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What does it take to REALLY lose weight?

Weight loss is a sensitive topic. I hate the word "diet." It's usually associated with cutting out a vital part of the food pyramid for rapid artificial weight loss. After we can no longer keep it up we digress back into our old eating habits, gaining more weight back than we originally lost. And we get stuck repeating the cycle over and over again....

Well, lets change that! Weight loss is about developing healthy habits and letting them become a part of your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle is the only way you will be successful is losing weight and keeping it off permanently. ‚ÄčHere you will find all the tips, articles, and guide to get your weight loss journey started the RIGHT way!

There are some really fantastic ways for women to lose weight. Obviously diet and exercise are important, and I definitely do not recommend you do it on your own. For a good diet I highly recommend this amazingly healthy cookbook‚Äč.

There are two exercise programs I highly recommend, one is for a bikini body, and one is for overall toned muscles.‚Äč

While there are no "magic" weight loss pills‚Äč, myself and many other people have had great success with this when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. It really helps to boost our metabolism.

Finally teas are an amazing way to lose weight! There is the fabled slimming tea, or a mix of other legendary teas. I'd recommend both for slimming up!


December 31, 2020
Weight Loss
December 30, 2020

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