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Top Fat Burning Workouts

If you are already working out you might be wondering if the time you are already committing to getting in shape is being used effectively. If you are already spending your time in the gym it would be nice to know that you are burning as much fat as possible during your workout. You might find yourself in a position where you could be burning even more fat! Here are a few ways that you can burn fat while working out.

Interval Training​

Interval training is a great way to speed up your body's fat burning while working out and it can be done with any cardio/ aerobic workout that you are already doing. Walking is a popular easy workout and the next time you are walking go for short bursts of running. This will increase your heart rate and burn more calories. The same can be done with swimming, jogging, cycling, etc. ​

High Intensity Interval Training is the best interval training workout to burn the most amount of fat. ​This is when you alternate between intervals of high intensity exercise with intervals of rest or low intensity.

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Supersets are done when weight training. This includes reducing the rest period between sets and workouts. So you will rapidly move from each set and exercise. There are two main types of supersets. These are opposing muscle group supersets and same muscle group supersets.

Opposing muscle group supersets would be working out two opposing muscle groups back to back and then repeating the circuit. An example would be moving quickly from upper body to lower body.

The other type of superset would be to choose two different exercises that work out the same muscle group and then perform them back to back without a rest.

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Target Heart Rate Training Zones

When the primary goal of your workout is to burn fat it is important to know what your target heart rate zone is for burning fat. There is a simple calculation that can be done to quickly calculate your best target heart rate.

210 – 1/2 your age – 1% of your total body weight + 0 = Predicted Maximum Heart Rate

Once you have calculated your max heart rate you can use the following as a guide. If the goal is to burn fat than you should aim for the moderate and aerobic zones for the majority of your workout.

  • ​Light intensity – 50-60% of mhr
  • Moderate intensity – 60-70% of mhr
  • Aerobic – 70-80% of mhr
  • Anaerobic – 80-90% of mhr

While workouts are important, don't forget about your nutritional habits as well. These are the best foods to eat for weight loss.

December 31, 2020
December 30, 2020

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