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Building Block of Lean Muscles

What is the building block of lean muscles? Don't underestimate the power of protein. Protein is essential for shedding fat and gaining that strong, sexy figure you've been working so hard for and the Type of protein can make all the difference.

Protein is the Building Block of Lean Muscles

Studies have shown protein can help whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, improve heart health or boost your energy. Incorporating lean protein into your diet is a critical component of a healthy eating plan.

Proteins are the bodyÔÇÖs building blocks: bones, muscles, skin and blood are all made up of protein. After a tough workout, muscles are rebuilt and repaired by the proteins you eat. Because of this, the American Dietetic Association, Dietitians of Canada and the American College of Sports Medicine in a joint statement recommended athletes get 0.5 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

When trying to lose weight, protein foods help you feel full longer, likely reducing the total number of calories eaten per day. A 2008 study in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" showed that protein increases satiety, and may increase metabolism. Consuming protein will also help the body maintain lean muscle mass, which is critical for a healthy weight loss plan.

A 2005 Johns Hopkins Medicine study indicated that a diet higher in protein may provide heart benefits. When study participants shifted 10 percent of their calories from carbohydrates to protein, they experienced a 21 percent reduction in their risk for cardiovascular disease. Their cholesterol levels improved and blood pressure lowered. The higher protein diet provided even greater health benefits than a traditionally healthy diet with higher consumption of carbohydrates.

hough protein offers heart health benefits, many protein-rich foods are high in saturated fat, raising cholesterol and increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, warns. Higher fat protein foods to avoid include fatty cuts of meat, full-fat dairy, regular ground beef, hot dogs, bacon and processed luncheon meat. Turkey, skinless chicken breasts and beans are good lean protein options. Select beef cuts such as round steak or top sirloin, and ground beef that is at least 90 percent lean to get the protein benefits without the fat.

To view the original article on Building Block of Lean Muscles click here. So, not that we know how wonderfully amazing lean protein is here are some examples of great foods are the Building Block of Lean Muscles:

EGGS - This has to be my favorite! I LOVE eggs there are so many ways to make them and so much you can add to spruce it up. You'll never get bored! When in doubt I crack an egg!

Greek Yogurt - Greek yogurt has a surprising amount of protein (usually around 12 grams depending on the brand)

Tuna - Fish in general is amazing for you but Tuna is the easiest to come across and the most cost effective if you are on a budget (around 20 grams per serving). I like to add a can of tuna (always in water NOT vegetable oil) to some whole wheat pasta!

Lean Meat - If you are a red meat kind of guy or gal than lean cuts are the choice for you! Make yummy burgers with lean beef. If may cost a little extra but the benefits are priceless!

Poultry - Chicken and Turkey are great sources of protein, not to mention taste amazing! Grilled chicken is perfect for the summer and there are tons of recipes for baked chicken for those season where grilling might not be the warmest option.

What are your favorite recipes to get that protein? Share with us!

December 27, 2020
December 25, 2020

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