to split your daily does and take them throughout your day. So start with a does in the morning and set reminders to alert you when it's time for your next does.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is beneficial to us because it help protect us against cell damage from free radical. Other benefits include support and maintenance of a healthy heart and blood circulation. ‚Äč

When? The best time to take this vitamin is with dietary fats. Dietary fats include milk, nuts, yogurt or avocados so this is another vitamin that is best if taken with breakfast. ‚Äč

Best Vitamin Supplements to Take Mid-Morning through Afternoon

These are the vitamin and mineral supplements that will give you best results if you take them during the morning through afternoon time window.


This is a mineral that helps with the normal function of the immune system. It is also beneficial for the reproductive system and fertility. ‚ÄčThis essential mineral can be largely found in foods that are rich in protein like fish, nuts, and seeds. However some people are deficient and will need zinc supplements.

When? The best time of the day to take your Zinc supplement is in the afternoon with food. ‚ÄčThis is a good supplement to take with your lunch.

  • If you take zinc supplements on a empty stomach it may cause nausea
  • Avoid taking this supplement at the same time as calcium or iron

Iodine is beneficial to us as it supports our normal cognitive functions and helps us maintain healthy skin. ‚Äč

When? Taking iodine can increase energy levels so this is a good supplement to take for a midday energy boost. ‚Äč

Best Vitamin Supplements to Take in the Afternoon through Evening

These are the best vitamins and minerals to take in the afternoon and evening hours of the day.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a essential vitamin because it helps with blood clotting and speeds up the healing of wounds. It also helps maintain healthy bones.

When? This vitamin can be taken during any part of the day. I suggest it in the afternoon/evening time because it is best when taken with any of the following: vitamin C, D, and calcium. Your body's ability to absorb this vitamin also increase when taken with dietary fats, so perhaps a late lunch or dinner. ‚Äč

Vitamin D

The best source of vitamin D is by getting natural sunlight. Many people (including myself) become deficient in Vitamin D in the winter months. This requires a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is vital to maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and muscle. It also helps the body absorb calcium.

When? Vitamin D is best absorbed by the body when taken with a meal and with dietary fats. There has been some evidence that this supplement can have a negative effect on sleep you it would be best if you take it earlier in the afternoon/evening. ‚Äč

Best Vitamin Supplements to Take in the Evening or Night

Lastly, here are the vitamin and mineral supplements that will give you the best results if taken in the evening or at night.


This mineral is essential for the health of our bones and teeth. Our body also used this mineral when preforming nerve transmissions and muscle functions.

When? It is suggested that this supplement works best with the body when you take it in the evening or night.


This is another mineral that helps support healthy bones and teeth. Another feature of this mineral is that it has a calming effect on your muscles and nervous system.

When? It has been shown that the best time to take this supplement is at night before you go to bed. Reason being is that it helps with sleep. ‚Äč

Tips for Taking Supplements

  • Take your supplements with water of juice, don't try to swallow them dry
  • Store your supplements in a cool and dry place
  • Before adding any supplements with you diet you should first check with your doctor and follow those instructions
  • Avoid taking supplements with hot beverages like coffee or tea. This is because the caffeine can interfere with your absorption. It can also increase the loss of other minerals in the body.
  • If you miss a dose, do not double up your does! ¬†Just remember to take it next time.
  • Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, do not take more than the daily recommended dosage.


December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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